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ALG   (details) 48   EN   4KB/2KB
Front-end to ALG48 4.0.
By Horst Albrecht. 1997/08/21

ALG MENU 1.3   (details) 48   EN   ES   198KB/3KB
ScreenshotMenu for ALG V4.2 with interpolar utilities, UNIT, and calculator alg.
By Eduardo García Sardón. 2005/05/22

ALG48 3.06   (details) 48   EN   141KB/24-31KB
Version 3.06 of the best algebra library for the HP 48. Handles partial fraction expansion, unlimited precision math, and much more. This old version is included because it runs on a G and because it has documentation in text format instead of just PostScript.
By Claude-Nicolas Fiechter and Mika Heiskanen. 1997/08/21

ALG48 4.2Get It   (details) 48   EN   522KB/50-68KB
The latest version of the best algebra library for the HP 48. Handles Groebner bases, partial fraction expansion, unlimited precision math, and much more. Contains binaries and documentation in PostScript and PDF format.
By Claude-Nicolas Fiechter and Mika Heiskanen. 1998/06/08

ALG48 HTML documentation 4.2   (details) 48   EN   127KB
Documentation for ALG48 4.2 in HTML format.
By Claude-Nicolas Fiechter and Mika Heiskanen. 1998/05/22

ALG48 Source Code 4.01   (details) 48   EN   186KB
Source code for ALG48 4.01. Covered by the GNU Public License (included).
By Claude-Nicolas Fiechter and Mika Heiskanen. 1997/09/26

ALG48 Tools   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Some miscellaneous utilities for ALG48 4.x.
By Julien Blanc. 1998/06/12

ALGB 2.2   (details) 48   EN   70KB/17-19KB
Algebra library. This old version is included because of its smaller size and its ASCII text documentation.
By Bernard Parisse. 1997/08/21

ALGB Binaries 2.32   (details) 48   EN   63KB/27-29KB
Algebra library.
By Bernard Parisse. 1997/09/26

ALGB English HTML Documentation 2.32   (details) 48   EN   215KB
HTML documentation in English for ALGB.
By Bernard Parisse. 1997/09/26

ALGB French HTML Documentation 2.32   (details) 48   FR   249KB
HTML documentation in French for ALGB.
By Bernard Parisse. 1997/09/26

ALGB PS Documentation 2.32   (details) 48   EN   244KB
PostScript documentation for ALGB.
By Bernard Parisse. 1997/09/26

ALGB Source Code 2.32   (details) 48   EN   267KB
Source code for ALGB. Covered by the GNU Public License.
By Bernard Parisse. 1997/09/26

Algebra Library   (details) 48   EN   9KB/4KB
An excellent algebra library. Some functions are duplicated in ALG48, but it is great if you have very little memory free (only 3.4k!).
By Junichi Steven Sato. 1997/08/21

Algebra Library 3.01   (details) 48   EN   8KB/4KB
Algebra library, with commands for factoring, GCD, Fibonacci and Bernoulli numbers, permutations, and more. Includes source code.
By Davide Di Gennaro (HPPF). 2000/05/13

Cálculo Vectorial   (details) 48   ES   2KB/3KB
ScreenshotCálculo Vectorial is a library designed to get the principal differential operator of vectorial calculus. Just enter a list of lists in level one, the first list are the scale factors of curvilinear coordinates (optional), the second list is the function and the third one are the variables.
By Santiago Mesa Jaramillo. 2000/10/24

Calculus Library 1.0   (details) 48   EN   47KB/3KB
ScreenshotIntroduces calculus to beginning calculus students. Includes graphical tutorials.
By Han Duong (HPSolo). 1998/06/21

Calculus programs   (details) 48   EN   4KB/1-5KB
Contains a Euler rate equation program, a Riemann sums program, and a Taylor series program.
By Bob. 1997/08/21

CAS48 3.3r3.0   (details) 48   EN   264KB/91+KB
ScreenshotContains a large number of computer algebra commands similar to those in the HP 49 and the TI-92+, including EXPAND, FACTOR, PARTFRAC, GRADIENT, DIV, HESS, PREVAL, TABVAL, LINSOLVE, XNUM, AXL, AXM, PCAR, REF, CUMSUM, MEDIAN, TWOVAR, POLEVALM, CUMPROD, and much more.
By Jaime Fernando Meza Meza. 2001/11/03

