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Calculus for Rankine Cycle in Steam Turbines 1.00   (details) 48   EN   ES   128KB/8KB
ScreenshotPerform calculations for Rankine Cycle in Steam Turbines (English-Spanish). Include documentation file in .pdf format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/09/22

Centrifugal Pumps Calculus for all Industries 1.03   (details) 48   EN   46KB/12KB
ScreenshotThis program allow calculates for Centrifugal Pumps : Pump Performance, Total Head, Suction Eye Velocity, Peripheral Velocity, Velocity Head, Water Horsepower, Brake Horsepower, Torque, Specific Speed, Suction Specific Speed, Temperature Raise and Net Positive Suction Head Available (N.P.S.H.A.).
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/11/03

Centrifugal/Reciprocating Gas Compressor Calculus 1.00   (details) 48   EN   53KB/21KB
ScreenshotThis program performs calculations for centrifugal and reciprocating gas compressors. Includes documentation in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/11/17

Chen Equation for Friction Factors (Spanish) 1.00   (details) 48   EN   68KB/1KB
Perform calculations for Friction Factors with Chen's Equation (Spanish Version). Includes documentation file in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/06/30

Chen's Equation for Friction Factors (Calculus) 1.00 (English)   (details) 48   EN   82KB/1KB
Performs calculations for Friction Factors with Chen's Equation. Includes documentation file in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/07/21

CHILL   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Calculates the apparent windchill temperature when the temperature (in F) and wind speed (in knots) are given.
By Joseph K. Horn. 1997/08/21

Decibel   (details) 49/50   48   ES   20KB/1KB
Performs calculations related to sound power levels. Includes documentation in PDF format.
By Julio Zúñiga Navarro. 2005/05/08

ELEPO 1.10   (details) 48   EN   122KB/13KB
Electric Power Calculus allows one to calculate Electric Power used in oil industries.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/03/18

EMC2 2.0   (details) 48   PT   1231KB/18KB
ScreenshotStructural beams analysis library. For the 48GX and 48G+ only.
By Juliano Cesar P. Agostinho. 2003/05/08

FLDAT - Flow Data & Pressure Drop Calculus 1.11   (details) 48   EN   84KB/9KB
ScreenshotFlow data and pressure drop calculus of liquid, gas and steam for valves and fittings (with cv factors) used in the oil and other industries.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/05/23

FluidHP   (details) 48   EN   477KB/24KB
Software for the Industrial-Formulation IAPWS-IF97 for Water and Steam.
By Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar. 2003/05/07

Forces & Accelerat. for 3 Types of Pumping Motion 1.00   (details) 48   EN   ES   815KB/12KB
ScreenshotPerform calculations for forces and acceleration of three types of pumping motion (Beam Pumping Unit), used in the oil industries. Include documentation file in PDF format
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/11/17

Gas Well Production 1.02   (details) 48   EN   63KB/9KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations for the inside of gas wells, including Density Gas-Liquid Mixture, Erosional Velocity, Ascensional Velocity, Hydrostatic Column Pressure, Pressure Drop and Flow Reservoir Pressure. Include description in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/12/20

Geodesy 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   34KB/13KB
Set of programs which calculate the geodesic distance between two points on the Earth from their geographic longitudes and latitudes, and also return the forward and backward azimuths. Now calculates geodesic on a triaxial ellipsoid (Jacobi's method and approximate method) and gravity on a triaxial ellipsoid.
By Jean-Marc Baillard. 2015/07/26

Granulometria 1.0   (details) 48   ES   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotCalculates the accrued held percentages and percentages that happen upon making a grain. Includes graphic traces.
By Javier Buelvas Vega. 2001/04/05

Heat Loss or Gain by an Insulated Pipe 1.00   (details) 48   EN   ES   117KB/10KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations for heat loss or gain by an insulated pipe. Includes documentation in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2003/12/27

Mechanical Electrical Calc. for Centrifugal Pumps 1.00   (details) 48   EN   65KB/25KB
ScreenshotThis is a complete version for calculations (mechanical and electrical) of centrifugal pumps used in all industries. Includes documentation in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/11/11

Minigascalc 1   (details) 48   EN   5KB/6KB
The program calculate the Pressure or Volume of gas hydrocarbon mixtures using the equation of Redlich-Kwong (R-K), also use the mixing rules of Prausnitz for critical constants.
By Rogelio Arreola Alemón. 2003/03/06

MTH_HEISLER 1.0   (details) 48   ES   180KB/27KB
ScreenshotLibrary containing mathematical applications and heat transfer programs.
By Wilmer Mora F.. 2003/05/06

