Science and Engineering Mathematics with the HP 49G

Quick Facts
Full Title Science and Engineering Mathematics with the HP 49G
Author Gilberto E. Urroz, PE, PHD
Publisher or by chapter at
ISBN Number 1-58898-043-X, 1-58898-044-8
General Topic Math on the 49G
Target Reader Novice/Intermediate User
Number of Pages 750
Reviewer James Chapman


Have you ever wished for a manual for you HP 49G that had some depth? This SET does! These two volumes contain a total of 750 pages of excruciating detail on how to use the HP 49G to do science and engineering mathematics. Volume one covers an introduction to the calculator functions, precalculus mathematics, graphics and linear algebra. Volume two covers uni- and multi-variate calculus, ordinary and partial differential equations, and statistics.

Dr. Urroz teaches use of the HP 49G to engineering students at Utah State University, as well as other math and civil engineering subjects. He sticks to the RPN system for several clearly stated reasons. You can decide for yourself whether you agree with him. He emphasizes practical applied civil engineering and related mathematics. You won't find much information on theoretical math subjects or math far removed from engineering. He plainly says that he is not familiar with that material and can't do a good enough job of presenting it. He mentions this and some other web sites for sources of a few good programs that he recommends. His writing style is clear with lots of examples and key sequences. The books also have detailed tables of contents for locating information and lots of good operating tips.

If you really want to know how to get the maximum out of your HP 49G for engineering, spend the $30 PER VOLUME and place your order! I ordered the first volume, looked through it, and quickly ordered the second one. I consider it money well spent. The only source for these books that I have found, based on a brief search, is

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