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GoferLists 1.0   (details) 49/50 ENG   11 KB / 5 KB
A library of advanced list processing functions such as Filter, Map, Foldl/Foldr, Zip/Unzip etc. mostly borrowed from the Hakell programming language. Makes list processing much easier than with the built-in functions. This is the latest System RPL version for the HP 49G/49g+/50g, based on Luis Morales Boisset's 0.1b System RPL version of Jarno Peschier's GoferLists 0.1 library. The new version fixes a couple of minor bugs and adds a bunch of additional operations.
By Jarno Peschier, Luis Morales Boisset, and Albert Graef. 2007-04-03

GraphWriter 3.1   (details) 49/50 ENG   699 KB / 35 KB
ScreenshotThis is a full-featured graph editor for the 49G calculator. Graphs are implemented as (asymmetric) adjacency lists with support for multigraphs, 2D node embeddings and arbitrary node and edge labels. The editor allows you to create and edit these structures in a graphical environment, using the calculators' graphics screen for display. The library also provides a collection of functions for manipulating graphs from the command line or through RPL programs. Distributed under the GPL. Package includes binary, System RPL sources, documentation and an example (Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm). Now also works on the 49g+/50g.
By Albert Graef. 2015-07-26

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