Petri48 2.4   (details) 48   EN   18KB/10KB
ScreenshotUses Petri nets to simulate sequences, search for P-invariants and T-invariants, coverability tree, and more. Useful for industrial engineering students.
By Laurent Damay. 2003/12/27

Positive Displacement Reciprocating Pumps 1.00   (details) 48   EN   67KB/10KB
ScreenshotPositive Displacement Reciprocating Pumps Calculus for Liquids Fluids of the Oil Industry. Documentation in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/08/05

QRA Locator 1.7   (details) 49/50   48   EN   165KB/5KB
QRA Locator is a program to calculate a 6-character Maidenhead or QRA locator from a latitude and longitude. It is mainly used by radio amateurs, as this compact form is more suitable for transmission than the usual latitude/longitude, and is thus less liable to error. The archive contains a detailed explanation of the Maidenhead Locator System, as well as a worked example, and comprehensively commented source code, as well as the binary files for the HP48 and the HP49/50 calculators. It is writen in User RPL.
By Adrian Ryan. 2011/07/24

Refrigeration Cycles for Natural Gas (En./Sp.) 1.00   (details) 48   EN   ES   240KB/8KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations for Refrigeration Cycles of Natural Gas Processing Plants. Include documentation file in .pdf format with English and Spanish versions.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/09/22

Regla de la Palanca 1.0   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
This program can calculate all the parameters of the rule named in Spanish "regla de la palanca" that is used to make mass balances in graphical methods.
By Gonzalo Ramos. 2003/07/01

Resolution   (details) 48   EN   3KB/1KB
ScreenshotBased on a list containing crystallographic unit cell dimensions and the (user defined) Miller indexes of a reflection, this program will calculate the volume of unit cell in real space, the reciprocal unit cell dimensions, and the Bragg spacing corresponding to the given reflection.
By Nicholas M. Glykos. 2002/09/22

Rheology and Hydraulics for Drilling Fluids 1.01   (details) 48   EN   77KB/71KB
ScreenshotRheology and hydraulics for non-Newtonian drilling fluids, of oil and gas wells. Includes documentation in PDF format. Only for use in a 48GX with at least one 128KB RAM card.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/05/22

RungK 1.0   (details) 48   ES   25KB/3KB
ScreenshotSolves differential equation systems of N number by the Runge-Kutta method (4th order) and has an input screen useful for editing many things. Includes a special XCELL 48 to Microsoft Excel translator.
By Salvador Salgado (Snake). 2005/05/08

Sección Dorada 1.0   (details) 48   ES   30KB/3KB
This is the Sección Dorada method, for Process Engineering class. It does everything needed and gives the results in the XCELL 48 spreadsheet. Includes a special Xcell to Microsoft Excel translator.
By Salvador Salgado (Snake). 2005/05/08

Sheaves and Belts Calculus for Pumping Beam Units 1.00   (details) 48   EN   45KB/4KB
ScreenshotSheaves and Belts Calculus for Pumping Beam Units used in the Oil Industry. Includes documentation in .pdf format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/08/06

Simplex Usac 1.0   (details) 48   ES   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotYet another simplex program. They just keep coming! I can't believe people keep writing them. (but this one has sound and animations!)
By Esduardo Valenzuela. 2003/12/24

Twin Spindle Screw Pumps (Calculus) 1.00   (details) 48   EN   38KB/7KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations for Twin Spindle Screw Pumps of all industries. Includes documentation file in PDF format
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/04/02

Unidades 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   7KB/72KB
Converts units of length, time, mass, force, area, volume, temperature, and acceleration in a fast and friendly way.
By Ricardo Hernandez Arango. 2010/08/22

UNITMAN 7.2001Get It   (details) 48   EN   6KB/1KB
Allows built-in units to be purged and others added to unit menus ad libitum. Unit categories can be added and removed as well. Thus, the UNITS menu system can be completely reorganized and adapted to professional needs. Particularly interesting is that the famous 3-fold functionality of unit keys applies to user-defined units as well.
By Wolfgang Rautenberg. 2004/08/19

Viscosity Unit Conversions 1.00   (details) 48   EN   ES   99KB/16KB
ScreenshotThis library performs many conversions of viscosity units. Includes documentation file in PDF format. Unfortunately this library also changes a lot of your configuration settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2003/12/28

YCN48/49 (Y Critico Normal) 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   202KB/3KB
ScreenshotYCN48/49 is a library written in System RPL useful for the study of "Hydraulics Of Open Channels," using SI or English units.
By Javier Enrique Miranda. 2004/02/15

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