CAS48 Documentation 3.3r3.0   (details) 48   EN   360KB
Documentation for CAS48 in Word and HTML format.
By Jaime Fernando Meza Meza. 2001/11/11

CASADD 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   FR   36KB/5+KB
Contains directories written in User RPL to enhance the HP 49 CAS, as well as provide improved math capabilities for the HP 48.
By Gildas Cotomale. 2000/09/13

Casio-like Fraction Calculator   (details) 48   EN   3KB/1KB
Fraction calculator that acts like the Casio fraction calculating abilities.
By John H Meyers. 1998/07/21

CEQN 1.1   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Finds characteristic polynomials of matrices and returns the answer as a vector polynomial.
By Sune Bredahl. 1997/08/21

Chebychev Polynomial Coefficients   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Simple program to calculate the coefficients of a Chebychev polynomial.
By Ron Zukerman. 2008/08/13

CMPLX 1.0   (details) 48   ES   5KB/1KB
ScreenshotUseful library for working with complex numbers, and symbolic products, too.
By David de Perosanz Aparicio. 2001/02/14

CNTR 3.0   (details) 48   EN   13KB/3KB
Contains many tools for control systems project/simulation in S or Z domain. Inverse S/Z transforms, gain and phase margins, stab time, maximum overshoot and more. Needs Math 1.10 or later.
By César Crusius. 1997/08/21

CompSqr   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
Completes the square of a quadratic equation.
By Jeremy E. Laughery. 1998/12/10

CompSqr 1.0   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
Completes the square of a quadratic equation.
By Aaron Wallace. 1999/11/15

COMRAC   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Rationalizes a complex number, converting a number in (a,b) format to a+bi format.
By Roberto Perez-Franco (HPlus!). 1999/03/10

CPX48   (details) 48   EN   11KB/5KB
Performs complex number calculations symbolically. Requires ALG48 and QPI.
By Ciro Biancofiore. 2000/05/20

Cramer48simbol 1.0   (details) 48   ES   4KB/2KB
ScreenshotSolve n*(n+1) systems of linear equations SYMBOLIC {{LIST}{LIST}{..}...} using ALG48.
By Aaron Hernandez Valdez. 2003/12/27

D2F   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
A fast decimal-to-fraction converter. This is like DEC2FRAC except it is in System RPL and is therefore smaller and faster.
By Joseph K. Horn. 2008/08/15

D2F$   (details) 48   EN   4KB/1KB
Converts decimals to fractions with strings for greater precision. Requires ALG48 with LongFloat.
By Joseph K. Horn. 2000/07/01

DEC2FRAC   (details) 48   EN   3KB/1KB
Like ->Q but better.
By Joseph K. Horn. 1997/08/21

DEQ   (details) 48   EN   6KB/3KB
This program solves every common differential equation and system (every potential and degree also with variable coefficients) on repetitive use of the Runge-Kutta-algorithm.
By Frank Plate. 2008/08/15

DiffEq   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Some programs written to do Euler's method, Improved Euler's method, Taylor series method, and Runge Kutta method for solving differential equations on the 48.
By Andrew Douglas Delano. 2008/08/15

Differential Equation Solver 2.1   (details) 48   EN   6KB/3KB
ScreenshotRK4 solves differential equations using the fourth order Runge-Kutta method. Although it calculates N values of Y(T), the target solution is Y(b).
By Jorge Costa. 1997/08/21

DSIN 1.1   (details) 48   ES   34KB/1KB
Performs synthetic division for nth degree polynomials.
Author unknown. 2008/08/09

Equation Manager 1.2   (details) 48   EN   23KB/12KB
ScreenshotEQM is an Equation Manager that was written to help users manage and organize equations more smoothly. EQM offers as many features as HP's equation library and much more. With EQM, users can create a true user-defined Equation Library.
By Othniel Rawlins. 1997/08/21

Erable 3.024Get It   (details) 48   EN   567KB/89-108KB
The Erable libraries provide all the necessary high-level math programs that are not in the HP 48 ROM: symbolics: rational simplification and transcendental simplifications, factorization, derivative, including gradient of a function, integration: partial implementation of the Risch algorithm, Taylor series (extension of the in-build TAYLR instruction), Laplace and inverse Laplace transform, 1st order ordinary differential equation--symbolic or numeric matrices, eigenvalues and eigenvectors (including Jordan cycles of characteristic vectors), and much more.
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/08/06

