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Abolladura   (details) 49/50   ES   5KB/5KB
ScreenshotChecks and calculates the internal buckling of an I metallic section.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/05/20

ACIFC5-Dimensionado de Vigas de Hormigon Armado 5.0   (details) 49/50   ES   39KB/7KB
ScreenshotDesigns the sections of concrete in beams, for solicitations of ultimate moment and ultimate shear. ACI (American Concrete Institute) has been taken into account.
By Daniel Ganimian. 2011/07/24

AIDC 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   51KB/17KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the curve elements, for a simple curve, curve with inaccessible PI, curve radius for specific point end deflection angles. Graphical environment, with help.
By E. Raul Llatas. 2003/12/27

Analisis de Curvas Topografia II 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   1432KB/41KB
ScreenshotSolves simple horizontal curves and all of its elements and its respective stake out, convex vertical curves, and concave vertical curves and all vertical curve elements and their respective stake out.
By Gregorio Alexander Gutierrez Quispe. 2017/02/10

Análisis de Estabilidad de Taludes 3.1   (details) 49/50   ES   219KB/11KB
ScreenshotCalculates the security factor for slope of a figure with respect to a point, with a tension fracture filled with water (or something like that). Includes full documentation in PDF format.
By Cleoner Patzi Choque. 2015/10/24

Analisis de Redes Cerradas (Gradiente Hidraulico) 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2973KB/12KB
ScreenshotMatrix-driven application for the analysis and design of a drinking water supply network system. It requires the user to subdivide the supply system into a series of elements and identify its endpoints as nodes, using iterations to correct the flows that must pass in each pipe and the pressure generated by this effect, using a system of simultaneous and implicit equations in each node of the system, which can be solved with any mathematical method of compensation or iteration. It makes it possible to analyze open or closed networks or a combination thereof, making the correction or compensation of flows and at the same time the correction of piezometric dimensions and finding a very reasonable convergence with few iterations.
By Gregorio Alexander Gutierrez Quispe. 2017/02/10

Analisis Estructural - Matriz de Flexibilidades 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2697KB/33KB
ScreenshotPerforms structural analysis with matrix flexibilities.
By Gregorio Alexander Gutierrez Quispe. 2014/11/08

Analisis estructural I-Pendiente Desviacion 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   165KB/18KB
ScreenshotProgram that calculates beams and porches by the method of "Pendiente Desviacion".
By Omar A. Castillo Trujillo. 2010/12/15

Analisis Granulometrico 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   29KB/2KB
ScreenshotThe program perform a particle size analysis, offset by the error proportional to the weight retained in the malls.
By Gilmar Mamani Escobar. 2008/08/09

Analisis Tridimensional de Esfuerzos 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   70KB/18KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the principal and normal stresses in three-dimensions.
By Jose Miguel Segnini Maizo. 2003/12/27

API-5L Pipe 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   82KB/50KB
ScreenshotContains properties of steel pipes (API 5L).
By Wilmer Mora F.. 2015/07/26

Area de Acero 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   27KB/2KB
ScreenshotProgram used to calculate the steel area in a beam, subjected to flexion, by means of the rough calculation method.
By Wilber Oswaldo Garnica Bustinza. 2005/09/03

Areas, Centroides and Inercia   (details) 49/50   ES   303KB/8KB
ScreenshotHelps you find areas, centroids, and inertia.
By Amauris Martinez. 2007/04/03

AreaTopog 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   3KB/1KB
ScreenshotSimple program to calculate and draw an area. You enter the coordinates and it calculates and draws the area.
By Tacio Philip Sansonovski. 2002/02/07

AreaXP49 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   54KB/3KB
ScreenshotThis program can calculate and display the area, perimeter and G of any polygon in real time by the coordinates method. Easy to use and provides answers quickly. Useful for topography and hydraulic elements (CIV-213-214, CIV-230, CIV-336).
By Henry Barrios Flores. 2005/05/01

Armaduras 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   12KB/12KB
ScreenshotCivil engineering program to solve "armaduras."
By Pablo Montes. 2004/02/15

Armaduras 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   101KB/20KB
ScreenshotThis program was presented in the X-CONEIC (National Congress of Students of Civil Engineering) in the city of the Cusco-Perú around the 9 through 13 of September of the 2002. The program is highly vector-based and it uses matrix methods for the solution. It solves trusses, cerchas or stable articulated structures are already isostatic, hyperstatic, bi or three-dimensional.
By John La Torre Esquivel. 2002/11/14

Armaduras isostáticas 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   15KB/5KB
ScreenshotArmaduras is a program that solves isostatics trusses.
By John La Torre Esquivel. 2002/05/21

Beam49 1.1   (details) 49/50   EN   296KB/26KB
ScreenshotA beam analysis program for the HP 49G and 49g+. It computes the reactions, shear, bending moment, slope, and deflection. Beam49 will solve statically indeterminate beams of variable EI. Written in System RPL.
By Mark Gray. 2005/12/01

bj'POLIGONAL 1.0 Beta 1   (details) 49/50   ES   61KB/11KB
ScreenshotBj'poligonal is a topography program to calculate and make adjustments on a closed polygon (external or internal angles only). Furthermore, it makes a preliminary sight of the graphic of the polygon. Written mainly in System RPL.
By Belkin José Quintana Devoz. 2001/07/11

Buckling Length of a Concrete Column 2.1   (details) 49/50   EN   53KB/5KB
Determines for a concrete column with length Hi fixed to a system of beams and columns the effective (buckling) length on the basis of German Regulation DIN 1045-1 and "Heft" (Manual) 525 of the "Deutscher Ausschuss für Stahlbeton". Rel. 2.1 now includes an additional method of calculation and an easier way of input for the moments of inertia of the connected beams. Tested on 49g+ and 50g.
By Claus Dachselt. 2008/12/06

Calculating Convergence 1.5   (details) 49/50   EN   1KB/1KB
Basic program to calculate convergence of any point and also compensates for your field angles measured from True North.
By Steve Lund. 2010/12/15

Cálculo de As - Viga Retangular 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   2KB/2KB
This program calculates the steel area of a rectangular beam, developed for the 50g.
By Marcos Mai Cruz. 2013/09/14

Calculo de Aviones y Transporte Aereo   (details) 49/50   48   ES   15KB/15KB
ScreenshotSome documentation about commercial air transport and airplane design. It contents explanations and formulas.
By Sergio Pereira Mayan. 2002/02/24

Calculo de la adherencia Acero - Concreto 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   202KB/58KB
Program to calculate the adhesion of steel and concrete to prevent sliding failure code C.B.H. - 87 (Bolivian Code of concrete).
By Dorian Aranibar Huerta. 2013/09/14

Calculos del Diagrama de Moody 3.1   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   9KB/4KB
ScreenshotAnother hydraulics program, for calculating pipes with Moody's diagram.
By Julio Cesar Ramos Ordoñez. 2000/07/28

CALIBCEN 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/4KB
ScreenshotBook theodolite calculation conventional centesimal (what?).
By Franci FloresVidaurre. 2011/09/18

Cambio de Coordenadas 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   5KB/18KB
This program changes geodetic coordinates to geocentric Cartesian coordinates.
By Juan Pedro Carbonell Rivera. 2012/12/25

Caminos 1.3   (details) 49/50   ES   20KB/5KB
ScreenshotSince a multi-lane highway has not one curve but several, this program reframes 'n' curves that can exist in the highway which you are going to reframe. It is similar to the previous version, but now it gives the result in pictures, since there are several curves.
By Charles Salomé Nuñez. 2003/06/16

Canales de Remanso 3.0   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/6KB
ScreenshotHelps you calculate the backwater channels or length of a curve.
By Luis Carlos Vega Renteria. 2008/08/09

Caso1 1.1   (details) 49/50   48   ES   718KB/5KB
ScreenshotA program to solve fluid mechanics problems. This program can calculate the pressure loss produced by pipes and accesories. Also, it can solve problems with two pipes in series and connected by a union or a pump. In this last case, the program calculates the power of the pump.
By Rubensai D. 2012/09/15

Caso2-3 5.0   (details) 49/50   ES   1308KB/4KB
ScreenshotA program to solve fluid mechanics problems. This program can calculate the flow transmited by a pipe system. Also, it can find the right diameter of the pipe to satisfy flow requirements. You are allowed to work with power pump or its equation.The program show you every iteration and its results.
By Rubensai D. 2011/07/24

Caso4 3.0   (details) 49/50   ES   659KB/8KB
ScreenshotThis program can calculate how the flow is distributed between pipes in paralel. You only have to know the flow in the principal pipe (feeder) and pipes caracteristics and fluid. The program show you all results of every iteration as a SCROLL.
By Rubensai D. 2011/07/24

Caso5 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   660KB/2KB
ScreenshotA program to calculate how much fluid is transported by a line by knowing the total losses.
By Rubensai D. 2011/07/24

Centro de Gravedad 2.15   (details) 49/50   ES   157KB/10KB
ScreenshotProgram for calculating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional center of gravity. Documentation in PDF format.
By Manuel Alejandro Olortegui Borja. 2010/06/06

Cerchas isostáticas 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   93KB/10KB
ScreenshotPerforms static analysis for steel reinforcements.
By Tellys Villavicencio. 2006/08/28

Cinta1 1.1   (details) 49/50   48   ES   2KB/1KB
ScreenshotProgram for making corrections with metallic metric tape.
By John La Torre Esquivel. 2000/10/24

Círculo de Mohr 0.1   (details) 49/50   ES   31KB/1KB
ScreenshotAnalyzes the variation of forces at a point, applicable to Civil Engineering.
By Edmundo Canchari Gutiérrez and Iván Arturo Ayala Bizarro. 2003/07/19

