Emu48 for Android

Description:Android port of Emu48+ 1.63, to emulate the 38G, 39G, 40G, 48S, 48SX, 48G, 48G+, 48GX, and 49G, as well as the 39g+, 39gs, 40gs, 48gII, 49g+, and 50g. Also available from Google Play.
Current version:2.6
Author:Régis Cosnier: http://regis.cosnier.free.fr/
Downloaded file size:26,866,308 bytes
Platforms:49/50 48 39/40 38  
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User rating:10/10 with 5 votes (you must be logged in to vote)
Primary category:PC/Emulators
File date:2022-08-19 11:40:13
Creation date:2022-08-19
Source code:Not included
Download count:5,919
Related files:Emu48 for Android Source Code
Version history:2022-08-28: Updated to version 2.6
2022-07-31: Updated to version 2.5
2021-12-31: Updated to version 2.4
2020-12-29: Updated to version 2.2
2019-12-29: Updated to version 1.7
2019-07-20: Updated to version 1.6
2019-06-17: Updated to version 1.4
2019-04-09: Updated to version 1.3
2019-03-19: Updated to version 1.2
2019-03-04: Updated to version 1.1
2019-02-27: Added to site
Archive contents:
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 27884126  2022-08-19 17:12   Emu48-v2.6-release.apk
    18092  2019-03-04 00:21   LICENSE-GPL.TXT
     1105  2020-10-17 12:31   LICENSE-MIT.TXT
    15566  2022-08-19 17:10   ReadMe.txt
---------                     -------
 27918889                     4 files
User comments:Raul Lion
2023-03-04 14:20:23
I'm using the hp 48 GX for more than 20 years now but since 2019 I can always carry it in my pocket thanks to this android version, and more than 400 times faster!
I want to thank Sébastien Carlier, Christoph Gießelink, Régis Cosnier and all others that have worked in Emu48 since the beggining.
Mark Gray
2024-03-18 16:54:52
This is an excellent emulator. I use it often on my cell phone with Eric's cropped Real 50g KML script, and it always performs flawlessly.

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