Jorge Antonio Tórrez Sánchez

First Name:Jorge Antonio
Last Name:Tórrez Sánchez
Last Change:2012-09-15 18:47:04
Number of Files:3 (453rd most prolific)

Dia de la semana 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/2KB
This program calculates de day of the week, for any month and year in the Gregorian calendar.
By Jorge Antonio Tórrez Sánchez. 2012/09/15

Intercalador de listas 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   24KB/1KB
User RPL program that, given two lists, merges the elements of the first one with the elements of the second one, giving as a result only one list with the elements of both lists.
By Jorge Antonio Tórrez Sánchez. 2012/09/15

Interpolación Lineal 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/2KB
User RPL library that does extrapolation and interpolation. Easy to use.
By Jorge Antonio Tórrez Sánchez. 2010/06/06

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