John Gustaf Stebbins

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Last Name:Stebbins
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Base Number Conversion   (details) 48   EN   5KB/3KB
Directory of useful programs for working with multiple number bases.
By Chrstphre Campbell (TinyWanda) and John Gustaf Stebbins. 1999/01/10

Braid   (details) 48   EN   4KB/14KB
ScreenshotGraphics demo of three strings braiding and unbraiding each other.
By John Gustaf Stebbins. 1998/10/28

Command Logger Library 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   2KB/1KB
Allows user to create a program object by executing commands which are logged and placed into a program.
By John Gustaf Stebbins. 2006/11/24

Knot   (details) 48   EN   6KB/14KB
ScreenshotTwo loops of string rotating around each other.
By John Gustaf Stebbins. 1998/10/28

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