Ariel Palazzesi

First Name:Ariel
Last Name:Palazzesi
Last Change:2014-10-19 17:07:52
Number of Files:3 (453rd most prolific)

Lights Out   (details) Prime   EN   8KB/41KB
ScreenshotGame where you must turn out all the lights.
By Ariel Palazzesi. 2014/01/09

Resistencia Para LEDs   (details) Prime   ES   2KB/1KB
ScreenshotCalculates the current limiting resistor for a given number of LED diodes in series.
By Ariel Palazzesi. 2014/10/19

Sokoban 1.03.1 Beta    (details) Prime   EN   84KB/109KB
ScreenshotPush the blocks into their storage locations without getting stuck by a wall. Lots of fun, and many levels.
By Ariel Palazzesi. 2014/02/01

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