Gonzalo Orellana Ch.

First Name:Gonzalo
Last Name:Orellana Ch.
Last Change:2001-12-29
Number of Files:3 (557th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:26,137 (447th most downloaded)

Estadistica   (details) 49/50 ESP   4 KB / 8 KB
Program for statistics with histogram, frequency, coefficient of correlation gradual and clave method.
By Gonzalo Orellana Ch.. 2001-12-29

Hidrologia Aplicada 1.0   (details) 48 ESP   5 KB / 7 KB
ScreenshotCalculates the correlation of a group of values.
By Gonzalo Orellana Ch.. 2001-06-10

Zapatas Aisladas 1.0   (details) 48 ESP   5 KB / 9 KB
ScreenshotCalculates sections of foundations and steel sections.
By Gonzalo Orellana Ch.. 2001-06-10

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