Dany Mäder

First Name:Dany
Last Name:Mäder
Web Address:http://www.bluevirus.ch.vu
Last Change:2004-02-15 18:26:27
Number of Files:3 (452nd most prolific)

Cannonhill 1.0b   (details) 48   EN   5KB/8KB
ScreenshotTank battle game similar to Silo.
By Dany Mäder. 2003/12/26

Hacker 1.1   (details) 48   EN   DE   20KB/10KB
ScreenshotGame where you have to hack into big companies and steal some money.
By Dany Mäder. 2002/04/16

Riverboat 1.0   (details) 48   EN   4KB/5KB
ScreenshotThere are 3 Human escorting 3 Aliens. They need to get across a river. The boat can carry a maximum of 2 at a time. It also needs someone on it to drive it. (Aliens can be told to drive boat by themselves). You must think of a way to carry all 6 across. One rule: On either side, the number of Aliens must not be greater than that of the Humans (or they will revolt and kill the Humans!)
By Dany Mäder. 2004/02/15

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