#HP48 IRC Channel

This is the homepage of the HP48 IRC channel. If you want to chat about the HP48, the best place to go is EFNet's #HP48 IRC chat room. To join, connect to any EFNet server and type /join #HP48. There are usually about 5-10 people on at any given time, so expect to find a fellow HP48 user that you can chat with!

There are usually several bots on this channel, including RPL and hp48b. More information will be provided later.

If you don't have an IRC client, I recommend mIRC for Windows users. The latest version is 5.6. Users of Unix systems may want to try IRC-II, available for download at many FTP sites, try this one.

Below is a partial list of EFNet servers:

           irc.hpcalc.org    Random USA server
             irc.chat.org    Random server
        irc.blackened.com    USA, AZ, Tucson
              irc.uci.edu    USA, CA, Irvine
             irc.cerf.net    USA, CA, San Diego
          irc.ucdavis.edu    USA, CA
       irc-w.primenet.com    USA, CA
           irc.exodus.net    USA, CA
          irc.pacbell.net    USA, CA
           irc.prison.net    USA, CA
         irc.colorado.edu    USA, CO, Colorado
       irc-e.primenet.com    USA, DC
       irc.mindspring.com    USA, GA, Atlanta
            irc.emory.edu    USA, GA
              irc.ais.net    USA, IL, Chicago
          irc.ecn.bgu.edu    USA, IL (.edu only)
             irc.uiuc.edu    USA, IL (.edu only)
              irc.mcs.net    USA, IL
            irc.umich.edu    USA, MI (.edu only)
              irc.umn.edu    USA, MN, St. Paul
         irc.anet-stl.com    USA, MO
        irc.lightning.net    USA, NY, Mineola
      irc.frontiernet.net    USA, NY (limited access)
           irc.cs.rpi.edu    USA, NY, Troy
           irc.choice.net    USA, OH
           irc.cs.cmu.edu    USA, PA
              irc.vol.com    USA, TN, Chattanooga
         anarchy.tamu.edu    USA, TX, College Station
        ircd.txdirect.net    USA, TX
           irc.psinet.com    USA, VA, Herndon
 becker1.u.washington.edu    USA, WA, Washington
          efnet.cs.hut.fi    Europe, Finland
          irc.ec-lille.fr    Europe, France
         irc.inter.net.il    Europe, Israel
           irc.ibm.net.il    Europe, Israel
          irc.homelien.no    Europe, Norway
           efnet.telia.no    Europe, Norway
             irc.gd.gu.se    Europe, Sweden
            irc.df.lth.se    Europe, Sweden
      irc.ced.chalmers.se    Europe, Sweden
        efnet.demon.co.uk    Europe, UK
             irc.magic.ca    Canada, Manitoba
            irc.mcgill.ca    Canada, Quebec
            irc.cs.mun.ca    Canada
           irc.polymtl.ca    Canada, Quebec
            irc.total.net    Canada, Quebec
       irc.powersurfr.com    Canada, Alberta
          irc.mbnet.mb.ca    Canada, Manitoba
          irc.nbnet.nb.ca    Canada, New Brunswick
             irc.total.ca    Canada, Quebec
             irc.rift.com    Canada, Ontario
     efnet.telstra.net.au    Australia

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