Clasificacion de Suelos 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/26KB
ScreenshotThis program analyzes the physical properties of soil by the methods ASSTHO and SUCS (ASTM-D.2487).
By Jose Gabriel Cano Laime. 2004/02/03

Clasificacion de Suelos 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   175KB/15KB
ScreenshotThis program has by object the classification of the different kind of grounds by two methods: "Unified Classification System of Grounds" (S.U.C.S) and "American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials" (A.A.S.T.H.O).
By Rómulo Alberto Lastreto. 2004/07/31

Clihp   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/10KB
ScreenshotCalculates transition curves (clotoides) for roadway or railway design. It also calculates vertical curves (acuerdos verticales), to join two different slopes of a plan.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/05/23

COGO-50 1.82   (details) 49/50   EN   206KB/55KB
ScreenshotSurveying program capable of performing common survey calculations. The program handles multiple user created jobs and performs Traverse, Inverse, Area, Offset Intersection, Compass Rule Adjustment, Scale, Move, Rotate, Transform, Import and Export ASCII files, and more with coordinates created. Allows settings for angular measure (grads or degrees (dec or hms)) and features a number of tools such as a triangle solver, horizontal and vertical curve solvers, linear regression tool and more. Includes PDF manual. Written in mostly User RPL for the 49g+ and 50g. Includes HP source directory.
By Jacob Wall. 2010/03/08

COGO+ Lt 3.55   (details) 49/50   EN   3053KB/94KB
ScreenshotFully integrated surveying application written in 100% System RPL. Includes Traverse, Inverse, Intersections, Area by Points, Compass Rule, Rotate Points, Mirror Points, Shift Points, Average Points, Scale Points, Triangle Solver, Horizontal and Vertical Curve Solvers, Job and Data Management tools. Two separate versions are included, one for the 48gII screen size, and one for the 49g+ or 50g screen size. Free version; commercial version available for purchase from the developer.
By Jacob Wall. 2013/09/14

Col49 2.0   (details) 49/50   EN   6KB/15KB
Program to design uniaxial rectangular columns.
By Jose Solano. 2006/08/28

Colebrook-White 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   ES   5KB/3KB
ScreenshotThis program finds the factor of friction "f" in closed pipes to pressure using the Colebrook-White formulas and Newton-Raphson numeric method.
By John La Torre Esquivel. 2001/07/15

Columnas 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/4KB
ScreenshotYet another program for determining columns, according to their position in the structure.
By Charles Salomé Nuñez. 2003/06/16

Concreto 1.0   (details) 49/50   PT   2KB/4KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the steel area when supplying the maximum moment, the geometric characteristics of the rectangular or Tê beam. It is also good for calculating flagstones.
By Guilherme Magalhães Almeida. 2001/08/08

Concreto Armado I 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   11KB/26KB
ScreenshotThis program contains flow charts that they indicate to us like designing, by different methods, sections of beams, as well as programs of design of sections of beams and it shows the separation to us between stirrups for a nonseismic zone.
By Orlando Suárez. 2004/09/12

Concreto do CEFET MG 1.0   (details) 49/50   PT   11KB/19KB
A helpful tool for estimations within the discipline of Reinforced Concrete (Concreto Armado), intended for use by students of CEFET-MG. Code totally free for free modifications.
By Marcus Vinicius Coelho. 2010/03/01

Construcciones I 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   20KB/10KB
ScreenshotCivil engineering program for the course Constructions I.
By Iván Arturo Ayala Bizarro and Edmundo Canchari Gutiérrez. 2003/06/22

Cord 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   1KB/2KB
Will give the north and east around a boundary, then give the error of closure.
By Benson J. Whitney. 2001/01/17

Corrección angular 0.1   (details) 49/50   ES   71KB/6KB
ScreenshotProgram to balance the interior angles of any polygon with a central point, using the method of least squares, and it is very exact.
By Edmundo Canchari Gutiérrez. 2003/12/26

Costos y Presupuestos 2.0   (details) 49/50   EN   6KB/15KB
ScreenshotPerforms the analysis of unit costs, budget and calculation of monomials to assemble the polynomial formula, according to Peruvian regulations.
By José Manuel Lozano Gonzales. 2017/02/10

Courbe d'intéraction 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   24KB/27KB
Draws the interaction curve of a concrete column using Eurocode 2. Written in User RPL, so it's a bit slow.
By Daisuke Watanabe. 2010/06/06

CPORTANTE 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   219KB/7KB
Useful program for courses in Soil Mechanics for the calculation of bearing capacity or soil for continuous, square and circular foundations.
By Jose Gabriel Medina Gomez. 2010/07/14

Creager   (details) 49/50   ES   256KB/41KB
ScreenshotCivil engineering program for solving various problems related to water erosion and other similar topics.
By José Juan Quispe Mercado. 2012/12/25

Cross 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   13KB/2KB
Solves CROSS iteration between 1 or 2 nodes.
By Christian Finotto. 2000/02/03

crozzxphp4849 3.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   66KB/4KB
ScreenshotProgram for the determination of moments, by the Cross method. Civil Engineering-CIV205 useful.
By Henry Barrios Flores. 2004/05/09

CTMR (Calculo de constantes para la masa rocosa) 1.95   (details) 49/50   ES   36KB/5KB
ScreenshotCalculates constants for rocky masses. For students in mining engineering. Written in System RPL.
By Manolo Scali Rivera Escobedo. 2005/05/01

Cuboc JCM 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   45KB/3KB
ScreenshotAnalysis of a 3-D dimensional block, with Elastic Module and Poisson Coefficient of a certain material, subjected to triaxial forces.
By Juan Carlos Mark Quiroga. 2003/07/17

Curso de Hidraulica con Ing. Maria Elvira Guevara 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/10KB
Contains software and information about water hammer, open channels design, close conduits design and some programs. Also calculates velocity head given the velocity, calculates loss determination, contains all the formulas for solving a system using D-W (Darcy), and contains the Hazen Williams formulas. Might be corrupt because some binary code was incorrectly transferred in ASCII mode.
By Gustavo Adolfo Gomez Calderon. 2004/06/22

Curva Circular Cimples 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/2KB
Program to calculate elements of simple circular curves.
By Weslei Gonçalves Cordeiro. 2013/09/14

Curva di interazione 1.00   (details) 49/50   IT   50KB/8KB
ScreenshotCurve creates the dominion of breakup for a concrete rectangular section, to the limit design, according to the Italian norms. Runs on the 49G, 48GII, and 49G+.
By Pino Santagata. 2005/11/25

Curvas 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   51KB/4KB
ScreenshotThis program allows reconsider curved circular, haisprings and vertical.
By Luis Eduardo Valdivieso Vidal. 2003/05/08

Curvas Espirales 1.0 Beta   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/1KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the elements of a spiral curve. You only have to enter the radius of the circular part, the total deflection, and the length of the spiral.
By Gustavo Adolfo Gomez Calderon. 2002/07/14

Curvas Verticales 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/12KB
Useful program to calculate symmetric vertical curves for roads.
By Ricardo Hernandez Arango. 2009/11/28

CYPJL 1.00   (details) 49/50   ES   7KB/27KB
ScreenshotFor trusses and porticoes, this program calculates the stiffness matrix, displacements, forces, and moments, doing everything step-by-step.
By José Manuel Lozano Gonzales. 2016/08/02

DEPR 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   259KB/5KB
Program to calculate the depreciation of real estate using various methods.
By Yuri Flores Ceciliano. 2011/09/18

Diagma 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   87KB/16KB
ScreenshotPerforms the mass diagram for "earthworks" and other functions.
By Elvis Gomez Quispe. 2009/11/01

Diagrama de Masas para el movimiento de tierras 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   2KB/4KB
ScreenshotThis is a program for make a mass diagram from the progressives and the cut, fill and cut-fill areas in each X-section of the alignment. Requires EQSTK and TED libraries. Use the help file to know the meaning of each number in the principal library. Made in Bolivia.
By Paul Kenneth Becerra Salmon. 2002/09/22

DIES Dinamica estructural para edificios simples 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   65KB/9KB
ScreenshotPerforms dynamic analysis of structures, including spectral mode forms and forces. Written in 99% System RPL.
By Juan Gerald Benavides Peralta. 2006/03/19

Diseño de Mezcla HYCB 2001   (details) 49/50   ES   110KB/29KB
ScreenshotCalculates the mixture proportion of concrete according to design factors.
By Herbard Young. 2001/01/11

Diseño con Perfiles Metálicos 1.5   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   21KB/4KB
ScreenshotThis program helps you to design a steel section by A.I.S.C. - A.R.E.A. - A.A.S.T.H.O. & Gordon Ranking Methods. The program calculates the acceptable force near to the critical force. For both the 49G and 49g+.
By Juan Carlos Mark Quiroga. 2005/05/24

Diseño de Alcantrillado 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/5KB
ScreenshotProgram for the design of sewers by the "velocities" and "tractive tension" methods.
By Gilmar Mamani Escobar. 2008/08/09

Diseño de Captacion de Manantiales 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   7KB/14KB
ScreenshotCalculates slope for courses involving water and sewage.
By Jhonatan Casafranca Luza. 2017/02/10

Diseño de Columnas Acero AISC 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/3KB
This program helps you to choose laminal steel section by 1.5-1 and 1.5-2 AISC equations. The program calculates the acceptable force near to the critical force. You have to try many sections introducing the area and the radius of each section that you may try.
By Raúl Ademar Huaylla Márquez. 2005/03/19

Diseño de Concreto Presforzado 0.1   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotThis is the initial release of "Diseño de Concreto Presforzado" or "Design of prestressed concrete".
By León Carlos Corona Copado. 2002/02/24

