Chong Wang

First Name:Chong
Last Name:Wang
Last Change:2023-05-14
Number of Files:24 (47th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:36,460 (306th most downloaded)

Bang 1.2   (details) Prime ENG   16 KB / 15-50 KB
ScreenshotA game for 1 or 2 players where one side must fire bullets at the other side, and the other side must avoid being hit by them.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-13

Bejeweled 1.3   (details) Prime ENG   9 KB / 29 KB
ScreenshotClone of Bejeweled, where you must swap colored blocks in order to get three in a row of the same color to eliminate them.
By Chong Wang. 2017-02-11

Chinese Chess 1.1   (details) Prime ENG   6 KB / 12 KB
ScreenshotTwo-player implementation of Chinese chess.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Code Editor 1.4   (details) Prime ENG   24 KB / 69 KB
ScreenshotA new code editor, with line numbers, search, and syntax highlighting.
By Chong Wang and Frank Plate. 2019-12-29

Code Viewer 2.1 Beta   (details) Prime ENG   5 KB / 18 KB
ScreenshotA code viewer, showing the code for your installed programs with syntax highlighting and line numbers.
By Chong Wang. 2017-02-11

Five-In-A-Row 2.4   (details) Prime ENG   7 KB / 18 KB
ScreenshotPlay against the computer to get five in a row first.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

G2048 3.4   (details) Prime ENG   7 KB / 17 KB
ScreenshotThe popular game of 2048, where you need to add the numbers in the squares to make powers of two.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Gravity 6.0   (details) Prime ENG   8 KB / 22 KB
ScreenshotA gravity simulator. Press shift to create a planet, alpha to create a star, and EEX to create a black hole.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Hearts 1.2   (details) Prime ENG   9 KB / 25 KB
ScreenshotPlay the card game of Hearts.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

I Wanna 4.14 Beta   (details) Prime ENG   144 KB / 74-554 KB
ScreenshotImplementation of "I Wanna Be The Guy". The parameters and graphics are almost the same as the original Windows game. However, many functions such as platforms are not included for performance reasons, and the collision contact is also not as well implemented as the original one.
By Chong Wang. 2017-07-04

Invader 3.1.4   (details) Prime ENG   22 KB / 46 KB
ScreenshotClone of the famous game Space Invaders, where you must shoot the aliens before they shoot you. Also includes a level editor and a sample level.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Knife 6.1   (details) Prime ENG   11 KB / 33 KB
ScreenshotSimilar to Fruit Ninja. Use your mouse to operate. Red circles are bombs, so you should avoid cutting them.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Landlord 2.1   (details) Prime ENG   17 KB / 57 KB
ScreenshotCard game of Landlord.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Lock Screen 2.3   (details) Prime ENG   6 KB / 16 KB
ScreenshotSimulates a lock screen where you must enter a pattern to unlock, similar to what Android has.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Magic Tower   (details) Prime ENG   413 KB / 620 KB
ScreenshotAn adventure game where you must explore a tower, fight enemies, collect keys, and buy powerups.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Magic Tower 50   (details) Prime ENG   526 KB / 354 KB
ScreenshotThe classic Chinese adventure game Magic Tower, where you must explore a 50-level tower, fight enemies, collect keys, and buy powerups. For a calculator game, this game is very intricate, challenging and fun. Well worth the time to defeat Zeno! Includes both the original version, with most text in Chinese, and an English translated version. Updated to work with (and also require) the April 2023 (or later) firmware.
By Chong Wang and others. 2023-05-14

Maze 3D 1.6   (details) Prime ENG   8 KB / 21 KB
ScreenshotA 3D game where you need to eat 3 red diamonds and then eat the cyan diamond to win. Press alpha to step forward and shift to go backward, and use the touchscreen to look around.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-10

Plants vs Zombies 1.6   (details) Prime ENG   24 KB / 42 KB
ScreenshotSimilar to the popular phone game, where you control the plants and must protect the garden from zombies.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Slider TPPTB 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   17 KB / 28 KB
ScreenshotA game where you slide a box around on a square graphic.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-10

Spider 1.4   (details) Prime ENG   6 KB / 16 KB
ScreenshotCard game of Spider solitaire.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

Sukudo 3.6   (details) Prime ENG   25 KB / 13-78 KB
ScreenshotA set of tools for working with Sudoku, allowing you to play the game, solve the game, or make the game.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-13

Tetris 1.5   (details) Prime ENG   7 KB / 18 KB
ScreenshotAnother Tetris implementation.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-10

Virus 2.1   (details) Prime ENG   11 KB / 6-36 KB
ScreenshotAn implementation of a software virus for the Prime. Includes an antivirus program, too. Do not run this unless you want to risk losing data on your calculator.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-13

Weiqi 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   5 KB / 11 KB
ScreenshotTwo-player implementation of Weiqi.
By Chong Wang. 2017-06-12

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