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Welcome to hpcalc.org (http://www.hpcalc.org), the premier source of software for and information about the HP Prime, HP 50, HP 49, HP 48, and HP 28 RPN programmable graphic calculators and the HP 38G, HP 39, and HP 40 programmable graphic calculators, with 8255 files by 2398 authors and 3823 screenshots totaling 1245.98 MB.

Celebrating 20 years online, August 21st, 1997 - August 21st, 2017. A total solar eclipse has been scheduled in recognition of 20 years since I launched this site.

If you are interested in purchasing an HP calculator, I sell several models (such as the Prime and the 50g). Please see my commerce site if you are interested.

Attend HHC 2017, the annual HP calculator conference, in Nashville, TN, USA, September 16-17. I will be there, and hopefully you will too!

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Newest Additions
July 22nd, 2017 Updated Tetris on Games/Arcade 48
Added JYLOG HPROM Files to Docs/Programming 48
Added Getris to Games/Arcade 48
Added Meteor-3D to Games/Arcade 48
Added DeylGame to Games/Misc 48
Added HPendu to Games/Misc 48
Added Minehunt to Games/Misc 48
Added FN3D to Graphics/Plotting 48
Added Biologie to Science/Misc 48
Added Physique to Science/Physics 48
Added Utils from Equation Library to Utils/Misc 48
Added Cripter to Utils/Security 48
Added Demo to Utils/Sound 48
Added HP-CLOCK to Utils/Time 48
July 21st, 2017 Added Blast to Games/Arcade 48
Added HPTris (Modified) to Games/Arcade 48
Added Bataille Navale to Games/Board 48
Added Bataille Navale ELTA to Games/Board 48
Added Dame to Games/Board 48
Added Simulateur de Bataille Navale to Games/Board 48
Added Beat to Games/Misc 48
Added Defender of the Crown to Games/Misc 48
Added Jackpot to Games/Misc 48
Added Labyrinthe to Games/Misc 48
Added Morpion by Ness to Games/Misc 48
Added MorpionHP to Games/Misc 48
Added Binary Champernowne Constant to Math/Misc 49/50
July 20th, 2017 Updated Senso to 1.1 on Games/Misc 48
Added Irak War to Games/Arcade 48
Added Pac3D to Games/Arcade 48
Added Tetris/EB to Games/Arcade 48
Added TTetris to Games/Arcade 48
Added Othello Reversi IV to Games/Board 48
Added Othello/Reversi to Games/Board 48
Added Puissance 4/PGS to Games/Board 48
Added Puis4 to Games/Misc 48
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