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Almanaque 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   23KB/8KB
ScreenshotThis program contents a data base of 235 countries/territories and has a nice search interface. For the 49G and 49g+. The database is in Spanish; Spanish and English documentation is available.
By Jorge Cevallos M.. 2004/06/08

Analisis Estructural - Matriz de Flexibilidades 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2697KB/33KB
ScreenshotPerforms structural analysis with matrix flexibilities.
By Gregorio Alexander Gutierrez Quispe. 2014/11/08

AntEq 3.3   (details) 49/50   EN   IT   173KB/1KB
ScreenshotAntEqn calculates saturation pressure for a given temperature or saturation temperature for a given pressure using Antoine's equation. There is a list of species from which you can choose yours so you don't have to type A,B,C constants.
By Francesco Coletti. 2003/03/06

Atmos 1.2   (details) 49/50   EN   68KB/7KB
ScreenshotLibrary for atmospheric/air speed computations, intended for aeronautical engineers and students. It can be used to compute atmospheric properties (temperature, pressure, density, and kinematic viscosity) and acceleration of gravity from altitude and, vice versa, to obtain the altitude corresponding to the value of one of these quantities. Using the altitude and an air speed related quantity, the library can compute (for both subsonic and supersonic regimes) True, Equivalent and Calibrated Air Speed, Mach number, Dynamic Pressure and Reynolds number per unit of length. Finally, the library can be used to compute "kink altitudes", i.e. altitudes corresponding to intersections on an aircraft airspeed diagram between constant Mach number lines and constant True/Equivalent/Calibrated Air Speed lines or constant Dynamic Pressure lines. Through the use of a reserved variable content, it implements a method for Non Standard Day Temperature correction. The library supports both SI units and Imperial units. Two versions of the library are provided (one for the 49G and one for the 49g+/50g) as well as a text documentation file to be loaded on a SD card and used in conjunction with the SDIAG library (see the Emacs package). Completely written in System RPL.
By Federico Marziali (Kickaha). 2008/08/24

Balanceo De Maquinaría 0.2   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   10KB/3KB
ScreenshotThis library allows you to balance a machine element or calculate the reactions in the extremes.
By Raúl Eduardo Murillo Martinez. 2003/08/02

Bernouilli 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/2KB
This program contains Bernouilli equation, and allows you to get any variables, and working with expressions (very useful for iterations).
By Jorge Ruiz-Peinado Sanchez. 2001/12/29

Body Calculator 2.0   (details) 49/50   EN   203KB/28KB
ScreenshotThis program calculates Ideal Body Weight (IBW), Lean Body Weight (LBW), Body Surface Area (BSA), Body Mass Index (BMI), Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) and Daily Calorie Needs (DCN) and interprets the results in terms of underweight, normal weight, overweight and obesity. It conforms to the standards set by the National Institute of Health (NHI), the Federal guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of overweight and obesity in adults released by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), in cooperation with the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), USA. The calculator can be used in the treatment of overweight, for the calculation of medication doses and many other medical interventions.
By Marco J. de Vries. 2004/07/24

Calculus for Rankine Cycle in Steam Turbines 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   301KB/7KB
Perform calculations for Rankine Cycle in Steam Turbines (English-Spanish). Include documentation file in .pdf format. Messes with your configuration settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/09/22

Cardiovascular Risk Calculator (CVD) 3.1   (details) 49/50   EN   161KB/7KB
ScreenshotThe Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk calculator estimates the risk of contracting CVD within 8 years, using data of the famous Framingham study. The risk factors identified in this study were systolic blood pressure, cigarette smoking, electrocardiographic evidence of enlargement of the heart, glucose intolerance (diabetes) and blood cholesterol. A general logistic function was computed to predict the several different cardiovascular diseases and to identify people at high risk who need preventive treatment.
By Marco J. de Vries and Gerard Bouma. 2004/07/02

Centrifugal/Reciprocating Gas Compressor Calculus 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   60KB/21KB
ScreenshotThis program performs calculations for centrifugal and reciprocating gas compressors. Includes documentation in PDF format. Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/11/11

