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LIMPED- Bare Line Impedance calculator 3.0   (details) 48 ENG   1,025 KB / 8 KB
ScreenshotLIMP calculates the positive and zero sequence impedances of bare three phase lines which have one conductor per phase and up to two guard or neutral conductors.
By Carlos Mauricio Beltran. 2012-09-15

SCpower - Power Network Short Circuit Program 5.0   (details) 48 ENG   251 KB / 12 KB
ScreenshotThe SCpower program was written in an HP48G+; it also runs on the HP49G. It calculates three phase and one phase to ground (1LG) short circuit currents at faulted buses as well as fault currents that circulate through the power network. It uses 100 MVA as base power. It does not yet calculate LL or 2LG faults, nor does it take into account fault resistance. It creates and manipulates the positive and zero sequence impedance matrices of the power system.
By Carlos Mauricio Beltran. 2012-09-15

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