Diseño de Estructuras Metalicas 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   57KB/57KB
ScreenshotStructural steel design software with equations and help to design structural steel members. Requires SolveSys and Viewer.
By Jorge Luis Cepeda. 2005/05/01

Diseño de Muros de Cortante 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/41KB
ScreenshotThis program will help design sheer walls. Handles both English and metric units.
By Erick C. Zavala Sánchez. 2008/12/31

Diseño de Vigas de Concreto 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/11KB
ScreenshotDesign of concrete beams with shear and flexural forces.
By Jorge Granados Soto. 2001/10/27

Diseno Tuberias Simples 0.1   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/2KB
Simple program to calculate diameter, velocity and discharge on simple pipes.
By Fabio Garcia. 2009/06/27

Diseño vigas hormigón 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/2KB
ScreenshotCalculates the area of steel reinforcement needed for a given section and momentum. Uses the ACI 318-02.
By Santiago Camino. 2005/09/03

Dosificar Hormigones   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/27KB
ScreenshotProgram for concrete mixing. Messes with your calculator's settings.
By José Juan. 2008/01/12

Dunkhan 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   437KB/41KB
Develops concrete mix design, with certain characteristics and properties. It comes with three modules, one for the ACI method, one for the statistical method, and one for the Fuller method.
By Jose Gabriel Medina Gomez. 2011/07/24

EDAR 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   38KB/24KB
ScreenshotComplete and detailed library that calculates every component of a wasted water treatment station.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2001/06/16

EjeTot 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   731KB/3KB
ScreenshotUsed for designing mechanical axis. It shows a table which you have to fill with data. It's not necessary to complete all the table; enter all that you can, and the program will calculate all that is possible. It will also show how it calculated the answers.
By Rubensai D. 2011/07/24

Elementos finitos 49 3.0   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/7KB
Uses the finite elements method to solve any flat structure using triangular elements.
By Alberto Polo Castaño. 2002/12/29

Empotramiento 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/8KB
ScreenshotCalculates the embedding moment of a beam submitted to different types of load. Ported to the HP 49.
By Fernando Vargas Rodríguez and Gregorio Muñoz Carreño. 2000/10/20

Empotramiento HYCB 2002   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/14KB
ScreenshotAllows one to find the empotramiento moments for the different cases of sections in beams.
By Herbard Young. 2002/02/24

Ensamblaje de Matrices 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   615KB/3KB
ScreenshotMatrix assembling program. Used for matrix structural analisys and finite element methods.
By Rodrigo Prudencio Martínez. 2012/09/15

Ensol 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   14KB/17KB
Solar energy equation solver and helper.
By Jorge Luis Cepeda. 2005/05/01

Entibaciones 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   48KB/14KB
ScreenshotThis program helps you to find the forces actuating on ditch supports.
By Héctor Bernardo. 2002/11/14

Eolik 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   11KB/18KB
Eolic energy helper.
By Jorge Luis Cepeda. 2005/05/01

Escaleras 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/7KB
ScreenshotProgram for the design of stairs. Has options to calculate the Wu, with the combinations type ACI or the E060 norm of the RNC.
By Charles Salomé Nuñez. 2003/06/22

Esfuerzos 2.1b   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   25KB/5KB
ScreenshotExcellent program for calculating active or passive stresses in a soil by Rankine formula, given n stratum and water level.It also calculates total force and point of application. Very useful for solving any type of walls.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2001/06/15

Esfuerzos y Circulo de Mohr 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   78KB/25KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations with forces and Mohr's Circle. Documentation in PDF format.
By Eriber Enciso. 2009/11/17

Estabilidad de Taludes 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   354KB/8KB
ScreenshotCalculates the stability of a slope by Fellenius' method. The program shows a table with all the calculations. Includes documentation in PDF format.
By Michell Gutierrez. 2005/07/02

Estado Limite de Servicio 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   13KB/7KB
ScreenshotEasy E.L.S. verification program for reinforced concrete, for rectangular and T-shaped beams. Supports SI units and Norma EHE.
By Rodrigo Prudencio Martínez. 2011/07/24

Estática 1 JCM 1.0 B   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   28KB/12KB
ScreenshotCompilation of some basic programs that will help you break up a 2D or 3D vector, cross and dot product, Mohr´s Circle, moments of inertia of functions, phitagoras, etc.
By Juan Carlos Mark Quiroga. 2002/12/30

Estática 2 JCM 1.5   (details) 49/50   ES   29KB/12KB
ScreenshotCompilation of useful programs like: Phitagoras, orthogonal decomposition of forces, analysis of circular and parabolic arches, and analysis of distribute forces.
By Juan Carlos Mark Quiroga. 2002/12/30

Estatica Ayuda 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   5KB/5KB
Helps with statics. Decomposes a punctual load on a beam in the x component, gives the equations of straight line, sharp, and moment, as well as their tables of sharp and moment of the triangular and trapezoidal distributed loads, and much more.
By Orlando Suárez, Leopoldo Magallanes C., and Humberto Marin. 2003/05/07

ESTCROSS 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   94KB/14KB
ScreenshotSolves beams and structures by the Hardy Cross algorithm.
By Tellys Villavicencio. 2006/08/28

Estribos 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   5KB/6KB
ScreenshotCivil engineering program that calculates concrete arms in supports.
By José Luis Nates D.. 2004/02/03

Estructura HYCB Part 1 2002   (details) 49/50   ES   223KB/76KB
ScreenshotGathers the different methods of structural solution, Mom. Empotramiento, Mom. Inercia, Diag. VigaG, Soluc. Armaduras and Porticos. Part 1 of the original Estructura HYCP program.
By Herbard Young. 2002/02/16

Estructura HYCB Part 2 2002   (details) 49/50   ES   129KB/62KB
ScreenshotGathers the different methods of structural solution, including Flechas y Giros, Met. Cross, Met. Kani and Mom. Seccion Variable. Part 2 of the original Estructura HYCB program.
By Herbard Young. 2002/02/16

Estructuras Articuladas 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   121KB/3KB
Solves isostatics structures. Makes it easy to solve a hyperstatic structure.
By Pablo Solana. 2000/12/28

Estructuras isostáticas 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   124KB/27KB
ScreenshotSolves beams, structures, and reinforcement steel problems if they are static.
By Tellys Villavicencio. 2006/08/28

Examples for FEM49   (details) 49/50   ES   1107KB/2-19KB
Examples for working with FEM49.
By Nelson Eddy Acarapi Osco. 2014/10/18

FEM+ B2A   (details) 49/50   ES   55KB/3KB
ScreenshotComplement for FEM by Caspar Lugtmeier. It serves to calculate the local and global Rigidity of a structure.
By Alan Caruanambo Muñoz. 2012/09/15

FEM48/49 5.3SR6Get It   (details) 49/50   48   EN   ES   1382KB/23-73KB
ScreenshotThe premier structural analysis software for both the 48G and 49/50 series calculators. Its ease of use, flexibility, power and capabilities combined in one package are not seen in any other program available, either commercially or as freeware. FEM48/49 solves frames, trusses and continuous beams. Includes wizards for geometry, sections and loads. Links to SED48/49 database. An extensive manual is included. Completely written in SysRPL. SR6 has been adapted for the larger screen of the 49g+ and 50g.
By Caspar Lugtmeier. 2008/08/09

FGVcanales 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   72KB/21KB
ScreenshotSolves problems of channels when the flow is gradually variable by numeric integration.
By Tellys Villavicencio. 2006/08/28

Flechas y Giros HYCB 2000.5   (details) 49/50   ES   139KB/20KB
ScreenshotFind the arrows and turns for the different cases of loads in beams.
By Herbard Young. 2000/12/01

FLEXIÓN, Diseño de Vigas de Hormigón Armado 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotSimple reinforced concrete beam design program. It works with simple and compound bending solicitations, and Norma EHE, for the 50g.
By Rodrigo Prudencio Martínez. 2012/09/15

Flight Map Planning 3.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   49KB/36KB
ScreenshotAerial photogrammetry flight map program to facilitate aerial mapping project estimation. All parameters can be altered for various Length and Width of project, Focal lengths, Photo scale, Forward and Side lap etc. 2 libraries included for both the 48GX and the 49G+. Documentation in PDF format (1 page w/attachments).
By Scott Hurtt. 2008/05/11

Florencio 2.03   (details) 49/50   ES   123KB/36KB
ScreenshotThe little program solves some designs for a course on reinforced concrete.
By Peter Valencia G.. 2008/08/09

Flujos de cortante 49 5.5   (details) 49/50   ES   11KB/2KB
Calculates and plots the "cutting flow" (?) (flujo de cortante) diagram in sections formed by narrow rectangles.
By Alberto Polo Castaño. 2002/12/29

FLUSOLVER 2.1   (details) 49/50   ES   18KB/58KB
Helps with fluid calculations for pipelines and channels. The program is a compendium of formulas, to make it easy to make complex calculations as well as iterations for the flow calculation.
By Jose Gabriel Medina Gomez. 2011/07/24

FoClo 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   2KB/1KB
This will close the n'th side of an n sided polygon, in HMS format. Angular input and output is in degrees minutes seconds. Quadrant bearings are not supported.
By Michael Gupton. 2003/05/07

Formulario Interactico de Centroides e Inercia 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/10KB
ScreenshotHelps you memorize formulas for centroids and inertia.
By Ariel Max. 2009/09/23

Foundations Analysis and Design 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/8KB
ScreenshotContains all the programs and information one might need in Fundaciones class at a university. It has some programs to calculate values like depth correction and shape correction in the design of foundations.
By Gustavo Adolfo Gomez Calderon. 2004/06/22

