Roso Giuseppe

First Name:Roso
Last Name:Giuseppe
Last Change:2003-05-20
Number of Files:2 (781st most prolific)
Number of Downloads:10,066 (1,047th most downloaded)

Gauss Jordan Operations   (details) 39/40 ENG   19 KB / 3 KB
Allows the user to perform the Gauss Jordan algorithm on a matrix using full row pivoting.
By Roso Giuseppe (Beppe). 2003-05-20

Root Finding   (details) 39/40 ENG   26 KB / 2 KB
Allows the user to perform some very advanced matrix operations. He says "I'm sending an aplet with my build of Newton-Raphson, bisections and secants algorithms. A full explanation is supplied in PDF format.
By Roso Giuseppe (Beppe). 2003-05-20

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