Erable 3.117 Beta   (details) 48   EN   133KB/92+KB
Beta test version of Erable 3.1. This has a lot more features than 3.0, plus it's faster, but it's only in beta so it's probably buggier.
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/10/17

Erable French PDF Docs 2.99   (details) 48   EN   331KB
Erable documentation in French in PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format).
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/01/23

Erable French PS Docs 2.96   (details) 48   EN   163KB
Erable documentation in French in PS (PostScript).
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/01/28

Erable HTML Docs 3.0   (details) 48   EN   281KB
Erable documentation in HTML format.
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/08/02

Erable PDF Docs 3.0   (details) 48   EN   334KB
Erable documentation in PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format).
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/07/18

Erable Source Code 3.0   (details) 48   EN   595KB
Source code for Erable 3.0. Covered by the GNU Public License.
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/07/18

Erable Text Docs 3.0   (details) 48   EN   35KB
Erable documentation in TXT (ASCII text) format.
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/07/18

Erable with Absolute Addresses 3.201 Beta   (details) 48   EN   568KB/84+KB
Beta test version of Erable 3.201 with fixed memory addresses. Must be either the first object in port 1 or the last object in port 0, but it is slightly smaller, much faster, and has more features than previous versions.
By Bernard Parisse. 1999/02/07

EXCO   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
Expands and collects and expression until it can no longer be simplified. Tiny, but slow.
By John H Meyers. 1998/07/22

Exhackt 1.9c   (details) 48   EN   15KB/4KB
Converts decimals to fractions with irrational numbers. Based on QPI but much more powerful with square roots.
By Jeremy E. Laughery. 1998/12/05

Exploring Calculus   (details) 48   EN   6KB/7KB
ScreenshotThis application is designed to aid students in the exploration of calculus and pre-calculus mathematics.
By Hewlett-Packard. 1997/08/21

Factor4   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Finds the symbolic square root of a number in simplest form, so when given 800 it will return 20*sqrt 2. Also includes some prime number and prime factoring routines.
By Brentan Alexander and others. 1998/11/01

FracII   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Fraction library with several functions.
By Romain Desplats. 1997/08/21

Fraction Calculator   (details) 48   EN   6KB/4KB
Works with mixed numbers, including GCD and LCM.
By Dave Vomocil. 1997/08/21

Fracts   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Deals with fractional numbers, including mixed numbers.
By Frank A. Vorstenbosch. 1997/08/21

FRAD2   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
When given a decimal fraction, this program will return the value "A/B*SQRT(C/D)" based on the algorithm provided by Joe Horn.
By Larry Morton. 1997/08/21

GCD and LCM   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
Finds the greatest common denominator or least common multiple of two numbers.
By Thomas Nescher. 2000/06/20

Horner   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
System RPL program that implements the Horner Algorithm to get the value of a polynomial.
By Iñigo Serna. 1998/05/12

Implicit Differentiation 1.0   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
This small program calculates implicit differentiations in n degrees, in a better way than the own programs from HP.
By David Eduardo. 2002/07/21

INT   (details) 48   EN   4KB/1KB
Integration table: can integrate things like 'x*sin(x^2)' and will put a factor of .5 out in front to make up for the derivative of x^2. It can do this with symbolics as well.
By Bob Apodaca. 1997/08/21

INT48   (details) 48   EN   25KB/24KB
Very comprehensive symbolic integration tables.
By Jeremy E. Laughery. 1999/10/04

INT48pro labcad 1.53 beta   (details) 48   EN   146KB/45-80KB
ScreenshotTransforms the HP 48GX into a symbolic powerhouse with symbolic capabilities that are state of the art! INT48pro handles Symbolic: Differentiation, Integration, Laplace and Inverse Laplace transforms as well as the Z-transform. Inverse Z-transforms, Fourier and Inverse Fourier transforms will soon be added to INT48pro. INT48pro can search over 1000 tables in less than a second! INT48pro was written in 30% assembler, 40% PCO/ML and 30% System RPL.
By Jeremy E. Laughery. 2001/02/26

INT48pro Online Manual 1.0   (details) 48   EN   585KB
This is the official INT48pro Online Manual. I will write a newer version later. As I update INT48pro, I will update this manual.
By Jeremy E. Laughery and others. 2002/05/20

