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CEP 2004 2.0   (details) 49/50 48 POR   15 KB / 19 KB
ScreenshotWorks with the Statistical Process Control, supplying the information of Cp and Cpk, Pp and Ppk, PPM, Variance, 6 Standard Deviation, 3 Standard Deviation the right and the left, Amplitude, Standard Deviation, values of Z and Pz, area under the curve (%) and much more. Tested on the 48GX, 48gII, 49G, and 49g+.
By Nei Stolberg. 2004-07-08

Word2004 2.0   (details) 48 POR   10 KB / 9 KB
ScreenshotText editor program for the G series.
By Nei Stolberg. 2004-07-19

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