Fractura   (details) 49/50   ES   13KB/2KB
ScreenshotCalculates the resistance of a material to fracture based on the ASTM E813 instruction about Fracture Analysis.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/04/08

Fuerzas y Momentos 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   7KB/2KB
Program that reduces systems of forces to a given point. It's good for a rigid solid analysis.
By Juan Pablo Muscari. 2000/10/01

Fundações Rasas 1.0   (details) 49/50   PT   1879KB/91KB
ScreenshotDesign of shallow foundations in reinforced concrete. For the 50g only.
By David Antonio Novaes, Ítalo Alberto Gatica Ríspoli, and Artur Lenz Sartorti. 2012/09/15

FVIEW   (details) 49/50   EN   9KB/18KB
A library which will display 64 flags and their status (set/clear) at a time, also allowing toggling an individual flag and displaying usage information for system flags (only).
By Chuck Rushton. 2012/12/25

GEO-50 1.3   (details) 49/50   EN   118KB/30KB
ScreenshotGEO-50 accepts DD.mmss as angular input and allows the user to choose from three ellipsoids to base calculations on: GRS80, WGS84 and the Clarke 1866 Spheroid. Performs coordinate transformations, convergence calculations, 3D inverse, meridional arc length calculations, computations on the ellipsoid surface, and spherical triangle solving. Version 1.3 includes new Bowring Direct and Inverse programs, fixing some old bugs and improving usability. Includes PDF manual.
By Jacob Wall. 2009/11/01

Geodesia 1.03   (details) 49/50   ES   13KB/26KB
ScreenshotPerforms conversion between the UTM coordinate system, geographical coordinates and Cartesian, both forward and inverse. For the 49g+ and 50g.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/01/12

Geodesia Satelital 2.15   (details) 49/50   ES   333KB/67KB
ScreenshotCalculates geodesics. Includes comprehensive documentation in PDF format.
By Manuel Alejandro Olortegui Borja. 2009/12/12

Geommasas 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   314KB/5KB
This program calculates all geometric characteristics of complex sections (center of gravity, moment of inertia, coefficients of resistance) and much more. Easy to use and powerful.
By Mario David Santarossa. 2002/01/15

GK to Long/Lat Transformation 1.0   (details) 49/50   DE   7KB/25KB
ScreenshotThe program converts for any point in Germany geographical coordinates given in longitude/latitude to Gauss-Krueger coordinates (German grid) and vice versa on the base of POTSDAM-date. Furthermore it shows the number of the topographical card ("Messtischblatt") and the corresponding quadrant (1 - 4). Tested on 49g+/50g (Vers. 2.09).
By Claus Dachselt. 2008/05/11

GPSurvey 1.1   (details) 49/50   48   EN   22KB/16KB
ScreenshotGPSurvey is a series of programs created for the 50g calculator that can be used with other HP 49 series calculators, and the 48GX. The program is written as an aid to help perform preliminary site surveys for existing and proposed pipe line and access road alignments. This program is most useful when used to determine positions, lengths and in some cases elevations (at considerable elevation changes) of civil infrastructure within a large area or along a long alignment. The accuracy of the results depends considerably on the GPS receiver used.
By Bryan R. Osborne. 2009/04/25

Grades 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   2KB/2KB
A collection of User RPL programs to calculate the properties of grades for roadways, railroads and such.
By Duane Smith. 2009/06/27

Grado de hiperestaticidad   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/1KB
A program to calculate "hyperstatic grades".
By Javier Segura Méndez. 2003/07/01

Grafica de Perdidas en Tuberias 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/6KB
ScreenshotCalculates losses in pipes. Generates a graph of the result, showing loss versus volume at each point. Written in User RPL.
By Gabriel Jose Gonzalez Hernandez. 2003/12/25

Grafos 1.21   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the terms (independent, free, total) and a lot of activities. It is very fast.
By Percy Mayhuiri Cahuana. 2007/04/03

GrestBiaxial 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   21KB/4KB
ScreenshotFacilitates the calculation of rectangular reinforced concrete beams put under efforts of flexing biaxial compression. Determines if the beam requires steel and if it is able to support the stress condition.
By Rodney Bellido de Luna. 2005/06/14

GrestCartela 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/3KB
ScreenshotFacilitates the calculation of corbels. Determines the amount of armor necessary to support all stress. Works with kilograms and centimeters.
By Rodney Bellido de Luna. 2005/06/14

GrestFlexionPura 122004v1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   1353KB/3KB
ScreenshotThis program facilitates the calculation of rectangular reinforced concrete beams, under conditions of pure flexion using the Aci-99 code, the calculation is made using the method of adimentionals equations, verifies if the section requires compression armor and determines the amount of armor to traction and compression, works correctly for units kg, cm.
By Rodney Bellido de Luna. 2004/12/18

GrestFlexoComp 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   15KB/3KB
ScreenshotFacilitates the calculation of rectangular reinforced concrete beams, under conditions of flexocompresion using the Aci-99 code. The calculation is made using the method of "adimentionals" equations, verifies if the section requires compression armor and determines the amount of armor to traction and compression. Works with kilograms and centimeters.
By Rodney Bellido de Luna. 2005/06/14

GrestMuro 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   24KB/3KB
ScreenshotFacilitates the calculation of walls under shear stress, determining the amount of necessary vertical and horizontal armor. Designed for use with kilograms and centimeters.
By Rodney Bellido de Luna. 2005/06/14

GrestTorsion 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   16KB/3KB
ScreenshotFacilitates the calculation of rectangular reinforced concrete beams under torsion, determines if the beam requires steel and if it is able to support the submissive effort. Also calculates hollow beams.
By Rodney Bellido de Luna. 2005/06/14

GrestVigaAlta 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/6KB
ScreenshotFacilitates the calculation of high beams under conditions of bending and compression. It determines the amount of necessary vertical and horizontal armor. Designed for use with kilograms and centimeters.
By Rodney Bellido de Luna. 2005/06/14

GrestVigaT 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   20KB/3KB
ScreenshotFacilitates the calculation of reinforced concrete in T beams, under any conditions using the Aci-99 code. The calculation is made using the method of linear and nonlinear equations. Verifies if the section requires compression armor and determines the amount of armor to traction and compression. Or something like that. Works with kilograms and centimeters.
By Rodney Bellido de Luna. 2005/06/14

Hanzen 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   39KB/18KB
ScreenshotProgram that calculates the three offsets of the four-point problem (or Hanzen) showing all the steps and the results.
By Omar A. Castillo Trujillo. 2010/09/12

Hardy Cross for Water Supply 0.1   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/8KB
ScreenshotPerforms the Hardy Cross calculation for water distribution networks.
By Gilmar Mamani Escobar. 2008/05/11

Hardy-Cross 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   44KB/4KB
ScreenshotCalculates flows in pipe nets with the Hardy-Cross method.
By Henry Elibeth, Perez Castellanos, and Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/11/03

Hazen-Williams Equation 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/3KB
This program calculates any of the variables of the Hazen-Williams equation for loss in pipes. Hydraulic program.
By Raúl Ademar Huaylla Márquez. 2003/12/27

Helmert Transformation 1.1   (details) 49/50   48   EN   3KB/1KB
Helmert transformation is a 4 parameter transformation (2 translations, 1 rotation, 1 scale) between two plain coordinate systems. This transformation is overdetermined in case of more than 2 control points in each system. A solution that satisfies all transformation inputs may not exist. HELMERTT returns the solution with the minimum residuals of control points.
By Frank Reichert. 2002/05/22

HICA49 4.0   (details) 49/50   ES   528KB/47KB
ScreenshotSoftware of hydraulics of channels for the HP 49G calculators. Directory of programs in Spanish dedicated to the analysis and design of channels of varied sections: trapezoidal, circular, parabolic; hydraulic profile, projection hydraulic, composite roughness, etc. Includes the powerful HSOLV and 56-page documentation with application examples in PDF format.
By Oscar Fuentes Fuentes. 2004/03/02

Hidra (Abastecimiento de Agua) 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   1202KB/10KB
This program calculates the future population, for designing flow intensity, the conduction and adduction line, and finally for designing impulsion bombs.
By Dante Hernan Del Castillo Chuarata. 2009/02/07

Hidraulica II (Canales) 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   86KB/45KB
ScreenshotProgram for the calculation of channels. Calculates the normal depth, critical depth, section of maximum efficiency, hydraulic jump, and backwater curves. Shows all steps (i.e. formulas) and results in both SI and English units.
By Omar A. Castillo Trujillo. 2010/07/31

Hidro Utils 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   12KB/4KB
ScreenshotSeveral utilities for hydraulics.
By Alberto Elgert. 2003/05/07

HidrogramaUnitario 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   11KB/6KB
This program can be used for hydrology.
By Sebastian Lado Puente. 2006/08/28

Hidrologia 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/4KB
ScreenshotYou have various methods to calculate the amount of water or rain over a given place. Among the methods are: Goodrich, Gumbel, and others.
By Omar E. García-Godoy Oliva. 2000/11/03

Hidrologia 1.03   (details) 49/50   ES   18KB/34KB
ScreenshotThere are 10 programs for hydrology in this library. For the 49g+ and 50g.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/01/12

Hidrologia Distribucion de Probailidad Teorica 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   5KB/9KB
ScreenshotThis library allows to calculate events (Hydrology) corresponding to different Return Periods T, with confidence intervals, using Normal, Log Normal, Gumbel, PearsonIII (gamma) distributions.
By Eduardo Noriega Cabrera. 2012/09/15

Hidrotools 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   31KB/21KB
ScreenshotGood program for flow analysis in rectangular, trapezoidal and circular channels. It allows one to also solve the critical flow depending on geometry.
By Reynaldo Pulido and Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/11/03