Interpolaciones de Lagrange y Hermite 1.1   (details) 48   ES   52KB/2KB
ScreenshotProgram that gets the Lagrange and Hermite Interpolations in a symbolic way by calculating its coefficients and giving them back in the stack. Needs ALG48 and QPI libraries to run.
By Pablo Plaza A.. 2003/07/19

INTSIM 1.1   (details) 48   EN   6KB/1KB
Simplification routine from the forthcoming release of INT48. Provides some features of ALG48's ASIM while only requiring that RSIM be present, such as the ability to simplify sin((t+5)^5)^sqrt((3 + 5)^3).
By Jeremy E. Laughery. 1999/12/19

Itab 1.0   (details) 48   EN   27KB/13KB
ScreenshotItab is a modification of INT48 lib by Jeremy Laughery. Itab has some new features: a built-in viewer, a new interface for easy navigation across the tables, display messages and expressions simultaneously, BZ compression, and more.
By Guillermo Filia and Jeremy E. Laughery. 2003/03/06

LaPlace   (details) 48   EN   13KB/7KB
Performs Laplace transforms with functions involving polynomials, sin, cos, and exp.
Author unknown. 1997/08/21

Laplace   (details) 48   EN   12KB/6KB
Various routines written in System RPL for performing Laplace transforms and related operations.
By John Meissner. 2008/08/18

LaPlace/G   (details) 48   EN   8KB/3KB
Performs Laplace transforms with functions involving polynomials, sin, cos, and exp. Updated version of the S series program, making it much smaller, but for the G series only.
By John Meissner and John Edry. 1997/08/21

Limit   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Calculates any limit of a function that can be derived by the calculator using L'Hopital rule.
By Bruno Barberi Gnecco. 1998/09/27

LPasm   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
Performs a Laplace Transform on a nth order, linear ODE.
By Aaron Wallace. 1999/11/15

LSQ   (details) 48   EN   6KB/1KB
Least square curve fitting utility.
By Igor Urbiha. 1997/09/07

Make Binomial 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   1KB/1KB
Simple program to expand a binomial from (x+y)^n into expanded form. Yes, it's kind of useless with the 49's CAS system, but it's somewhat useful for a 48.
By Joey C.. 2005/05/24

Marable   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Extension for Erable to make the Laplace and Integration functions work with symbolic and numeric matrices.
By Roberto Perez-Franco (HPlus!). 1999/01/29

Math 1.21   (details) 48   EN   16KB/9KB
ScreenshotMath is a math library for dealing with numeric/symbolic polynomials and matrices with many capabilities. I included this older version because it takes less RAM.
By César Crusius. 1997/08/21

Math 2.1Get It   (details) 48   EN   22KB/11KB
ScreenshotMath is a math library for dealing with numeric/symbolic polynomials and matrices with many capabilities.
By César Crusius. 1997/08/21

Math XLIB for HP48 1.0 Beta   (details) 48   EN   PT   41KB/5-65KB
Tools for mathematics, including Bessel functions, prime factorizer, matrices, etc.
By HPhreacker. 2002/02/24

MatLib 1.0   (details) 48   EN   9KB/3KB
This one is a symbolic Matrix Library for dealing with symbolic matrices. Included here is an HP 48 formatted text file documenting the functions and the full BZ zipped source.
By Robert H. Parry. 2000/10/20

MIO 5.1   (details) 48   ES   21KB/7-35KB
Powerful utilities for ALG48 v4.2 (symbolic EVAL, poly ROOT, etc.) and extension for INTGR (Eigenvalues and Vectors, Gradient, Cross product,...). Gives some features of Erable to ALG48.
By Miguel Quintana Villalba. 2001/01/16

MNES 2.0   (details) 48   EN   12KB/6KB
Multi Nonlinear Equation Solver.
By Daniel Lopez Sancho. 1997/08/21

MtxII   (details) 48   EN   2KB/2KB
Symbolic matrix library, doing determinate, adjoint, inverse, and more.
By Romain Desplats. 1997/08/21

MySol   (details) 48   EN   5KB/1KB
MYSOL faster multi equation solver replacement.
By Balazs Fischer. 1997/08/21

Neopolys 6.5Get It   (details) 48   EN   47KB/8-11KB
A definitive polynomial library. Supports Laplace and Z transforms.
By Apolonio Francisco Gonzalez Herrero (APO). 1998/11/17

New2Q   (details) 48   EN   3KB/1KB
A more accurate version of the ->Q command.
By Hewlett-Packard. 1997/08/21

