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FalseClear (Improved) 2.0   (details) 48   EN   6KB/1KB
An improved false-clear program with a clever shell.
By Jeoff Krontz and Rick Grevelle. 2008/08/16

Foneman 1.4   (details) 48   EN   10KB/3KB
ScreenshotTelephone number manager.
By Jeoff Krontz. 1997/08/21

ThermoPro   (details) 48   EN   31KB/70KB
ScreenshotHuge (70k) thermodynamics library.
By Rick Grevelle and Jeoff Krontz. 1998/06/12

ThermoPro Source and Documentation   (details) 48   EN   427KB/39-106KB
ScreenshotContains the full source code and documentation for ThermoPro, a very comprehensive thermodynamics library. Also includes several different binaries other than the one made available in 1994. Hopefully someone will use this source code to port it to the 49G/49G+.
By Rick Grevelle and Jeoff Krontz. 2004/10/06

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