HOAO95 95   (details) 49/50   ES   26KB/14KB
ScreenshotThe program HoAo95 (Hormigón Armado versión 95) solves the most common types of problems in the design of reinforced concrete beams with tensile stresses, compression, and flexion, for a simple rectangular section. Also has the program ->TTT to solve section problems of "T" for bending stress analyses only.
By Francisco Víctor Rojas Quenallata. 2013/12/22

Hoek-Brown y Mohr-Coulomb 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   10KB/4KB
ScreenshotCalculate parameters of Hoek-Brown and Mohr-Coulomb for basic mechanics of rocks in mining engineering. Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Manolo Scali Rivera Escobedo. 2004/05/09

Hormigon I CIV-209 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/18KB
ScreenshotThis program designs rectangular sections and T, EHE 99. Designs for flexing and compound compression.
By Julio Seborga. 2007/04/03

HP50 IRRADSOLAR V01   (details) 49/50   PT   1901KB/18KB
ScreenshotThis library evaluates the solar irradiation on a bent plane, looking for a bettering of both the dimensioning and analysis of the solar water heating systems.
By Ítalo Alberto Gatica Ríspoli. 2009/07/12

HPTOP 1.4   (details) 49/50   ES   259KB/5KB
Program for solving geometric problems in infrastructure, like roads and sidewalks.
By Yuri Flores Ceciliano. 2011/07/24

Hydraulics Library   (details) 49/50   EN   4KB/7KB
ScreenshotContains a partial flow pipe calculator, a trapezoidal ditch program, and a culvert analysis program for circular pipes.
By Scott A. Logsdon. 1999/10/24

ILM (Interpolador Lineal Multiple) 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   75KB/7KB
ScreenshotPerforms linear interpolations for lines and segments, and can do multiple interpolations at once.
By Tellys Villavicencio. 2006/08/28

Inerci49   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/3KB
ScreenshotCalculates all the physical data (area, center of gravity and moments of inertia) of a piece included between a function, or straight, parabolic, exponential etc. and the axes of coordinates or among another function with the same characteristics.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/05/23

Inercia 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   752KB/7KB
ScreenshotAnalyzes any kind of area especially for beams studied in Mechanics of Material university courses. With this program you are able to know the gravitational center coordinates, the second inertia moments calculated with respect to each centroidal axis, and the turning radius calculated with respect to the same centroidal axis. If you need to take notes, this program will show a matrix with all information related to calculations.
By Rubensai D. 2011/07/24

Inércia 1.0   (details) 49/50   PT   3KB/6KB
ScreenshotInertia program for civil engineering students.
By William Gonçalves. 2012/12/25

Inercia de Solidos Rigidos 0.1   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/12KB
ScreenshotCalculates inertias of rigid solids like spheres, hemispheres, cones, thin plates, and more. Written in User RPL.
By Luis Carlos Vega Renteria. 2007/08/04

Inercia HYCB 2000   (details) 49/50   ES   139KB/24KB
ScreenshotAllows one to find the moments of inertia for the different cases of sections in beams.
By Herbard Young. 2000/11/25

Ingenieria 2001 para HP49G 1.112   (details) 49/50   ES   59KB/65KB
ScreenshotAll the material of algebra, physics, chemistry, and calculus corresponding to the first year of civil engineering at the University of Concepcion, Chile.
By Ruben Daza Barra (RubenHP). 2001/12/22

INTERLEVV 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   21KB/2KB
This program carries out a simple interpolation, knowing the bench marks of two points and distance between them.
By Luis Eduardo Valdivieso Vidal. 2003/05/08

IRC00 1.02   (details) 49/50   ES   137KB/3KB
ScreenshotThis program allows to you quickly input coordinates on the calculator. Also includes full documentation with an example only in Spanish.
By Javier Colbert. 2009/09/23

Iteracion 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotProgram to make iterations, for calculating the necessary steel area.
By Charles Salomé Nuñez. 2003/05/07

LARCH Analisis Estructural 2D y 3D 3.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   541KB/95KB
ScreenshotStructural analysis program for 2D and 3D, for armaduras and marcos, with a good interface. Includes libraries of materials, sections, and a great variety of loads. Excellent for students and professionals in civil engineering. Tested on both the 48G series and the 49G+.
By Luis Armando Rodriguez Ch.. 2005/03/06

Libreta Electrónica V9R1   (details) 49/50   ES   704KB/24KB
ScreenshotCollects for surveying with manual or automatic capture. It processes the data, and then generates a point cloud file in DXF format.
By Alejandro Della Mea. 2016/08/02

LimLiq/LimPlast 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   12KB/2KB
ScreenshotGets the Liquid Limit and the Plastic Limit of a certain ground, with analysis based on the 'Grounds Classification Test'.
By Juan Carlos Mark Quiroga. 2003/12/27

Lineas y Figuras 1.7   (details) 49/50   48   ES   60KB/16KB
ScreenshotCalculates geometric properties of built compound figures with simple figures using Steiner's theorem of the parallel axes.
By Nelson Efrain Vargas Soto. 2003/03/06

Maquinaria y Equipo 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   85KB/32KB
ScreenshotCalculates the theoretical and real performance of the most commonly used equipment and also knows the resistance of the road and the compound unit cost. For the 49g+ and 50g.
By Omar A. Castillo Trujillo. 2010/08/22

Maquinarias 3.1   (details) 49/50   ES   13KB/5KB
ScreenshotSoftware for "Maquinarias y Equipos de Construccion".
By Javier Enrique Miranda. 2005/11/25

MAT32, Método de la Rigidez 3.2   (details) 49/50   ES   912KB/53KB
ScreenshotCalculates structures using the rigidity method. The characteristics are: Elastic supports, inclined supports, thermal loads, defects of assembly, seats in supports and many more.
By Carlos Gozálvez Ibáñez. 2008/05/11

Materiales de construcción 0.2   (details) 49/50   ES   32KB/26KB
ScreenshotReview of the course "Materiales de Construcción" applicable to engineering.
By Edmundo Canchari Gutiérrez and Iván Arturo Ayala Bizarro. 2003/12/26

MATRIZ DE RIGIDEZ 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   326KB/38KB
Rigidity matrix program for structural engineering. Solves any type of structure, including displacement reactions, rigidity of each bar, global rigidity of the structure, actions on the end of each member, and more. Requires you to use OBJFIX to fix after transferring to your calculator.
By Juan Octavio Chavez Prado (Chavito). 2005/09/10

MD48/49 (Metodo Directo) 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   684KB/8KB
ScreenshotHydraulics of Open Channels software for the 48G/49G series calculators (Completely written in System RPL).
By Javier Enrique Miranda. 2004/02/15

Mecanica De Materiales 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   12KB/11KB
ScreenshotProgram for mechanics of materials.
By Javier Enrique Miranda. 2005/11/25

Mecanica de Suelos 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/2KB
ScreenshotThis is a program for laboratory exercises related to soil mechanics.
By Enrique Alejandro Mróz Sotelo. 2010/06/06

Mecanica dos Solidos 1.0   (details) 49/50   PT   14KB/41KB
ScreenshotContains modules for Theories of Failure (Tresca, Von Mises, Maximum Normal Stress, Mohr); Mohr's Circle; Buckling of Columns (Euler, Engesser, Secant); Geometric Properties of an Area.
By Ricardo Oliveira. 2014/02/01

Mensulas   (details) 49/50   ES   98KB/5KB
ScreenshotProgram necessary to obtain the area of steel necessary for reinforcing concrete, using the Traditional Method. Written in User RPL for all 49 models.
By Guilherme Magalhães Almeida. 2006/02/02

Metodo de Hardy Cross para Vigas 1.4   (details) 49/50   ES   112KB/7KB
ScreenshotThis program gives you the full iteration table of the hardy cross method.
By Roberto Barrenechea. 2002/10/11

Metodo Matricial 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/63KB
ScreenshotProgram for structures using the matrix method. Used at U.A.G.R.M. of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
By Angel Antequera. 2004/02/22

Metrados en Edificios 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   81KB/23KB
ScreenshotUtility for volumetric calculations.
By Juan Gerald Benavides Peralta. 2006/08/28

MHcHp+ 1.0 Beta   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   339KB/20KB
ScreenshotCalculates flow rates in piping systems using Hardy Cross Method including loops, pseudo loops, pumps and the sum of resistance coefficients.
By Luis A Morales Pinto. 2005/10/09

Micro Planejamento 4.0   (details) 49/50   PT   9KB/20KB
ScreenshotManage projects with your HP. It is developed for the HP 50g with more speed for the planning and control process. You can input financial and staffs resources. There is a Gantt chart and histograms to support management process.
By Fábio Rodrigues Andrade. 2009/07/12

Mohr 0.9   (details) 49/50   EN   3KB/2KB
ScreenshotThis is a beta release of the upcoming Mohr program for the 49. Currently it will calculate principal stresses, a well as those at a prescribed plane angle. It is also (I believe) the first program for the 49G to implement Step by Step solutions. Version 1.0 will include graphical construction of Mohr's circle and element diagrams.
By Rob Atkinson. 2001/01/07

Mom. Empotramiento en Vigas de sección variable 2002   (details) 49/50   ES   13KB/8KB
ScreenshotCalculates the moments in beams of variable section or beams acarteladas.
By Herbard Young. 2002/02/24

Momentos de Empotramiento Perfecto 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/15KB
ScreenshotA more elaborate version of the original program by HYCB.
By Michael Ruiz and Herbard Young. 2003/05/07