CEPUMP 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   48KB/12KB
ScreenshotThis program performs calculations for a centrifugal pump: Pump Performance, Total Head, Suction Eye Velocity, Peripheral Velocity, Water Horsepower, Brake Horsepower, Torque, Specific Speed, Suction Specific Speed, Temperature Raise, Nominal Work Pressure and Net Positive Suction Head Available (N.P.S.H.A.). Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/06/16

Cfrente 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   72KB/3KB
ScreenshotThis is a program for a course on explosives that calculates the area, net volume, fluffy volume and the number of drills that are made in the front of a mine drift.
By Orlando O'Larte O.. 2006/05/14

CHEN's Equation for Friction Factor (Calculus) 1.01   (details) 49/50   EN   263KB/1KB
Perform calculations with Chen's Equation for Factor Friction. Includes documentation in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/06/30

CIA 49 World Atlas 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   68KB/82KB
ScreenshotCIA Map Viewer for the 49G with ROM 1.19-6. Map size is 2735 x 1386, so it takes a lot of RAM.
By Mika Heiskanen and Gustavo Portales (GaaK). 2004/05/09

Circle of Confusion 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   3KB/1KB
Calculates the circle of confusion for a given sensor/image size, using the 'Zeiss formula' (c=1730). See source for details.
By Alain Davy. 2009/04/25

Complete Centrifugal Pumps (Calculus) 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   58KB/26KB
ScreenshotPerform complete calculations (mechanical/electrical) of centrifugal pumps, used in all industries. Include documentation in PDF format. Don't choose the "ABOUT" menu item or it will mess with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/11/17

COMPREAC 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   1KB/1KB
Calculates a reactive compensator. Works between two power factors (max and min) and in a sequence of periods.
By Bjorn Adams. 2010/12/15

Constantes 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   5KB/7KB
ScreenshotA great amount of constants that could be useful in university-level courses.
By Eduardo Romero. 2002/05/28

CvPres49g 0.1   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   5KB/1KB
Quickly and easily converts pressure to other similar units.
By Mina S. Aldo and Laura P. Ismael. 2002/12/29

Decibel   (details) 49/50   48   ES   20KB/1KB
Performs calculations related to sound power levels. Includes documentation in PDF format.
By Julio Zúñiga Navarro. 2005/05/08

Dept 1.0   (details) 49/50   FR   4KB/6KB
ScreenshotQuiz in French to learn French departments. It asks you about a name or a number for a department. It keeps track of history to let you know which French departments you know.
By Dimitri Udovc. 2011/07/24

Depth of Field 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   41KB/2KB
Small program to calculate the depth of field of a lens, so this is for photographers or people interested in optics theory. It is written in User RPL and the source is rather simple. The source code is commented to help explain things.
By Alain Davy. 2009/04/25

Ecuación de Chen para Cálculos del Factor Fricción 1.00   (details) 49/50   ES   248KB/2KB
Performs calculations of Friction Factor with Chen's Equation (Spanish Version). Include documentation file in .pdf format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/06/30

Electric Power Calculus for Equipments 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   13KB/13KB
ScreenshotThis program allows one to calculate in Electric Equipments: Amperes, Horsepower, Kilowatts, KVA,Motor Full Load Torque, Motor Kilowatts, Motor KVA, Power Factor, Reactive KVA, Synchronous Speed (RPM)
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/01/20

Empuje de tierras RANKINE 2.0   (details) 49/50   ES   67KB/45KB
ScreenshotSoil mechanics program useful for a university course. Written mostly in System RPL.
By Ricardo Sosa. 2015/07/26

Engenhara de Avaliações 1.0   (details) 49/50   PT   4KB/6KB
Package of programs to help solve problems with engineering assessments based on the problems of the book by Professor Rubens Dantas UFPE.
By Rosner Henrique. 2012/09/15

ERLANG-B/ERLANG-C 2.0   (details) 49/50   EN   2KB/1KB
Two small User RPL programs to calculate ERLANG-B and ERLANG-C probabilities, used in traffic network analysis and design.
By Ignacio Coterillo Coz. 2002/12/30

