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Amidon 1.00   (details) 49/50 48 ENG   6 KB / 14 KB
ScreenshotCalculate coils wound on iron-powder toroidal cores by Amidon Corp. Program contains a selectable cores database and returns inductance, giving the coil turns, or the required turns, giving the required inductance. Maximum wire coil diameter, in mm, is also returned. Tested on 49G+, but it should be suitable also on 48 series calculators.
By Antonio d'Avino. 2006-09-14

LineAttn 1.00   (details) 49/50 ENG   17 KB / 39 KB
ScreenshotComputes losses over transmission lines, including those due to load mismatch. Line may be selected from a list of 63 most common lines. Data in that list includes useful information about the line itself: Zo (Ohm), Velocity factor (%), maximum RF peak voltage (V) and outer diameter (in).
By Antonio d'Avino. 2006-11-24

uLog 1.00   (details) 49/50 ENG ITA   20 KB / 20 KB
ScreenshotuLog (pronounced "MicroLog") is a station log for amateur radio operators (HAMs) useful in particular for portable/mobile operations. It allows you to enter a new QSO, browse the QSO list, see details in the QSO list, purge a single QSO or the whole archive, and export data in ADIF format.
By Antonio d'Avino. 2006-11-24

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