Lars Fredriksson

First Name:Lars
Last Name:Fredriksson
Last Change:2018-03-01
Number of Files:3 (544th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:4,475 (2,008th most downloaded)

Minehunt   (details) Prime ENG   7KB/10KB
ScreenshotImplementation of the Minehunt game from the 48 series.
By Lars Fredriksson. 2017/02/15

Resistor Colors   (details) Prime ENG   6KB/15KB
ScreenshotEnter the colors of a resistor, and the resistance is calculated.
By Lars Fredriksson. 2018/03/01

Roman   (details) Prime ENG   2KB/1KB
Converts an integer to Roman number
By Lars Fredriksson. 2014/10/22

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