Escuadrias, medidas, conversiones, rendimiento 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   4KB/5KB
Compilation of conversion measurements for forest calculations, lumber rules, grids, outputs, and volumes. Requires the TGV2 library.
By Javier Vergara Mardariaga. 2006/02/22

Esfuerzos Fluctuantes en Diseño Mecanico 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/3KB
ScreenshotContains all the equations used to analyze a force by fluctuating load, for use with a mechanical design course.
By Luis Carlos Vega Renteria. 2008/08/09

Fatiga en Diseno Mecanico 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotContains all the equations used to analyze a load through fatigue, for use with a mechanical design course.
By Luis Carlos Vega Renteria. 2008/08/09

FLDAT - Flow Data & Pressure Drop Calculus 1.11   (details) 49/50   EN   74KB/13KB
ScreenshotFlow data and pressure drop calculus of liquid, gas and steam for valves and fittings (with Cv factors) used in the oil and other industries. Documentation in PDF format. Don't choose ABOUT or it will mess up your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/07/04

FluidHP 2.0   (details) 49/50   EN   1678KB/10KB
ScreenshotSoftware for the Industrial-Formulation IAPWS-IF97 for Water and Steam. This is a smaller (40% of the original size) and faster (3-50 times) version of the original FluidHP (written by Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar), compatible with the HP 49G and HP 49g+. Debug4x source code is included.
By Steen S. Schmidt. 2005/09/03

FluidHP (English Edition)   (details) 49/50   EN   902KB/1KB
Software for the Industrial-Formulation IAPWS-IF97 for Water and Steam.
By Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar. 2003/10/17

FluidHP (German Edition)   (details) 49/50   DE   419KB/1KB
Software for the Industrial-Formulation IAPWS-IF97 for Water and Steam.
By Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar. 2003/10/17

Fluidos 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/3KB
ScreenshotProgram for the course of fluids using the number mach.
By Alberto Villalba Kong. 2003/03/06

Forces an Accelerat. for 3 Types of Pumping Motion 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   769KB/12KB
ScreenshotPerform calculations for Forces and Accelerations of Three (3) Types of Pumping Motion (Beam Pumping Unit), used in the Oil Industries. Includes PDF documentation. Messes up your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/11/17

Gas Well Production 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   158KB/9KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations for the inside of a gas well, including Density Gas-Liquid Mixture, Erosional Velocity, Ascensional Velocity, Hydrostatic Column Pressure, Pressure Drop and Flow Reservoir Pressure. Include description in PDF format. Messes up your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2001/07/27

GasdynamicsTables 1.7   (details) 49/50   EN   49KB/15KB
ScreenshotThis library is a collection of tables (as found in gasdynamics books) useful to solve simple gasdynamics related problems, from flows in ducts or over bodies to simple thermodynamics propulsion applications, and more. It has an RPN approach, which allows the user to compute all the values of a table starting from any of its parameter. It includes the following tables: Isentropic flow, Isothermal flow, Fanno-Line, Rayleigh-Line, Normal shock waves, Prandtl-Meyer Angle and Oblique shock waves. The package includes a readme, two versions of the library (one for the 49G and one for the 49g+/50g) and a text documentation file to be loaded on a SD card and used in conjunction with the SDIAG library (see the Emacs package). Completely written in System RPL.
By Federico Marziali (Kickaha). 2008/11/09

GASP3 3.0   (details) 49/50   EN   15KB/11KB
Thermodynamic properties of Air and Gas (combustion byproducts of #2 diesel). Also includes Psychrometric functions.
By John R. Zagone. 2009/12/01

Gauge Block Solver 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   27KB/24KB
Given a set of gauge blocks of various sizes, this figures out how to stack them to a height that you input. Contains standard "inch" sets of 36 and 81 blocks, and a 112 block millimeter set. You can also add your own. The program also lets you delete a block if you find that it's missing. Written in C and userRPL for the 50g.
By David Hayden and Omar Deen. 2014/10/18

