Robert W Yoder

First Name:Robert W
Last Name:Yoder
Last Change:2017-07-10
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All Roots   (details) 28 ENG   2 KB / 1 KB
Finds all of the roots of any real or complex number and puts them on the stack in order, as they are arranged around the origin.
By Robert W Yoder. 2017-07-10

Fourier   (details) 48 ENG   4 KB / 2 KB
A set of programs for digital signal processing. Included are: Discrete Fourier Transform (also does inverse), Fast Fourier Transform, Inverse Fast Fourier Transform, Fourier Transform (selects FFT or DFT depending on size), Inverse Fourier Transform (selects FFT or DFT depending on size), Periodic Convolution, Aperiodic Convolution, Two Dimensional Fourier Transform, Inverse Two Dimensional Fourier Transform, and Axis Shifter for use with Two Dimensional Fourier Transforms.
By Robert W Yoder. 2008-08-16

Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion   (details) 48 ENG   3 KB / 2 KB
Performs the Routh-Hurwitz test on a characteristic equation.
By Robert W Yoder, Paul J. Dujmich, and David D. Jansen. 2017-07-05

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