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dtimelib 1.1   (details) 49/50 ENG   16 KB / 15 KB
A collection of editable functions for the HP 50g including Julian, Gregorian and my own DTime time calculations and conversions and time prettyprinting, MegaPixels, scaling, number of digits in an integer for a given base, conversion of real to integer by lopping off anything after decimal point (not like ceil and floor), zeropad for number string output, a BMI calculator for adults, and a function for converting numbers to fixed point SI units or IEC units, a download time estimator, an inform function for calculating time left given 2 DTime timestamps and a percent, all as editable individual program files. The time library allows you to multiply, divide, add, subtract time using DTime as the base time format. The time calculator can be used for long download time calculations for a given bandwidth. Lots of daily-useful functions oriented mainly towards computer science and computer usage.
By Jim Michaels. 2012-12-25

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