GENERACAD 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   228KB/2KB
Generates DXF files for AutoCAD, taking X/Y coordinates on the calculator.
By Leandro A. Martín Puerto. 2008/10/14

Generador de comandos del Robot RM-501 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   11KB/8KB
ScreenshotCode generator for the RM-501 Mitsubishi Robot, for use with both the 49G/G+, created for the U.M.S.S. Robotics Laboratory of Cochabamba, Bolivia.
By Huber Magnani Arroyo. 2006/05/27

Geodesy 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   34KB/13KB
Set of programs which calculate the geodesic distance between two points on the Earth from their geographic longitudes and latitudes, and also return the forward and backward azimuths. Now calculates geodesic on a triaxial ellipsoid (Jacobi's method and approximate method) and gravity on a triaxial ellipsoid.
By Jean-Marc Baillard. 2015/07/26

Geometrical Optics 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   241KB/7KB
ScreenshotGiven the specific data it calculates image distance, focal lengths, type of image and plots a ray tracing for dioptrics (thick lens), spherical mirrors and thin lens.
By Jorge Pires. 2008/05/11

GPIC 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   416KB/5KB
ScreenshotThis is an easy way to get the approximated functions of your experiments in the laboratory. Includes comprehensive PDF documentation.
By Luis Rodríguez. 2017/02/10

Hardy-Cross para redes cerradas 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   154KB/5KB
ScreenshotSolves hydraulic systems for one or more networks using the Hardy-Cross method
By Julio Seborga and others. 2005/12/01

Hardy-Weinburg Equation Tools 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   1KB/1KB
This library contains six very easy to use RPL programs. With them you can determine both frequencies and numbers of Dominant, Recessive, and Heterozygous samples in a Hardy-Weinburg equilibrium situation
By Ryan Taylor. 2003/05/07

Heat Loss or Gain by an Insulated Pipe 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   79KB/10KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations for a Heat Loss or Gain by an Insulated Pipe. Includes documentation file in PDF format. Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2003/12/27

Hidraulica 2.0   (details) 49/50   PT   3KB/4KB
ScreenshotProgram for general hydraulics for calculating the flow, speed, load losses, etc. Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Filipe Silva. 2002/09/22

HP CONVER 2.1   (details) 49/50   ES   213KB/111KB
Converts units of length, area, volume, pressure, temperature, and more. Written entirely in User RPL. Unfortunately, it is very large and doesn't work as well as the built-in unit converter.
By Jose Gabriel Medina Gomez. 2011/07/24

HP50GPS 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   112KB/10KB
ScreenshotHP50GPS is a set of programs designed to capture, display and save GPS data on the HP50g calculator via the serial port. The programs are written in User RPL and System RPL and require an NMEA 2.2 complaint serial GPS unit and a serial cable. An SD card is required to save collected GPS data. Code was developed and tested using the cable available at the commerce site of hpcalc.org. Package includes binary program files, plain-text source code and user's guide.
By Pepin Torres. 2008/12/06

HPEngErl 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   47KB/5KB
User RPL programs to calculate models Engset, Erlang-B and Erlang-C.
By Luís Díaz González. 2011/07/24

Hyperfocal distance 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   3KB/1KB
This calculates the hyperfocal distance for a lens. When the lens is focused at the hyperfocal distance for a given focal length, eveything from half the hyperfocal distance to the infinite is considered sharp. See source and PDF documentation for details.
By Alain Davy. 2009/04/25

ICARO 1.0   (details) 49/50   PT   47KB/59KB
This program performs calculations for foundry of iron castings. Does load calculation for furnaces, costs, descriptions of the effects of the elements in the iron, diagram Fe-C, etc.
By Eduardo Moreira. 2010/12/15

Identificacion temporal CDS SAU 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/2KB
ScreenshotThis is a very useful program for engineering students, performing temporal identification of systems. Designed especially for ETSII students of UPV.
By Nacho Gómez Gil. 2003/01/26

Johnson Bossler Neumann 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   1KB/2KB
Measures relative permeabilities from field cores with the Johnson, Bossler and Neumann (JBN) method.
By Jorge I Blanca. 2005/05/01

