Piotr Kowalewski

First Name:Piotr
Last Name:Kowalewski
Last Change:2023-12-09
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Conway's Game of Life   (details) Prime ENG   7 KB / 5-6 KB
ScreenshotShows Conway's Game of Life with a random set of initial cells.
By max1138 and Piotr Kowalewski (komame). 2023-09-24

LZW Compression   (details) Prime ENG   4 KB / 8 KB
Compresses and decompresses files using the LZW algorithm. Right now this is just a proof of concept, as it is written in PPL and is quite slow for large (over 100 KB) files.
By Piotr Kowalewski (komame). 2023-09-24

O&X 2.0   (details) 49/50 ENG   8 KB / 1 KB
ScreenshotClassic 5 in-a-row game written 100% in System RPL for two players only. Includes version 2.0 for the 80-line screens and version 1.2 for the 64-line screens.
By Piotr Kowalewski (komame) and Eric Rechlin. 2008-09-01

Outer 2.0   (details) 49/50 ENG   6 KB / 3 KB
ScreenshotGame based on Rush Hour from TI. Written 100% in System RPL. 49 levels! Includes version 2.0 for the 80-line screens (49g+ and 50g) and version 1.2 for the 64-line screens (48gII and 49G).
By Piotr Kowalewski (komame). 2009-05-31

Radioactive Wastes 1.04.1   (details) Prime ENG   76 KB / 39-53 KB
ScreenshotLooks similar to Sokoban but is actually fairly different. There are four kinds of objects: blue cold waste (after pushing it, it will roll until it hits a barrier), red warm waste (comes from a combination of two or more cold waste and cannot be moved), animated red critical mass waste (cold waste or warm waste can change into critical mass when it touches the critical mass), and boxes (you can push them and they will not roll).
By Piotr Kowalewski (komame). 2023-12-09

T-Rex 1.01   (details) Prime ESP   85 KB / 81 KB
ScreenshotT-Rex game modeled after the one in Google Chrome. Now fixed to run on the current firmware version.
By Carlos Campos Guerra and Piotr Kowalewski (komame). 2023-12-09

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