Vlad A.B.

First Name:Vlad
Last Name:A.B.
Web Address:http://arbinada.com/pmk/node/1099
Last Change:2017-02-15
Number of Files:3 (529th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:1,983 (2,116th most downloaded)

Boolean   (details) Prime   6KB/23KB
ScreenshotBuilds truth tables for Boolean expressions. In Russian.
By Vlad A.B. (Vlad_AB). 2017/02/15

Game of 15   (details) Prime   3KB/5KB
ScreenshotYou have 15 numbered squares in a grid, and you must slide them around to put them in order.
By Vlad A.B. (Vlad_AB). 2017/02/15

Towers of Hanoi   (details) Prime FRA   2KB/9KB
ScreenshotSimple implementation of the Towers of Hanoi game.
By Vlad A.B. (Vlad_AB). 2013/12/22

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