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Welcome to hpcalc.org (http://www.hpcalc.org), the premier source of software for and information about the HP 50, HP 49, HP 48, and HP 28 RPN programmable graphic calculators and the HP 38G, HP 39, and HP 40 programmable graphic calculators, with 7538 files by 2284 authors and 3167 screenshots totaling 944.54MB.

If you are interested in purchasing an HP calculator, I sell most models (such as the Prime, 50g, 50g RS-232 serial cable, 30b, and 35s) at discounted prices. Please see my commerce site if you are interested.

HP's latest top-of-the-line graphing calculator is now available, complete with multi-touch capacitive touch screen, RPN, and a large ENTER key. Purchase the HP Prime here for $130. Please watch HP's promotional marketing video to see the HP Prime Graphing Calculator.

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Newest Additions
August 23rd, 2015 Added Simple Interest to HP Prime/Apps (?)
Added TVM with Odd Period to HP Prime/Apps (?)
Added Runge Kutta 4th Order Method to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Wronskian to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Statistic Distributions to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Distance from the Sun & Orbital Speed to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Orbital Elements to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Forces on a Warren Truss to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Impedance of an RLC Circuit to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Pres to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Spectrum Analysis to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Thermal Noise (Johnson-Nyquist Noise) to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Setting Auto Shutoff to HP Prime/Utils (?)
Added Terminal Alternative to HP Prime/Utils (?)
August 20th, 2015 Added Advanced Payments to HP Prime/Apps (?)
Added APR to HP Prime/Apps (?)
Added Bonds to HP Prime/Apps (?)
Added Cash Flow to HP Prime/Apps (?)
Added Depreciation to HP Prime/Apps (?)
Added Effective and Nominal Rate to HP Prime/Apps (?)
Added Complex Plotting to HP Prime/Graphics (?)
Added Gompertz Curve to HP Prime/Graphics (?)
Added Bolt Pattern to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Complex CAS to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Complex Prime Number Test to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Matrices: Adjoint and Cofactors to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added MPINVERT to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Multinomial Coefficient to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Nice Integer Eigenvectors to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Gauss Jordan Utilities to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added ANOVA to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Chi Square to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added F Variance Test to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Directional Derivative to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Jacobian to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Line Integral and Curvilinear Integral to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added dec to HP Prime/Programming (?)
Added Effemeridi to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added EQT to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Solar Irradiance to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Center of Mass to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Column Stability Factor of a Wood Column to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Mechanical Engineering Programs to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Circular Shift to HP Prime/Utils (?)
Added DFX to HP Prime/Utils (?)
August 19th, 2015 Updated Graph3D to 2.422 on HP Prime/Graphics (?)
Updated PDQ Algorithm on HP Prime/Math (?)
Updated Touch Periodic Table to 3.0 on HP Prime/Science (?)
Added SCHIP Emulator to HP Prime/Games (?)
Added Gallery to HP Prime/Graphics (?)
Added Bode Plot to HP Prime/Graphics (?)
Added Airy to HP Prime/Math (?)
Added Astro Lab to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Matrix Calculation of Structures to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Pipe Flow to HP Prime/Science (?)
Added Equation Library to HP Prime/Science (?)
See older additions.

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