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48/28 Entries Table   (details) 48   EN   7KB
Entries table for System RPL and assembly language programmers which shows supported entry points that are common between the 28 and 48 series. Contains entr28.add.
By Jean-Francois Garnier. 1997/09/29

alifhdr32 1.2   (details) 48   EN   29KB
This is a modified version of Jean-François Garnier's original "aLIFhdr" tool. It's now a Win32 console application with an additional option /T for converting a text file with <CR><LF> line delimiters into the LIF file type 1 (TEXT) format.
By Jean-Francois Garnier and Christoph Gie├čelink. 2015/08/15

Emu41 2.50   (details) 48   EN   228KB
Emu41 is a software emulator of the HP 41C machine and HP-IL system. Runs on DOS, and published under the GPL.
By Jean-Francois Garnier. 2010/03/01

Emu71 for DOS   (details) 48   EN   243KB
Emulator for the HP-71 for DOS. Requires at least a 186 processor, so it will run fine on an HP 200LX.
By Jean-Francois Garnier. 2005/06/26

Pirate 1.2   (details) 48   EN   15KB/19KB
ScreenshotPirate's Adventure ported to the HP 48. Only by exploring this strange island will you be able to uncover the clues necessary to lead you to your elusive goal -- recovering the lost treasures of Long John Silver. Difficulty Level: Beginner. Includes source code.
By Scott Adams, German A. Gonzalez, Jean-Francois Garnier and others. 2001/03/09

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