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APNUM 2.00   (details) 49/50 ESP   12KB/20KB
ScreenshotPerforms approximate integration, the area under the curve described by a set of points, polynomial regression with graphic, multiple linear regression, differential equations, and finite difference.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2010/06/06

Bases Convert 1.03   (details) 49/50 ESP POR   17KB/4KB
ScreenshotThis program converts a number from base A to base B, where 2 <= {A, B} <= 6. The program supports decimal arithmetic as inputs and outputs.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/08/24

Comandos 4.03   (details) 49/50 ENG ESP   107KB/8KB
ScreenshotLibrary of various commands to help with integration, interpolation, equation solving, and more. Includes Spanish-language documentation in PDF format.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2019/08/29

Crono 1.0   (details) 49/50 ESP   2KB/2KB
ScreenshotChronometer/stopwatch written in System RPL.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2009/05/31

Geodesia 1.03   (details) 49/50 ESP   13KB/26KB
ScreenshotPerforms conversion between the UTM coordinate system, geographical coordinates and Cartesian, both forward and inverse. For the 49g+ and 50g.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/01/12

Hidrologia 1.03   (details) 49/50 ESP   18KB/34KB
ScreenshotThere are 10 programs for hydrology in this library. For the 49g+ and 50g.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/01/12

MSLV2 1.0   (details) 49/50 ESP   9KB/2KB
ScreenshotProgram to solve systems of nonlinear equations. Written in System RPL.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2009/05/31

NUMAQ 1.1   (details) 49/50 ENG ESP   156KB/3KB
ScreenshotBriefly, NUMAQ's goal is to calculate the amount of machines needed per workstation to produce a certain amount of products in a given time horizon. Industrial Engineering related. English and Spanish version of the program are available in the ZIP file. Also, detailed PDF manuals in both English and Spanish. It doesn't mess with your calculator settings. For HP 49g+ and HP 50g (needs 131x80 display).
By Daniel Oliva and Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2010/07/14

Statdes 3.01   (details) 49/50 ESP   95KB/53KB
ScreenshotPerforms statistics with 1 and 2 variables. Find mean, median, mode, the standard deviation, the average absolute deviation, the geometric mean, the harmonic mean, percentiles, quartiles, asymmetry, and more. Ungrouped data, data with frequency, intervals with frequency. You also can group data in intervals. Linear regression, exponential, logarithmic, power, quadratic, cubic, quartic and others, with scatterplots. Histograms, box and whisker plot and more graphics.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2010/08/22

Suelos 1.03   (details) 49/50 ESP   27KB/14KB
ScreenshotCalculates properties of soil. Classification SUCS, AASHTO. For the 49g+ and 50g.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/01/12

System RPL with Debug4x In Spanish 4.03   (details) 49/50 ESP   5321KB
Spanish translation of "Programming in System RPL (PDF) 2nd Edition" by Kalinowski and Dominik. It has 767 pages of tutorials and reference material for System RPL programmers. Includes both Word and PDF format documents.
By Eduardo M. Kalinowski, Carsten Dominik, and Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2019/04/09

Tuberias 1.06   (details) 49/50 ESP   175KB/37KB
ScreenshotCalculate losses and volume flow rate in nets with pipes (1 to 14). Also handles series and parallel, finds any variable in single pipe, and finds physical properties of liquid water at any temperature.
By Cesar Vasquez Alvarado. 2008/08/09

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