NWS   (details) 48   EN   9KB/1-4KB
Solves both linear and non-linear equations.
By Julio Mendoza. 1997/08/21

P&G   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
PUT and GET routines for any type of array, including symbolic arrays.
By Jorge Costa. 1999/01/06

Pade   (details) 48   EN   6KB/1KB
Calculates the algebraic Pade of a function, evaluates the Pade on a point, and more.
By Juan José Piñero de Armas. 1997/08/21

Part 5.0   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Solves for constants in partial fractions.
By Edward Ang. 1997/08/21

Partial Fractions   (details) 48   EN   2KB/2KB
Works with partial fractions.
By Jason Frandsen. 1998/10/30

PCOEF   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Expects to find an algebraic expression in level 3, a name in level 2, and a number in level 1, where the expression is taken as a polynomial of order "number" in the variable "name". It returns a list of the polynomial coefficients in order of decreasing power.
By Bill Wickes. 2008/08/19

PFCTR   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
An extremely small and fast polynomial factoring program.
By John H Meyers. 1998/01/22

Poly   (details) 48   EN   4KB/3KB
Polynomial routines: derivative, partial fractions, etc.
By Wayne H. Scott. 1997/08/21

POLY 3.2   (details) 48   EN   6KB/6KB
Polynomial routines, with functions to strip leading zeros from polynomial object, invert root program, find the derivative of a polynomial, find the derivative of a rational function, do partial fractions, factor a polynomial, find roots of any polynomial, convert a list to an array and back, add two polynomials, multiply two polynomials, divide two polynomials, evaluate a polynomial at a point, and return a polynomial list given an equation.
By Wayne H. Scott. 2008/08/19

Poly 4.6   (details) 48   EN   12KB/6KB
This is a very fast library (written in System RPL and assembly language) to deal with fundamental polynomial necessities. Finds all roots of a polynomial, performs polynomial synthetic division, multiplication, and addition, evaluates a polynomial at a point, calculates the derivative, performs partial fraction decomposition, builds a polynomial given the roots, factors a polynomial, and converts between algebraic objects and polynomials.
By Carlos Ferraro. 2008/08/19

POLY and ARIT   (details) 48   EN   13KB/5-12KB
Polynomial arithmetic libraries that were the basis for ALG48.
By Mika Heiskanen. 1997/08/21

Poly SR 3.1   (details) 48   EN   3KB/3KB
Polynomial routines, for arithmetic, curve fitting, derivatives, and more, written in System RPL.
By Søren Rom. 2000/02/24

Poly8   (details) 48   EN   5KB/4KB
Another version of the above program, with polynomial routines: derivative, partial fractions, etc.
By Wayne H. Scott. 1997/08/21

Polyfit 1.0   (details) 48   EN   6KB/3KB
Produces the coefficients of an N-1 degree polynomial given N data points that lie on the curve of that polynomial.
By David F. Kurth. 2008/08/19

Polyn   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Here are routines CUBIC and QUARTIC which solve cubic and quartic equations, similar to the way that the QUAD function solves quadratic equations.
By Eric Postpischil. 1997/08/21

Polynomial Functions   (details) 48   EN   2KB/2KB
Several functions for working with polynomials, including multiplication, division, and greatest common denominator.
By Francois Dang Ngoc (MaskDog). 1998/06/07

Pompes Manager 1.0   (details) 48   FR   24KB/17KB
Text about integrals, sequences, differential equations, trigonometry, and more, making it easier to pass tests.
By Julien Blanc. 1998/06/12

PROOT   (details) 48   EN   10KB/3KB
Super-fast polynomial roots finder.
By Bill Wickes. 2008/08/20

PSLQ   (details) 48   EN   5KB/3KB
Experimental library designed to get a useful set of equations for recognizing numerical constants. The QPI library could then be expanded in the future to include a command for finding the specified relations. The library includes a sample implementation of an interface to the PSLQ algorithm.
By Mika Heiskanen. 1999/01/06

QC 1.5   (details) 48   EN   5KB/1KB
Quick Calculus Functions. Supports indefinite integrals and differentiation.
By Peter Teichman. 1998/05/06

QPI 3.0, 3.3, and 4.2   (details) 48   EN   7KB/1-2KB
Older versions of the above program; some are smaller than the latest version.
By Mika Heiskanen. 1997/08/21

