Jhonny Quispe Ochoa

First Name:Jhonny
Last Name:Quispe Ochoa
Web Address:http://es.geocities.com/jhonnmix/HP.htm
Last Change:2009-06-27
Number of Files:2 (768th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:8,615 (1,137th most downloaded)

Metodos Numericos   (details) 49/50 ESP   14KB/50KB
ScreenshotNumerical analysis tools.
By Jhonny Quispe Ochoa. 2006/12/23

Numeric Methods for Chemistry   (details) 49/50 ESP   13KB/47KB
ScreenshotVery simple program for doing numeric methods for chemistry.
By Jhonny Quispe Ochoa. 2009/06/27

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