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Circular Shift   (details) Prime   EN   2KB/1KB
Does circular shifts of lists and binary integers.
Author unknown. 2015/08/20

CNV   (details) Prime   EN   3KB/1KB
A function CNV(X) to convert between units where X can be a real (18) or a unit (18_inch). Distance, Volume, and Weight have been implemented. Works under Home and CAS.
By Tom Niemann (epp). 2016/08/03

Color Generator   (details) Prime   EN   2KB/3KB
Allows you to enter numbers (0 to 255) for each R, G and B and displays the corresponding color over the screen. For example, Red=255, Green=255, Blue=0 will color your screen yellow.
By Bernard Michaud. 2016/08/06

Day of Year   (details) Prime   EN   2KB/1KB
Shows two ways of calculating the day of the year of a given date.
By Eddie Shore and Damien Unknown. 2014/10/22

Daylight   (details) Prime   EN   2KB/1KB
Calculates the length of daylight for any day given the Earth's latitude of the observer (from -90° (South) to 90° (North)) and the number of days since the December solstice (around December 21-22). Note that is different from many approximate formulas which used the vernal equinox as a starting point.
By Eddie Shore. 2016/08/03

DFX 1.2 (10077+)   (details) Prime   EN   6KB/20KB
Multi-function program simulating the 50g's date functions DDAYS and Date+ (HP Prime = DPLUS). In addition there are further functions like JDN, N2J, DOW, CALD, DOE. DFX functions are designed to be called from both the CAS and HOME environments, including the ability to choose them with softkeys.
By Wolfgang Kühn. 2016/08/03

Entry Mode Switcher   (details) Prime   EN   2KB/1KB
Makes it very easy to switch between Textbook, Algebraic, and RPN with visual feedback.
By Cristóbal De Jesús. 2016/08/03

Fortran IO 0.001   (details) Prime   EN   7KB/14KB
Some routines that might help parse Fortran-formatted data. A work in progress that acts as a reminder of what popular formatting codes mean. Parsing these comprehensively will never be completed, but some of the simpler formats are handled.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2017/02/11

Greek User Keyboard 1.0   (details) Prime   EN   3KB/4KB
Links Greek letters to their most logical calculator buttons to ease operation with them without having to rely on the touchscreen. Also ENTER = solve().
By Tobias Weiß. 2016/08/02

HP Prime Toolbox 1.0   (details) Prime   EN   DE   482KB/840KB
ScreenshotA simple toolbox for the Prime, with a screen test and other functions.
By Noah Wagner and others. 2014/10/18

Itema 1.01   (details) Prime   ES   4KB/6KB
ScreenshotChanges the theme of the calculator.
By Carlos Campos Guerra. 2017/02/21

Program Search 0.3   (details) Prime   EN   13KB/5KB
ScreenshotProgram to search inside current program text, all programs, current note text, and all notes.
Author unknown. 2015/10/24

RTable 1.0   (details) Prime   EN   153KB/86KB
The functions contained in this program use the Spreadsheet application to provide an analog of the Data Frame object in the R language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. In particular, the functions provide a means of loading a spreadsheet from a CSV file and saving spreadsheet content to a CSV file. Additional table management functions are provided, for example to add or remove rows or columns. RTable uses the RFC standard for CSV files, but you can specify changes such as a different field delimiter character (e.g. tab) or fixed-column fields. You can choose which attribute of a cell to load or save, such as name or formula, but only values are loaded correctly in this release. A small number of frame related functions are provided, like names and ncol. Comprehensive PDF documentation included.
By Mark A. Fleming. 2016/08/06

Setting Auto Shutoff 1.0   (details) Prime   EN   10KB/8-10KB
ScreenshotA program to make it easy to set the auto shutoff period, using a slider. Also includes a slightly newer version without the slider.
By Wolfgang Kühn and others. 2017/02/11

String Library   (details) Prime   EN   FR   7KB/9KB
Library with dozens of useful functions for working with strings, including substrings, reversing, splitting, joining, sorting, and more.
Author unknown. 2016/08/03

Teclas Dedicadas 2.01   (details) Prime   EN   ES   PT   79KB/80KB
ScreenshotManages alternate user keyboards, with 6 editable profiles to modify the functions of the calculator keys.
By Carlos Campos Guerra. 2017/02/10

Terminal Alternative   (details) Prime   EN   4KB/6KB
An improved alternate terminal program, eliminating the problems with the very size-limited line buffer and not displaying the most recent PRINTed line.
Author unknown. 2015/08/23

Units Convert H&WLabs 1.1   (details) Prime   ES   18KB/52KB
ScreenshotConverts units between SI and the US systems.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2016/09/11

Virtual Keyboard 1.0   (details) Prime   EN   8KB/17KB
ScreenshotOn-screen virtual keyboard, which can be called from anywhere via the user keyboard.
Author unknown. 2017/02/11

Z LIGHTS 0.3   (details) Prime   EN   4KB/6KB
Prime's answer to mobile phone flashlights. Given that the HP Prime has no external accessible lights, this program may be of little practical use, unless the lights go out while you are using your calculator. The design aim is a compromise between maximizing the limited illumination available, and including some information that a flashlight would not (the time the light was activated).
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2016/08/03

Z LST 0.001   (details) Prime   EN   3KB/6KB
A few list handling routines.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2017/02/11

Z UNITS 0.1   (details) Prime   EN   14KB/33KB
Allows the user to convert many (but not all) HP units, with support for SI prefixes. It also defines some Planck units and converts data units.
By Stephen Lewkowicz (G1CMZ). 2016/08/03

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