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An HP-48 RAM Card 1.0   (details) 48 ENG   2113KB
Contains the schematics and Gerber files needed to create a 128 KB RAM card for the 48SX/GX calculators. Data sheets for the parts used are also included. The Bill of Material calls out specific vendor and vendor part numbers for the passive components used, but any equivalent part in the SMD 0805 package can be substituted. Battery backup is by use of a 12 mm lithium coin cell, either the CR1216 or the CR1225. The CR1225 has the higher capacity rating of the two at 48 mAh. Although that's only half the capacity of a CR2016, the Cypress MoBL SRAM memory device only requires 1 uA in standby mode when the memory is not selected so battery life should be reasonably long.
By Mark A. Fleming. 2019/07/20

RTable 1.0   (details) Prime ENG   153KB/86KB
The functions contained in this program use the Spreadsheet application to provide an analog of the Data Frame object in the R language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. In particular, the functions provide a means of loading a spreadsheet from a CSV file and saving spreadsheet content to a CSV file. Additional table management functions are provided, for example to add or remove rows or columns. RTable uses the RFC standard for CSV files, but you can specify changes such as a different field delimiter character (e.g. tab) or fixed-column fields. You can choose which attribute of a cell to load or save, such as name or formula, but only values are loaded correctly in this release. A small number of frame related functions are provided, like names and ncol. Comprehensive PDF documentation included.
By Mark A. Fleming. 2016/08/06

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