Danny Davis Sosa Lozano

First Name:Danny Davis
Last Name:Sosa Lozano
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DHCanales 1.0   (details) Prime ESP   31 KB / 370 KB
ScreenshotDoes calculations for Normal Strap (Bisection Method - Secant Method), Critical Strap (Bisection Method - Secant Method), Flows (Maning equation), and Maximum Efficiency (Maning Equation)
By Danny Davis Sosa Lozano. 2020-07-05

Topomining 2.0   (details) Prime POR   1,309 KB / 329 KB
ScreenshotSeveral mining math tools for calculating topography, including the 2D planimetric method (entering the initial and final coordinates in 2D, or the initial coordinate and azimuth and distance) and the 3D tachimetric method (for the azimuth, course, vertical angle, horizontal angle, real distance, and slope, or the absolute coordinates, vertical distance, horizontal distance, and vertical angle).
By Danny Davis Sosa Lozano. 2017-08-21

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