Ley de D'Arcy 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   6KB/3KB
Simple program that uses the Numeric Solver to make calculations of monophase flow in porous media for oil wells.
By Sebastián Ramírez Magrí. 2007/09/25

Machinist Helper 1.8   (details) 49/50   EN   1153KB/63KB
ScreenshotCalculates thread data for Unified, Metric, Acme, British Standard Withworth and NPT threads. It uses Buckingham Involute Helicoid formulas for calculating Measurements over wire for all threads except NPT. The Triangle Solver can solve right or oblique triangles. The Circular Segment Solver and Polygon Solver are integrated. The Bolt Circle Solver can also solve equally space holes on an arc. The Feeds and Speeds Solver also calculates chip thinning for ball or flat end mills. The unique Taper Solver will solve any taper problem and can measure taper diameters using a ball diameter. It has a Keyway Solver for shafts and hubs. The True Position Solver calculates using RFS MMC a or LMC and can tell you if your holes locations are accepted or rejected. A companion to this is the gage block stack solver written by David Hayden.
By Omar Deen. 2015/07/26

MAP 2.0   (details) 49/50   EN   7KB/2KB
ScreenshotGiven a location in latitude and longitude, the position will be displayed on a map representing the world.
By Arnold Moy and Javier Enrique Miranda. 2004/09/22

McCabe-Thiele   (details) 49/50   ES   9KB/2KB
Small program which calculates the number of theoretical and real plates according to the McCabe-Thiele theory. The zip file contains some information about the program: size, rom, language and instructions in Word format.
By Daniel Jesús Murcia Ortiz. 2003/07/19

Mecanismos   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   3KB/16KB
This program calculates the synthesis of a fixed pivot and analysis of 3 positions.
By Irma Alicia Acosta Navarro and Raul Perez Bustamante. 2002/06/30

Medecine Research 1.7   (details) 49/50   EN   95KB/76KB
This library is aimed to use special euphorion t waves to cure a certain number of diseases, including possibly HIV/AIDS (Nobel prize?). Also creates world peace, adds money to bank accounts, and solves color-blindness. It only works on the 50g for the time being, and is placed under the GNU GPL 2.0 license.
By Yoann Désir. 2011/07/24

Miller 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/7KB
This application calculates the Miller index notation of three points given by the user. The program simplifies the numbers and give the answer into a box marking the negatives with a line over them. Apart, it send to the stack a list with three values. For working correctly, the application modify some flags in the hp, but return them to the previous state when finish.
By Ernesto Mediavilla del Río. 2009/06/27

Newton y Biseccion 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   25KB/1KB
ScreenshotTwo small User RPL programs which solve the Newton-Raphson method and bisection method, giving a table with iterations and the result of the final iteration. Also stores in the "SOLU" variable all the iterations for later reference.
By Hugo Hafid Tamayo Carbajal. 2003/12/27

Normal Blood Values 1.1   (details) 49/50   EN   117KB/35KB
ScreenshotThis program serves as a summary of the most important normal blood value ranges referred to in medical practice. It may also be of use for those not medically trained. The biological functions of the different constituents of blood and blood serum and the possible significance of values falling outside the normal range for medical diagnosis and treatment are briefly discussed. Includes Headman with the permission of Wolfgang Rautenberg to get an improved display of the blood values and explanatory text on the 49g+. Also includes version for the original 49G.
By Marco J. de Vries. 2004/07/19

NUMAQ 1.1   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   156KB/3KB
ScreenshotBriefly, NUMAQ's goal is to calculate the amount of machines needed per workstation to produce a certain amount of products in a given time horizon. Industrial Engineering related. English and Spanish version of the program are available in the ZIP file. Also, detailed PDF manuals in both English and Spanish. It doesn't mess with your calculator settings. For HP 49g+ and HP 50g (needs 131x80 display).
By Daniel Oliva and Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2010/07/14

