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All New HP48 FAQ!   (details) 48   EN   5KB
Six questions about the HP 48 and its successor.
By Bill Markwick. 1998/07/24

BINENT   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Makes it easy to enter binary integers.
By Bill Markwick. 2000/02/27

DER1   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Differentiation front end that does for derivatives what INTG2 does for integrals.
By Bill Markwick. 1998/10/20

EVALM   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Evaluates the contents of a symbolic matrix to convert it to a numeric matrix.
By Bill Markwick. 1999/01/19

FONT8SUB 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotAllows Font8 subscripts 0-9 and a-z in expressions or equations by replacing the default font's lesser-used accented characters. Accessed with the CHARS map.
By Bill Markwick. 2009/06/27

HLP3233 1.1   (details) 49/50   EN   46KB/48KB
ScreenshotAn extensive help file for the HP 32SII and 33s that runs on the 49G, 49g+, 50g and 48gII calculators, as well as their emulators. It includes all the commands, plus many programming examples, tips and techniques. Most commands also apply to the 35s.
By Bill Markwick. 2008/08/24

HLP49 6.0Get It   (details) 49/50   EN   1498KB/4+KB
ScreenshotThe HLP49 v6.0 library provides over 600 detailed and expanded help entries for basic commands (RPN, non-CAS) and includes lots of tips and techniques, plus many programming and plotting examples. It runs on the 49g+ and 50g using the SD card, or the 49G or emulators using port 2. v6.0 is much larger than previous versions and has many more examples, particularly with plotting and operational modes. An appendix cross-references the examples and programs with entries. v6.0 also includes a fully indexed and linked PDF version of HLP49 that will run on any computer.
By Bill Markwick. 2011/09/18

IMINT   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Makes it simpler to do improper integrals.
By Bill Markwick. 2000/02/27

INTG2   (details) 48   EN   3KB/1KB
Integration front end.
By Bill Markwick. 1998/07/22

Iterative Functions and the HP48   (details) 48   EN   22KB
A look at the remarkable effects that can happen when you repeatedly give a function its own output (the foundation of chaos/fractal theory), some sobering facts on calculator precision, and lots of demo programs.
By Bill Markwick. 1999/05/04

Iterative Functions II   (details) 48   EN   50KB
Sequel to the above document, with information on chaos, order, and the complex plane, and Julia and Mandelbrot fractals.
By Bill Markwick. 1999/10/16

Math Notes   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1-2KB
Some notes for a math class on the rules of exponents and trig identities.
By Bill Markwick. 1998/10/20

Taylor   (details) 48   EN   7KB/1KB
Simplifies the HP 48's approach at the Taylor series.
By Bill Markwick. 1999/02/10

Two Point Geometry   (details) 48   EN   3KB/1KB
Takes any two points and returns the function, the slope, the distance, and the X and Y intercepts.
By Bill Markwick. 1998/11/04

Using Desolve 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   155KB
A PDF text file containing examples of how to use the DESOLVE command for solving differential equations.
By Bill Markwick. 2011/07/24

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