Hebert Poma Vidal

First Name:Hebert
Last Name:Poma Vidal
Web Address:https://www.facebook.com/HP-PRIME-programar-HWLabs-1702068820036255/
Last Change:2017-02-10
Number of Files:5 (337th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:33,171 (342nd most downloaded)

Armaduras Isostaticas 1.5   (details) Prime ESP   1439KB/100KB
ScreenshotCalculates structural analysis of trusses by the matrix method.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2016/08/02

Circulo de Mohr 2D 1.1   (details) Prime ESP   9KB/10KB
ScreenshotIn two dimensions, determines the maximum and minimum tension, from two measurements of the normal and tangential tension on two right angles.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2017/02/10

Colebrook-White Fricción 1.1   (details) Prime ESP   33KB/90KB
ScreenshotCalculates friction using the Colebrook-White equation using the Newton Raphson method essential for fluid course I and II, showing the table of iterations.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2016/08/02

Métodos Numéricos H&WLabs 1.1   (details) Prime ESP   8KB/50KB
ScreenshotSolves numeric methods. Uses the Newton-Raphson method, the fixed point method, the Newton bisection method, the secant method, and the false position method. Shows the intermediate steps and the final result.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2016/09/11

Units Convert H&WLabs 1.1   (details) Prime ESP   18KB/52KB
ScreenshotConverts units between SI and the US systems.
By Hebert Poma Vidal. 2016/09/11

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