Morgage   (details) 49/50   48   EN   46KB/15KB
ScreenshotGeneral land survey program for the HP 48 and HP 49.
By John Burns. 2004/12/18

Movimiento de Tierras LCVR 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   30KB/11KB
ScreenshotSolves the matrix for moving earth, finding the "Prog" vs. "OM" and also calculates all the manipulations of the columns of the matrix. Written in User RPL.
By Luis Carlos Vega Renteria. 2008/01/12

Nivelación 0.2   (details) 49/50   ES   79KB/4KB
ScreenshotCompensates the bench marks in a geometric leveling either composed between two points of well-known bench mark or in a closed leveling, recommended for field works in the topography area of Civil Engineering.
By Edmundo Canchari Gutiérrez. 2003/05/08

Nivelacion Topografica 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   15KB/7KB
ScreenshotCivil engineering program for the course Topography I.
By Pablo Montes. 2004/02/15

NIVELEVV 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   30KB/7KB
ScreenshotThis program allows you to calculate a geometric leveling of any dimension and to correct, as well as its against leveling.
By Luis Eduardo Valdivieso Vidal. 2003/05/08

Obras de Toma (Obras Hidraulicas I) 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   1725KB/81KB
ScreenshotHelps with designing hydraulic dams, including discharge rate, and more.
By Omar A. Castillo Trujillo. 2010/07/31

P.esp   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/4KB
ScreenshotCalculates solid and dry weight, porosity, and more for soil.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/02/24

Paralela   (details) 49/50   PT   1KB/1KB
ScreenshotTransforms projections with a north and east coordinate in relation an origin and an axis (baseline).
By Robinson Mercado. 2016/08/02

PCD 1.4 Beta 28   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/10KB
ScreenshotDynamic Calculation Program (PCD) which can calculate the displacement response of a structure, modes of vibration, natural period, natural frequencies, stiffness matrix, lateral forces, and maximum base moment, for a shear building. The maximum response of a shear building calculated from the Response Spectrum.
By Percy Mayhuiri Cahuana. 2007/08/04

Pead Covenin 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   42KB/11KB
ScreenshotContains the properties of polyethylene pipes (COVENIN 3833 / ISO 4427).
By Wilmer Mora F.. 2013/09/14

Perdida Darcy Weisbach 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/2KB
Calculates losses in pipes according to the theory of Darcy Weisbach. Also calculates pressure in the final node.
By Olger Neil Sepulveda Sepulveda. 2012/09/15

Perdidas en Tuberias   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/4KB
ScreenshotCalculates loss in pipes by the Hazen-Williams or Darcy-Weisbach method.
By John Afanador and Julio Cesar Ramos Ordoñez. 2000/03/18

Pliop 1.4   (details) 49/50   FR   8KB/6KB
ScreenshotPliop is a simple program which references the more important operational amplifier with the scheme and the formula.
By J. Thekkeht. 2000/09/09

Pniwa 5.0   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/12KB
ScreenshotProgram for the first part of a course on Fluid Dynamics 2 to solve problems with 3 reservoirs, 3 pump reservoirs, 2 pump reservoirs, N tubes in series, cross circuits, and more.
By Piero Urrutia Rosazza. 2016/08/02

Poligonal 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   409KB/18KB
Does all the calculations of a closed polygon, from correction of internal angles to graphing the polygon.
By Omar A. Castillo Trujillo. 2010/06/06

Porticos EG 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   7KB/10KB
This program is for matrix structural analysis (civil engineering) with 2D structures. It's a little slow because it's written in User RPL and it has an error detection routine. You can analyze frames with end offset, inclination of local axes, and some commands of SAP.
By Eliseo Giraldo Mesa. 2003/06/30

Porticos Planos 1.00   (details) 49/50   ES   171KB/12KB
This program calculate frames by the finite elements method.
By Luis Eduardo Valdivieso Vidal and others. 2010/12/15

Porticos49 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   10KB/27KB
ScreenshotThis program analyzes porticos by the matrix method.
By Fernando Vargas Rodríguez. 2003/02/18

Pothenot 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   32KB/11KB
ScreenshotProgram that calculates the elements and the coordinates of the Pothenot quadrilateral showing you all the steps and the results.
By Omar A. Castillo Trujillo. 2010/09/12

Pothenot 1.1   (details) 49/50   48   ES   3KB/6KB
ScreenshotPothenot is a program for Topography II. Calculates distances and angles.
By John La Torre Esquivel. 2001/06/24

PPipe 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   35KB/5KB
ScreenshotThis is a set of programs to calculate the friction losses in pressure pipes for Newtonian Fluids. PPipe is a set of programs created for the HP 48GX that can be used in the HP 49 series calculators, including the HP 50G. I wrote the program as an aid to help me check the results of more sophisticated pump station software and other pressurized fluid applications (mainly for Newtonian fluids, with less than 3% solids). Due to the complex nature of pump station design, the programs herein are intended as an aid to check calculations; they are not intended to be used directly for design.
By Bryan R. Osborne. 2009/02/21

Prandtl-Colebrook 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/1KB
Small and fast program which calculates pipe losses with the Prandtl-Colebrook method.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/11/18

Presupuesto de Carpeta Asfáltica 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   8KB/2KB
Performs estimations related to asphalt pavement.
By Amauris Martinez. 2007/09/25

Project HP484950   (details) 49/50   48   EN   ES   547KB/8KB
ScreenshotThis program is to elaborate the Gantt Diagram and a calculation table to get the diagram. Also includes full documentation with an example. It also has an option to change the language of the program between English and Spanish.
By Carlos Augusto Pérez Coca and Alexis Ariel Dávalos Zuleta. 2008/10/14

Propiedades Simbolicas 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/1KB
This program is a adaptation for FEM49 to use symbolic inertias and elasticity modulate.
By Héctor Julio Castillo. 2003/07/03

Propriedades da água para bombas hidráulicas   (details) 49/50   EN   3KB/4KB
ScreenshotProgram to find water properties for hydraulic systems and centrifugal pumps.
By Thiago S.. 2008/01/12

Puentes de concreto armado 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   24KB/57KB
ScreenshotUseful for the design of the physical properties of bridges made of concrete and steel by the methods ASSTHO. Compatible with all 49 models.
By Juan Gerald Benavides Peralta. 2006/02/02

RCT 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   233KB/4KB
ScreenshotCalculates the "necklace" or covered reinforcement for connections in steel pipes.
By Wilmer Mora F.. 2015/09/18

Red 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   342KB/12KB
ScreenshotCalculates the losses and discharges (Q) of networks of closed pipes, for the numeric Hardy Cross method.
By Elvis Gomez Quispe. 2008/11/09

RED_I 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   303KB/10KB
ScreenshotProgram for potable water supply which calculates networks with a matrix method. Written in 100% System RPL.
By Iván Arturo Ayala Bizarro. 2005/12/01

REDCROSS (Redes de Tuberias) 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   85KB/13KB
ScreenshotSolves networks of pipelines in fluid mechanics by the Cross method.
By Tellys Villavicencio. 2006/08/28

REGBEM_1045 2.4   (details) 49/50   DE   52KB/10KB
ScreenshotThis program determines for a rectangular concrete beam the amount of reinforcement As2 and/or As1 on the basis of German Regulation DIN 1045-1 given the dimensions, the class of concrete and the ratio As2/As1, which may be in the range between 0 and 1. Output are the strains on the section and the total amount of reinforcement on the basis of the chosen ratio. Optionally the net area of concrete (pressure zone less As2) may be considered. Tested on both the 49g+ and 50g.
By Claus Dachselt. 2009/06/27

Registro de Pozos Petroleros 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   11KB/22KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the rw, well deviation, water sw, horizontal and vertical displacement with different methods, and has a formula of well log.
By Uganeth Ribera Mendoza. 2004/05/09

Reinforced Concrete Design and Analysis 1.01   (details) 49/50   EN   18KB/18KB
ScreenshotDesign and analysis of reinforced concrete columns, beams, footings and slabs.
By Alex C. Nacionales. 2007/04/03

Reiter 2.2   (details) 49/50   ES   8KB/11KB
ScreenshotThis program calculate EMC of a series measurement of angles by reiteration method. It is fast and easy to use.
By Percy Mayhuiri Cahuana. 2007/08/04

Remanso 1.3 Beta   (details) 49/50   ES   16KB/6KB
ScreenshotCalculates "remanso" curves.
By Luis Ferrero Mezquida. 2000/11/09

Replanteo de Curvas 0.2   (details) 49/50   ES   43KB/4KB
ScreenshotRestates curves for designing highways.
By Edmundo Canchari Gutiérrez. 2003/12/26

Replanteo de Curvas 2.0   (details) 49/50   EN   4KB/7KB
ScreenshotRestates curves by three methods: tangents, deflections, rope, and also vertical convex curve.
By Gilmar Mamani Escobar. 2008/05/11

Resistência a Flambagem da Viga I 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   PT   6KB/6KB
ScreenshotCalculates the geometric properties of a steel profile.
By Luciano Perin. 2003/12/25

Resistência Ligação Chapa Aço 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   PT   8KB/8KB
ScreenshotCalculates the angle for welding and resistance for soldering and other similar calculations.
By Luciano Perin. 2003/12/25

Resultados de ingeniería en tablas   (details) 49/50   ES   16KB/4KB
Engineering results in tables.
By Julio Luna. 2012/09/15

Rigidez 0.2   (details) 49/50   EN   462KB/32KB
ScreenshotAdaptation of the well-known program FEM49 v5.3 so that it shows the following results: Vector of reduced charges to the knots, rigidity matrix of any element with respect to the global, rigidity matrix of the first system of assembled, modified rigidity matrix according to the restrictions, rigidity matrix of any element with respect to local axes, forces transformation matrix, and transformation matrices for both displacements and displacements and forces in the ends of the elements. This program is essentially the same as FEM49 v5.3 but it now shows more information.
By Edmundo Canchari Gutiérrez. 2006/05/14

