David Traum

First Name:David
Last Name:Traum
Web Address:http://dtraum.com/
Last Change:2017-08-17
Number of Files:4 (440th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:4,579 (2,012th most downloaded)

Pong   (details) Prime ENG   146 KB / 266 KB
ScreenshotA pong game. You can play against a second player or against the calculator. There are four different styles available, including retro and modern.
By David Traum. 2017-08-17

PrimeFX   (details) Prime ENG   11 KB / 47 KB
ScreenshotA versatile paint app with many functions like a large canvas, different brushes, geometric shapes, text, filling and much more.
By David Traum. 2017-08-16

Sinus Ranger   (details) Prime ENG   9 KB / 32 KB
ScreenshotA 2D open world game similar to Minecraft. You can explore an infinite world with varying terrain, build with different kinds of blocks, dig into the ground, and shoot enemies.
By David Traum. 2017-02-15

Tron   (details) Prime ENG   4 KB / 12 KB
ScreenshotA two-layer game where you must avoid hitting the opponent's trail.
By David Traum. 2017-08-17

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