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DIMGROB Generator   (details) Prime   EN   266KB
This program is designed to help you create DIMGROB_P statements for the HP Prime calculator, to convert images from PC formats to something the calculator can use.
Author unknown. 2013/12/22

HP Connectivity Kit 10637 (2016-08-29)   (details) Prime   EN   40780KB
Windows-based software for connecting to the HP Prime calculator.
By Hewlett-Packard. 2016/09/11

HP Prime Firmware 10637 (2016-08-29)   (details) Prime   EN   FR   ES   PT   DE   9308KB
Firmware update file for the HP Prime.
By Hewlett-Packard. 2016/09/12

HP Prime Font   (details) Prime   95KB
TrueType font for the keys of the HP Prime, useful for making documentation.
By Hewlett-Packard. 2014/10/18

HP Prime Virtual Calculator 10637 (2016-08-29)   (details) Prime   EN   FR   ES   PT   DE   113549KB
Emulator (technically a simulator, since it is a native PC program) of the HP Prime Graphing Calculator for Windows.
By Hewlett-Packard. 2016/09/12

libhpcalcs 0.0.1   (details) Prime   EN   FR   1561KB
FLOSS third-party Prime connectivity kit aimed at Windows, Linux and MacOS X (and possibly FreeBSD and derivatives as well). Currently can do the following from a command-line interface: sending files; receiving files; receiving backups; receiving screenshots; getting undecoded information about the calculator, including firmware version; setting the calculator's time; triggering some form of "ready" check, or something like that; sending keypresses.
By Lionel Debroux. 2013/12/28

Notepad++ HP PPL Support   (details) Prime   EN   47KB
User defined language file and autocompletion (API) file for Notepad++ for the HP Prime Programming Language (HP PPL). The Connectivity Kit is sometimes awkward and not very user friendly (with no support for find/replace), making Notepad++ a much more friendly choice. These files not only add syntax highlighting but also documentation for nearly 600 functions, showing the parameter syntax and detailed descriptions as the code is typed.
By Eric Rechlin and Juerg W. Buser. 2016/08/05

PrimeComm 0.9 Beta 22   (details) Prime   EN   3467KB
Alternative communication program for transferring data between a Windows (.NET 4.0) computer and the HP Prime.
By Erwin Ried. 2014/10/18

PrimeComm Source Code 0.9 Beta 22   (details) Prime   EN   11490KB
Source code for an alternative communication program for transferring data between a Windows (.NET 4.0) computer and the HP Prime.
By Erwin Ried. 2014/10/18

PrimeSkin 0.1 b4   (details) Prime   EN   50KB
Skin editor for the HP Virtual Prime Emulator.
By Erwin Ried. 2014/10/18

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