Rigidez Directa 0.92   (details) 49/50   ES   533KB/26KB
This program solves composite structures such as porches or no armor to traverse the method of direct stiffness matrix of direction cosines and location. Intended for civil engineering students taking a structural analysis course.
By Hosman Paredes Garcia. 2012/09/15

RTA (sectn4849 tool) 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   13KB/1KB
A small but powerful tool for the sectn4849 library.
By Javier Enrique Miranda. 2004/09/12

S.U.C.S. 1.5   (details) 49/50   ES   20KB/2KB
ScreenshotUnified system for soil classification.
By Juan Carlos Mark Quiroga. 2003/10/15

Sanitaria 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   17KB/30KB
ScreenshotProgram that calculates everything that is needed for Sanitaria I.
Author unknown. 2006/08/28

SC48/49 (Seccion De Canal) 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   158KB/1KB
Hydraulics of Open Channels software for the 48G/49G series calculators. Completely written in System RPL.
By Javier Enrique Miranda. 2004/02/15

SECC+ 1.21   (details) 49/50   ES   1631KB/85KB
Program for calculating geometric properties (moment of inertia, centroid, area, etc.) of any plane figure which can be defined by polygons, circles, rectangles and circular sectors. It is programmed completely in C, using HP-GCC. For the 49g+ and 50g only.
By Edwin Cordoba. 2010/08/22

Seccion 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   32KB/12KB
ScreenshotCalculates the area, center of gravity, moments of inertia and main angle of any shape.
By Edwin Córdoba. 2000/05/13

Secciones de pared delgada 49 7.0   (details) 49/50   ES   14KB/3KB
ScreenshotCalculates the static constants (area, center of gravity and moment of inertia) of flat sections formed by narrow rectangles. Easy to use. Plots the section.
By Alberto Polo Castaño. 2002/12/29

Sections 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   ES   33KB/7KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the geometric properties of sections through coordinates, mainly developed for structural engineering, and can still be used to determine the area and center of any surface. SECTIONS is a program created for the 48GX that can be used in the 49 series calculators, including the 50g. Documentation in English; application in Spanish.
By Bryan R. Osborne. 2009/02/07

Sectn 1.2   (details) 49/50   48   EN   8KB/3KB
ScreenshotFor an irregular polygon, this program takes a matrix from the stack and calculates the centroid, area, second moments of area, radii of gyration, principal moments of area, principal axes, and provides a graphical outline of the section indicating the origin and centroid.
By Jeff Roulston. 2003/12/27

Sectn Stress 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   73KB/3KB
After having calculated the characteristic properties of a cross section by means of program "Sectn48" (Library 1600) this program determines for a combination of longitudinal force and/or two moments Mx and My the stresses in every point of the structure and the location of the neutral axis.
By Claus Dachselt. 2008/05/11

Sectn48/49 2.0 SR4   (details) 49/50   48   EN   ES   195KB/9KB
ScreenshotCross-section properties program which can calculate properties of elastic cross-sections. Also includes a section wizard. Written in System RPL and includes a comprehensive manual in Word format. Ported to the 49 by Angelo Cuonzo. SR4 adds a Spanish version.
By Caspar Lugtmeier. 2005/07/14

SED48/49 1.2 SR1   (details) 49/50   48   EN   138KB/4KB
SED48/49 is a Structural Engineering Database. It can be used for steel sections, sheet piles etc. It can be used by FEM48/49 as an external properties database. It is also completely programmable so you can use it in your own apps. Completely written in System RPL. Includes extensive manual. Ported to the HP 49 by Edwin Córdoba. SR1 includes PDF manual and AISC database.
By Caspar Lugtmeier. 2002/01/11

Sewer Design 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/6KB
ScreenshotContains information related to sewer systems design. Here you can find tips and some programs that calculate, for example, the area of a circular section given its diameter, the Velocity (m/s) and the Discharge (lps) given the diameter in inches, and the slope in percentage.
By Gustavo Adolfo Gomez Calderon. 2004/06/22

Single-Span Girder 4.0   (details) 49/50   EN   127KB/13KB
ScreenshotThe program determines for a single-span girder having restraints with reference to rotations at both ends the support moments, reaction forces and maximum field moment. The degrees of restraints may be in the range of 0 % to 100 %. Accepted are up to 25 trapezoidal knife-edged and individual loads. Now the combination of attached end-/cantilever moments and elastic restraint at the same support is provided. Tested for both the 49g+ and 50g.
By Claus Dachselt. 2009/06/27

Sismos HYCB 2002   (details) 49/50   ES   318KB/60KB
ScreenshotGathers the different methods of structural solution, including the Muto method, Formas de Modo, dynamic analysis and the Osawa method.
By Herbard Young. 2002/02/16

Sistema Pro Survey 2.0   (details) 49/50   PT   38KB/133KB
ScreenshotComprehensive surveying application, with coordinates, curves, intersection, triangulation, area calculation, circle location, atmospheric pressure, and much more.
By Leandro Alves do Amaral. 2016/08/02

SNUMBER 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   48KB/5KB
ScreenshotAllows you to calculate structural numbers in AASHTO design.
By Andres Ricardo Garcia Morales. 2003/12/27

Solido HP 3.3   (details) 49/50   ES   396KB/38KB
ScreenshotThis program solves structures problems. It was designed to help engineering students from the ETSIAeronauticos from Madrid (Spain), for the "Solids Mechanic" subject, 3th course. It contains functions like: Hooke, Lame, Airy, finite elements, boards in Cartesian and polar and many more.
By Diego Esquinazi Bachoer. 2012/09/15

SPC50   (details) 49/50   EN   18KB/32KB
A library of routines and pre-programmed constants to enable conversion of geodetic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to the State Plane Coordinate system (NAD 83) and the reverse.
By Chuck Rushton. 2012/12/25

SpiSOLVE 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   73KB/3KB
ScreenshotA spiral curve solver library for the HP 49g+ and 50g calculators. Includes Debug4x source code and PDF documentation.
By Jacob Wall. 2010/08/22

Spring Constant 1.2   (details) 49/50   EN   11KB/2KB
ScreenshotThis program determines the equivalent spring constants (vertical and rotational spring) of a one-field beam at any point of the length given its rigidity and the conditions of support at both ends. Tested on the HP 49g+ and 50g.
By Claus Dachselt. 2009/08/29

Steel Pipe 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   23KB/23KB
ScreenshotProperties chart of standard steel pipe since 1/8" to 30".
By Wilmer Mora F.. 2006/08/28

Steel Structures Admissible Stress Valuation 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/8KB
ScreenshotThis small application can be used to calculate the allowable stress in steel columns working under compression loads. It uses the Euler equation for elastic buckling of columns (slender columns), and for inelastic buckling of columns it use Engesser's theory.
By Gustavo Adolfo Gomez Calderon. 2004/06/22

Structural Engineering Tools 1.4   (details) 49/50   48   EN   37KB/2-26KB
A collection of programs for analyzing combined stresses in wood members, steel column base plates, concrete spread footings, concrete and masonry walls, and many more. Written in User RPL. Analysis in accordance with Uniform Building Code, ACI, AISC and NDS.
By Steve Sandhorst. 2000/12/22

Suelos 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/6KB
ScreenshotContains some useful information about soil mechanics.
By Gustavo Adolfo Gomez Calderon. 2004/06/22

Suelos 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/22KB
ScreenshotPerforms laboratory soil tests for civil engineering.
By Ariel Lazo. 2006/09/14

Suelos 1.03   (details) 49/50   ES   27KB/14KB
ScreenshotCalculates properties of soil. Classification SUCS, AASHTO. For the 49g+ and 50g.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/01/12

Suelos 1 Laboratorio 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   15KB/34KB
ScreenshotContains all the themes related to soil mechanics like granulometric analysis, compaction, Atterberg limits, classification, and other utilities. For the 49g+ and 50g.
By Omar A. Castillo Trujillo. 2010/08/22

Suelos2 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   1KB/1KB
Calculates K passive, active and the rest of Rankine, requiring only the angle.
By Manuel Delgado Corrales. 2006/05/14

Survey Pack 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   26KB/30KB
ScreenshotGreat survey package different from others. Includes total close, point to point (COGO), level run, and road design.
By J.P. Stewart. 2002/05/21

Survey Triangles 1.1   (details) 49/50   48   EN   4KB/2KB
User RPL triangle directories for the 48G/GX or 49G where angular input and output is in HMS.
By Michael Gupton. 2001/04/20

Survey49 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   71KB/2KB
ScreenshotThis library includes the following: Intersección Directa e Inversa y Replanteo por coordenadas. The information and exercises are in PDF format.
By Javier Colbert. 2006/05/14

SurveyWorks 3.01   (details) 49/50   EN   30KB/22KB
ScreenshotSurveyWorks is a complete survey program written specifically for land surveyors and college students. Store up to 1500 points, no memory card needed, stake-out points, stake a line, intersect a line, sideshot calculation, traverse calculations, bearing sideshot calculations, bearing traverse calculations, menu-driven, help wizards, inverse by point number, inverse by coordinates, convert azimuth to bearing, view and store points, manually calculate acreage using points, adjust data (rotate or move points), download data (send data to your favorate CAD program) and many other features.
By Danny Kellogg. 2002/02/07

Tabla de Aceros 1.1   (details) 49/50   48   ES   7KB/6KB
ScreenshotEstimates the quantity of steel bars according to the area of calculated steel.
By Nelson Efrain Vargas Soto. 2003/12/25

