Mauricio Arancibia Laguna

First Name:Mauricio Arancibia
Last Name:Laguna
Last Change:2004-10-31
Number of Files:4 (441st most prolific)
Number of Downloads:32,287 (357th most downloaded)

Carreteras II 1.0   (details) 48 ESP   3 KB / 3 KB
ScreenshotA program to calculate CBR, the California Bearing Ratio, for roadway engineering.
By Mauricio Arancibia Laguna. 2003-05-08

Estadistica 2.00   (details) 48 ESP   12 KB / 3 KB
ScreenshotFrequency table program.
By Mauricio Arancibia Laguna. 2003-01-10

Plantillas creadas con debug4x   (details) 49/50 48 ESP   34 KB
Explains how to create groups for data entry in Debug4x.
By Mauricio Arancibia Laguna. 2004-10-31

Terraplen   (details) 48 ESP   17 KB / 3 KB
Program for Carreteras I (TERRAPLEN). Calculates coordinates and obtains areas (short and long).
By Mauricio Arancibia Laguna. 2002-09-22

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