QPI 4.3Get It   (details) 48   EN   6KB/2KB
QPI approximates any floating point numbers by a rational number, square root, multiple of PI, exponential or a logarithm depending on which approximation seems best.
By Mika Heiskanen and André Schoorl. 1998/11/29

QXRACINE   (details) 48   EN   2KB/2KB
Like QPI, this program simplifies radicals, but does a better job at this.
Author unknown. 1997/08/21

R2D   (details) 48   FR   1KB/3KB
ScreenshotReduces two-dimensional conicals, giving the kind of conical and indicating if it's degenerated or if it's empty. Written in System RPL.
By Pierre-Yvan Beaurang (HpRip). 2000/09/12

R3D   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
ScreenshotReduces three-dimensional conicals, giving the kind of conical and indicating if it's degenerated or if it's empty.
By Pierre-Yvan Beaurang (HpRip). 2000/06/20

Radicals   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Finds a simplified radical expression in the form a/b*\v/(c/d) that is == the input.
By Michael Andrew Lowry. 1997/08/21

RainEQGet It   (details) 48   EN   66KB/18KB
ScreenshotAn excellent replacement equation writer. A large equation that took 63 seconds to load in the built-in equation writer took less than 2 seconds to load in RainEQ. For the G series only; includes Java-enhanced version. Documentation by me, Eric Rechlin.
By Eric Patois (Rain). 1998/08/17

RainEQ 49   (details) 48   EN   15KB/18KB
ScreenshotPatched RainEQ library (see above) for use with Erable.
By Eric Patois (Rain). 1999/07/10

RainEQ HTML Documentation   (details) 48   EN   8KB
HTML-formatted version of the documentation included with RainEQ.
By James T. Purdy. 1999/09/29

Rational Number Package   (details) 48   EN   6KB/3KB
Performs arithmetic with rational numbers.
By Ted A. Smith. 1997/08/21

Reed-Solomon Decoder   (details) 48   EN   5KB/8KB
ScreenshotReed-Solomon decoder. More of a theoretical tool than a practical tool.
By John. 1998/01/15

RootFinder 1.0   (details) 48   EN   4KB/1KB
Rootfinder uses two numbers, the first being the number you're finding the root of (the radicand) and the second being the nth root's n (the index). Displays the simplified root in a format with the factored out numbers multiplied by the remaining radicand. The index is noted before the radical symbol by an up arrow.
By Joshua Horton. 2000/10/03

Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criteria 1.01   (details) 48   EN   ES   7KB/6KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates if a polynomial is stable or unstable, with the help of the chart of Routh Hurwitz. There is a text file to explain to it.
By Écsar García Sandoval. 2000/12/22

RowRed   (details) 48   EN   4KB/3KB
Symbolic row reduction program.
By Marc E. Blair. 1997/08/21

RSIM 4.01   (details) 48   EN   13KB/13KB
RSIM simplification command from ALG48 4.01. This is included for people who cannot fit the whole ALG48 library into memory but would like the RSIM function.
By Claude-Nicolas Fiechter and Mika Heiskanen. 1997/09/26

RWRD   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Matrix row reduction program.
By Robert T Wilson. 1997/08/21

Signe 1.0   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Not sure what this is. Does something with polynomials.
By Patrick Barret. 1997/12/10

Simplify 1.0   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
Small program to simplify algebraic expressions.
By Ty. 1998/02/15

Square Root's Partial Quotients   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Turns square roots of integers into continued fractions without round-off errors.
By Joseph K. Horn. 1997/08/21

SSQR and QRAD   (details) 48   EN   3KB/1KB
SSQR (Simplified SQuare Root) and QRAD (Quotient of RADicals), for converting decimals to fractions with square roots. Requires the FCTR library from Klaus Kalb.
By Joseph K. Horn. 2008/08/20

Static Equations for xMRGLIB   (details) 48   EN   37KB/6-30KB
Static equations for steel construction load and resistance factor design for the above program.
By Nathanael J. Morriss. 1998/02/15

Suites for Erable   (details) 48   EN   4KB/1KB
Part of the Erable package. Defines a sequence which is then calculated by another command. For example, { U0+U1 1 1 } MAKEUN defines the Fibonacci sequence.
By Bernard Parisse. 1998/03/20

Sumlib   (details) 48   EN   10KB/4KB
Contains powerful commands to do indefinite symbolic summations. Also includes Factlib, for simplifying factorials and enhancing the power of Sumlib.
By Esra Neufeld. 2000/04/08