Takabeya 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   781KB/19KB
Uses the Takabeya method for structural analysis.
By Suca Yunga Froilan Leo and others. 2012/09/15

Taludes - Rotura Planar 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/7KB
ScreenshotCalculates slopes and planar breakage. Installation of per to us of anchorage (what???).
By Manolo Scali Rivera Escobedo. 2004/05/09

Taquimetria 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/2KB
Useful program to perform tacheometric calculations.
By Adalid Espinoza. 2010/08/22

TasacionesJ 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   84KB/22KB
ScreenshotProgram designed to calculate the price of land, using the 2007 "REGLAMENTO NACIONAL DE TASACIONES 2007" of Peru.
By José Manuel Lozano Gonzales. 2010/12/15

TCOOR Lite 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   44KB/1KB
Calculates angles of triangles based on the coordinates.
By Javier Colbert. 2009/05/31

TEYCI UMH 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   15KB/43KB
ScreenshotWith this program you will be able to easily calculate structures with the methods Matricial and Cross with the 49G. It has been made specifically for industrial engineering at the University Miguel Hernandez. Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Antonio Belmar Sanchez. 2004/10/02

Three-Edges-Supported Slab 3.1   (details) 49/50   EN   53KB/19KB
ScreenshotThis program determines for a two-way slab supported on the left, right, and bottom edge (top edge unsupported) the significant bending moments. The supports may be hinged and/or clamped in any order. Accepted load types are: area load q, triangle-shaped load qTri, and line load on top edge qR. The ratio ly/lx must be in the range of 0.25 and 1.5. Includes now variable load factors. Tested on both the 49g+ and 50g.
By Claus Dachselt. 2009/05/31

Topo.ron 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/8KB
ScreenshotTopography program with polygons and more. Only works on the original 49G.
By Ronald Pallares Lobo. 2003/05/07

TOPOG 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/6KB
ScreenshotThis small program allows you to make surveying, leveling and more in the field. Very useful.
By A. Guido Huisa Humpiri. 2003/12/27

Topografía   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/8KB
ScreenshotCalculates diverse elements of topography like area by coordinates, conversions of area, double radiation, calculation of azimuths, tachymetry, corrections by catenary and traction, etc.
By Fernando Vargas Rodríguez and Gregorio Muñoz Carreño. 2000/07/05

Topografia 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   10KB/10KB
ScreenshotTopography library for both new and old students of the matter. Contains a great variety of programs that could be of use for university students of civil engineering.
By Francisco A. Saleta C.. 2003/08/30

Topografia (TOPO2) Manual 1.0   (details) 49/50   PT   1267KB/1+KB
ScreenshotProgramming manual for using the separate TOPO2 program. Includes 43 sample programs.
By Antonio Carlos. 2010/06/06

Topografía I (Poligonal Cerrada) 0.1   (details) 49/50   ES   503KB/17KB
ScreenshotProgram for closed polygon calculation for topography. Requires the user to enter the internal angles (without compensation) and the distance between the sections, and also the azimuth (direct or reverse) on either side of the polygon, and the coordinate of any topographic point in the polygon.
By José Antonio Caballero Culca. 2010/09/12

TOPOGRAFIA2 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   19KB/25KB
ScreenshotCivil engineering program for the course Topography II.
By Pablo Montes. 2004/02/15

TopografiaV 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/10KB
ScreenshotCalculates the bench marks for risings in all type of levelings, curved areas, polygon coordinates (area and perimeter), and areas of triangulations.
By Victor Revilla Vargas. 2006/09/14

TopoGX 9.41   (details) 49/50   48   FR   39KB/20KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations on tools for network; could be useful for land surveyors.
By Lionel Raffin. 2004/02/16

Trazado De Vias 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   11KB/4KB
ScreenshotCivil engineering program that works with tangents, coordinates, distance between points, slopes, and more.
By Erick Aliendres. 2003/05/08

Truss48/49 4.2 SR2   (details) 49/50   48   EN   ES   115KB/8-13KB
ScreenshotStructural engineering application which can calculate the following things of any given truss: member elongations, member normal force, member normal stress, nodal displacements, and reaction forces. Written in System RPL (includes source code) with some assembly language and includes a comprehensive manual in Word format. SR2 includes Spanish HP 49 library.
By Caspar Lugtmeier. 2003/05/14

Trussfem 1.2   (details) 49/50   48   ES   42KB/8KB
ScreenshotThree-dimensional analysis of hyperstatic and static truss with the finite element method.
By Alejo Jiménez Chong. 2003/05/08

Tuberias 1.06   (details) 49/50   ES   175KB/37KB
ScreenshotCalculate losses and volume flow rate in nets with pipes (1 to 14). Also handles series and parallel, finds any variable in single pipe, and finds physical properties of liquid water at any temperature.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/08/09

Tuberías de PEAD 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   19KB/5KB
ScreenshotContains the properties of polyethylene pipes.
By Wilmer Mora F.. 2007/08/04

Turbina de Gas 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   85KB/18KB
ScreenshotThis program calculate four different cycles from gas turbine (Brayton Cycle).
By Jose Miguel Segnini Maizo. 2003/12/27

Two-Way Slab - Moments and Reactions 1.2   (details) 49/50   EN   98KB/14KB
ScreenshotThe program determines for a two-way slab supported on all edges the moments and bearing reactions on the method of PIEPER/MARTENS. All kinds of support conditions (hinged and/or clamped in any order) are provided. It now offers a wider range for the ratio Ly/Lx and a more comfortable handling for compensation between neighboring restraint moments. For both the 49 and 50.
By Claus Dachselt. 2009/04/25

UTM_GK Convert 2.3   (details) 49/50   DE   54KB/14KB
ScreenshotConverts coordinates given in UTM (map datum: WGS 84) into those of the German Potsdam Datum (Gauss-Krueger or Longitude/Latitude) and vice versa. Additionally the numbers of the corresponding German "Messtischblatt" plus the accompanying quadrants/subquadrants are output. For the conversion using UTM values, the program Geodesia 1.03 (library number 1213) is required. For both the 49 and 50.
By Claus Dachselt. 2009/03/07

UTM-GEO 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   37KB/6KB
ScreenshotAllows the conversion between the UTM coordinate system the and geographical coordinate system.
By Wilmer Mora F.. 2007/08/04

Valpn 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   4KB/1KB
ScreenshotPerforms material resistance calculations by taking a square matrix and calculating its eigenvectors and eigenvalues, just like EGV, but it changes the vectors for the unitary ones (with the same direction) and, if three-dimensional, checks if they form a direct reference system..
By César García García. 2000/11/03

Verankerung nach DIN 1045-1 1.1   (details) 49/50   DE   4KB/3KB
ScreenshotProgram to calculate bond and overlapping of reinforcement steel according to German DIN 1045-1.
By Martin Bruckmeier. 2009/08/29

Verted 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/5KB
ScreenshotI have no idea what this stupid program does because the author was too lazy to submit a description or write any documentation. I think it's for discharge formulas for hydraulics.
By Alonzo Lopez Cutipa. 2011/07/24

Vias 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   1KB/1KB
ScreenshotAsks you for the coordinates east and north of a point, and the distance and azimuth to each other, and it calculates the coordinates of the other point.
By Gustavo Adolfo Gomez Calderon. 2004/06/22

VIAS 1.3   (details) 49/50   ES   77KB/10KB
ScreenshotPractice program to calculate curved circular and hairsprings with several options and with 4 connections and graphics.
By José Luis Nates D.. 2004/05/09

Vibraciones Mecanicas 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   4228KB/11KB
ScreenshotCalculates the mass matrix, stiffness, flexibility, dynamic, eigenvalues, periods, frequencies and modes as both spring beams. Uses the Duhamel algorithm.
By Gilmer Calderón Quispe. 2016/08/02

VigaG 4.1b   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   176KB/24KB
ScreenshotStructural analysis program for all types of beams.
By Edwin Córdoba. 2001/05/18

Vigaret 2.0   (details) 49/50   PT   95KB/12KB
ScreenshotProgram for calculating and dimensioning rectangular vigas.
By Tiago Guimaraes Cesar. 2013/09/14

Vigas 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/4KB
ScreenshotRigid structural analysis program for beams.
By Froilan Suca Yunga. 2011/07/24

Vigas 2.1   (details) 49/50   ES   12KB/14KB
ScreenshotSolves beams for structural engineering.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/03/08

Vigas de Sección Variable 1.20   (details) 49/50   ES   448KB/19KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates the factors of transport, absolute rigidity, and embedding moments in beams of variable section. It calculates everything for Hardy Cross.
By Adolfo Matias Quispe Moscol and Paul Castañeda and others. 2006/02/22

Vigas NTC87 1.1   (details) 49/50   48   ES   6KB/3KB
ScreenshotDesign of beams of reinforced concrete, based on the "Normas Técnicas Complementarias del Reglamento de Construcciones del Distrito Federal" (NTC87 of the regulation of constructions of Mexico City).
By Alejo Jiménez Chong. 2001/01/07

Weibull 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   5KB/4KB
ScreenshotCalculates Weibull equation parameters.
By Julio Cesar Tobar Gomez. 2002/02/24

Zapata 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/8KB
ScreenshotProgram for the design of isolated shoes. Makes the design type cuts and verifies it by punching.
By Charles Salomé Nuñez. 2003/06/22

Zapatas   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/2KB
ScreenshotCalculates the maximum stress of soil caused by any footing.
By Luis Alberto Alonso Vidales. 2000/02/24

Zapcalc 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/41KB
ScreenshotCalculates isolated footings.
By Jose Luis Condori Apaza and others. 2014/10/18

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