HP-67 Emulator

Description:Fully functional emulation of the HP-67 calculator for Windows. This calculator can serve as your fulltime, everyday, computer desktop calculator. Its advanced functions are as useful today as they were 40+ years ago when this calculator was first introduced by Hewlett-Packard.
Current version:1.3.8
Author:Michael O'Shea: http://www.limpidfox.com
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Primary category:PC
File date:2020-06-16 10:59:12
Creation date:2012-08-20
Source code:Not included
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Version history:2021-09-12: Added to site
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   410624  2012-08-20 17:01   setup.exe
   953856  2012-08-20 17:01   HP67EmulatorSetup.msi
     2127  2008-07-14 17:56   ReadMe.txt
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User comments:Eric Rechlin
2021-09-12 19:29:07
Free use license key from the author:
email: free@hp67.com
key: P5Aw22Zlb2YEOGrUbofiiAjWnQ+pKgPg53jKirvSmxqe69YlXlN/g7r/Igab0rwGhO2w88HD/AcJ0uddC7UOHg==

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