Fernando Pardo

First Name:Fernando
Last Name:Pardo
Web Address:http://www.geocities.com/fernando9882/
Last Change:2004-10-31
Number of Files:4 (440th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:19,380 (590th most downloaded)

Calculo de Superficies en 2D y 3D 3.02   (details) 39/40 ESP   16 KB / 40 KB
ScreenshotThe program performs calculations of angles, distances, area and volumes of any figure. It can draw figures and keeps the points for possible modifications or calculations.
By Fernando Pardo. 2004-10-31

Escalas 1.0   (details) 39/40 ESP   1 KB / 5 KB
Calculates the scales of a drawing.
By Fernando Pardo. 2003-05-19

Minimos Cuadrados 1.0   (details) 39/40 ESP   2 KB / 9 KB
Calculates the minima of a square by two methods (graphically and algebraically).
By Fernando Pardo. 2003-05-19

Polinomios 1.0   (details) 39/40 ESP   1 KB / 3 KB
Calculates roots and values of polynomials.
By Fernando Pardo. 2003-05-19

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