Petri49 3.0   (details) 49/50   FR   9KB/13KB
ScreenshotUses Petri nets to simulate sequences, search for P-invariants and T-invariants, coverability tree, and more. Useful for industrial engineering students.
By Laurent Damay. 2006/05/14

Positive Displacement Reciprocating Pumps 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   155KB/10KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations for Positive Displacement Reciprocating Pumps, for the oil industry. Don't press ABOUT or it will mess with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2000/12/19

Produccion 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   3KB/6KB
ScreenshotFor the theory of tails in materials, like investigation of operations, operative or production, this program has all the factors (W, Wq, Ws, L, Lq, Ls, P0, P1) according to the system of tails (open, truncated, or closed).
By Baltazar Diaz. 2004/09/12

Programes de transports 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   5KB/2KB
Library with five programs useful for industrial engineering and transports: savings calculation (matricial), analysis of storage and maintenance (Teoria de colas), simple gravitational model (modelo gravitatorio simplemente restingido), double gravitational model (Modelo gravitatorio doblemente restringido), and Modelo Fratar.
Author unknown. 2010/03/21

Q.C. Manager 1.1   (details) 49/50   EN   134KB/16KB
ScreenshotA statistical program control program, which plots variable control charts, bar plot, normal distribution plot, relative frequency plot, and cumulative plots. Analyze variation of a manufacturing process right on your calculator, turning it into a SPC calculator. This program is good if you are taking a SPC class or would like to monitor a process in real time if control limits are already established.
By Omar Deen. 2014/11/08

QRA Locator 1.7   (details) 49/50   48   EN   165KB/5KB
QRA Locator is a program to calculate a 6-character Maidenhead or QRA locator from a latitude and longitude. It is mainly used by radio amateurs, as this compact form is more suitable for transmission than the usual latitude/longitude, and is thus less liable to error. The archive contains a detailed explanation of the Maidenhead Locator System, as well as a worked example, and comprehensively commented source code, as well as the binary files for the HP48 and the HP49/50 calculators. It is writen in User RPL.
By Adrian Ryan. 2011/07/24

Queue Theory 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   131KB/4KB
Queue theory calculations for Operations Research.
By Manuel Peral-Pardo. 2002/07/21

QuineHp 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   46KB/24KB
ScreenshotFast logic function minimizer that uses the Quine McCluskey method. Written in C and compiled with hpgcc.
By Leonardo Laguna Ruiz. 2005/09/03

Refrigeration Cycles for Natural Gas (En./Sp.) 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   427KB/9KB
ScreenshotPerforms calculations for Refrigeration Cycles of Natural Gas Processing Plants. Includes documentation file in .pdf format with English and Spanish versions. Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/09/22

Regresion lineal y multiple forestal 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/2KB
Useful program for linear and non-linear regression, designed specifically for forestry.
By Javier Vergara Mardariaga. 2006/02/22

Rheology & Hydraulics for Drilling Fluids 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   267KB/72KB
ScreenshotRheology and hydraulics for non-Newtonian drilling fluids, of oil and gas wells (calculus). Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/05/21

Routh 2.0   (details) 49/50   EN   114KB/3KB
ScreenshotLibrary for building Routh's Tables, in System RPL.
By Andrea Baccin (HPEvangelist). 2002/12/29

Sheaves and Belts Calculus for Pumping Beam Units 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   153KB/4KB
ScreenshotThis program is used for the Type 'QD' sheaves and belts calculus, in the pumping beam units for the oil industry. Don't choose ABOUT or it will mess with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2000/11/08

Stud Bolts and Rings for ANSI/API Flanges 2.00   (details) 49/50   EN   201KB/49KB
ScreenshotDatabases with all flanges, stud bolts and rings, including number of threads per inch, OD, PD, length, width, etc., used in the petroleum, gas, and other industries. Supports ANSI and API flanges. Includes documentation in PDF format.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2004/05/09

Tabla de Rodal 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   2KB/2KB
ScreenshotUseful program to generate "tablas de rodal" (orchard tables?) of fixed radius and variable radius.
By Javier Vergara Mardariaga. 2006/02/22