Symbolic Matrices   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Set of programs which handle symbolic matrices. Contains programs for determinant, matrix inversion, eigenvalues, multiplication of matrices and multiplication by a scalar.
By Eliel Louzoun and Per Stenius. 2008/08/21

Symbolic Matrix Utilities   (details) 48   EN   5KB/3KB
Returns a determinant of a matrix, solves a system of equations in matrix format, and more.
By Marc E. Blair. 1997/08/21

Symbolic Matrix Utilities/RPF   (details) 48   EN   4KB/2KB
Tools for manipulating symbolic matrices, including GET, PUT, SIZE, and more.
By Roberto Perez-Franco (HPlus!). 1999/03/10

Symbolic to Numeric   (details) 48   EN   ES   2KB/1KB
Converts symbolic matrices (such as those created by ALG48) into numeric matrices.
By Fabian J. González Berger. 2000/07/16

Symbolic Vector Library 1.1   (details) 48   EN   7KB/6KB
SYMVEC (SV) is a User RPL-written library of symbolic vector functions for use in mathematics and the sciences. Support is given for Cartesian, Cylindrical, and Spherical polar coordinates, as well as general orthogonal coordinates (whose definitions are supplied by the user). The current coordinate mode is sensed automatically by the library, and the user may override the sensing and force execution in a chosen coordinate system. The SV functions are, for the most part, usable in algebraic expressions (although their inputs may not be -- the intention is for simplification of programming).
By Keith J. Farmer. 2001/12/20

SYMVEC 1.2   (details) 48   EN   3KB/2KB
Symbolic vector program.
By Boris Ivanovic. 1997/08/21

TrTab   (details) 48   EN   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotAllows you to make truth tables with any variables you want.
By Vincent Pierlot (HpKing). 2000/06/20

Two-Stage Least Squares Program   (details) 48   EN   2KB/2KB
TSLS computes four things and puts them on levels 1-4 on the stack. On level 4 is the degrees of freedom of the t values. On level 3 is a vector of the t values for the computed coefficients. On level 2 is a vector of the standard errors of the computed coefficients. On level 1 is a vector of the computed coefficients of the form [Alpha, Beta, Gamma], where Alpha is the value of the intercept, Beta is the k coefficients of the Y1 matrix, and Gamma is the i coefficients of the X1 matrix.
By MacDonald R. Phillips. 1997/08/21

UC   (details) 48   EN   1KB/1KB
Solves second order, linear ODE's with a method known as "Undetermined Coefficients". Returns only the specific portion of the solution.
By Aaron Wallace. 1999/11/15

Updated NEW2Q   (details) 48   EN   4KB/1KB
Another program to convert decimals to fractions.
By Jürgen Koslowski. 1997/08/21

VARLIB   (details) 48   EN   2KB/4KB
Equation library similar to the one built into the G/GX.
By Troy Freeman. 1997/08/21

Vector   (details) 48   EN   2KB/2KB
Simple vector programs, including dot product, magnitude, cross product, divergence, curl, gradient, and more.
By William Harper. 1997/12/06

Vector Calculus   (details) 48   EN   3KB/1KB
Library for symbolic vector-calculus: grad, div and curl.
By Oscar Gustafsson. 1997/08/21

Vectors 1.0   (details) 48   EN   4KB/3KB
Contains functions for manipulating symbolic vectors in the coordinate systems supported by the 48G series calculator.
By Felipe Jordao. 1997/08/21

VPfull 1.0   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Solves second order, linear ODE's with a technique known as "Variation of Parameters". This program returns only the specific solution of the ODE.
By Aaron Wallace. 1999/11/15

VPhalf 1.0   (details) 48   EN   2KB/1KB
Solves second order, linear ODE's with a technique known as "Variation of Parameters".
By Aaron Wallace. 1999/11/15

X2X   (details) 48   EN   14KB/4KB
Extremely fast assembly language routines for working with symbolic matrices. Includes source code.
By Davide Di Gennaro (HPPF). 2000/05/13

xMRGLIB 4.2   (details) 48   EN   10KB/6KB
ScreenshotAn equation manager that operates much like the equation library that is built into the G/GX series calculator. The major difference is that xMRGLIB allows the user to add, delete, and order information.
By Merrill R. Good. 1997/08/21

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