Tb Gas 1.1   (details) 49/50   ES   24KB/10KB
ScreenshotCalculates fluid properties of water, air, etc. This version adds all the properties that were missing in the previous version.
By Aldo Mina Sosa and Oscar Pallani Vivanco. 2004/07/19

Termodinamica 1.0   (details) 49/50   ES   542KB/11KB
ScreenshotAllows for performing calculations by side with other critical parameters and the energy by the method of Jöback. It also has an extra application of triple interpolation.
By Alex Quiroz Quiroz. 2011/07/24

Transporte 1.2   (details) 49/50   ES   11KB/16KB
ScreenshotTransport for ESQUINA NORESTE method.
By Jorge Ayala. 2001/12/29

Transportes   (details) 49/50   ES   7KB/12KB
ScreenshotProgram to solve problems of model transports for the ESQUINA NORESTE, COSTO MENOR, and VOGEL(MAV) methods.
Author unknown. 2001/12/29

Twin Spindle Screw Pumps (Calculus) 1.00   (details) 49/50   EN   44KB/7KB
ScreenshotPerform calculations for Twin Spindle Screw Pumps in all industries. Includes documentation file in PDF format. Messes with your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2002/04/10

UCO   (details) 49/50   EN   1KB/1KB
Fast and comfortable unit converter in a dialog box with UNITS menu.
By Wolfgang Rautenberg. 2000/10/20

Unidades 1.0   (details) 49/50   48   EN   7KB/72KB
Converts units of length, time, mass, force, area, volume, temperature, and acceleration in a fast and friendly way.
By Ricardo Hernandez Arango. 2010/08/22

Unitman 4.2004Get It   (details) 49/50   EN   FR   ES   DE   54KB/2KB
ScreenshotAllows a complete customization of the UNITS system. One may add user-defined units to the unit categories. User units are treated like built-ins, i.e., the famous 3-fold functionality of a unit key applies to an integrated user-units as well. In addition, one may reorganize a units menu, i.e., reorder it or purge not needed units. The same can be done with the whole bundle of unit directories to which new ones may be added ad libitum. Now contains HTML documentation.
By Wolfgang Rautenberg. 2004/05/09

Usinagem I 0.9   (details) 49/50   PT   3KB/3KB
ScreenshotProvides machining equations, including a choose menu for 16 kinds of ABNT steel. Use TORNO for Turning or FRESA for Milling.
By Thiago de Miranda. 2007/08/04

USOLVE 1.8   (details) 49/50   EN   242KB/14KB
ScreenshotUtility program that was designed to complement the built in Multiple Equations Solver (MSOLVR). USOLVE functions will allow the user to create their own unique equation libraries in a directory. Users can add comments or add units to equation variables. The Mpar titles browser can display titles for all subdirectories in the parent directory that contains Mpar; the user can then quickly launch the MSOLVR menu. Whenever a single equation or lists of equations are stored, USOLVE creates or updates Mpar automatically, which means less organizing variables for the user and faster execution of MSOLVR menu. It also maintains the order of variables and updates variable text as the user changes, deletes or renames equation variables.
By Omar Deen. 2015/07/26

Viscosity Unit Conversions 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   ES   77KB/16KB
ScreenshotThis library performs many conversions of viscosity units. Includes documentation file in PDF format. Messes up your calculator's settings.
By Miguel Angel Caporalini Herk. 2003/12/28

Windchill Calculator 1.0   (details) 49/50   EN   296KB/1KB
The windchill calculator computes and displays the windchill (WCT) from windspeed at 100 meter in kmphr and ambient air temperature in degrees Celsius, using the new formula accepted by the meteorological services of Canada and the USA. It also issues a frostbite warning when WCT reaches dangerously low values.
By Marco J. de Vries. 2004/07/01

YCN48/49 (Y Critico Normal) 2.0   (details) 49/50   48   ES   202KB/3KB
ScreenshotYCN48/49 is a library written in System RPL useful for the study of "Hydraulics Of Open Channels," using SI or English units.
By Javier Enrique Miranda. 2004/02/15

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