Pierre Berly

First Name:Pierre
Last Name:Berly
Web Address:http://azerty-69696.no-ip.biz
Last Change:2019-03-11
Number of Files:2 (764th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:869 (2,272nd most downloaded)

Nombres Premiers 1.1   (details) Prime FRA   29KB/12KB
ScreenshotDetermines whether a number between 0 and 10E9 is prime. Gives the prime numbers before and after that number.
By Pierre Berly. 2019/03/11

Wattmetre AD8318   (details) Prime FRA   12KB/35KB
ScreenshotCalculates wattage given voltage for an AD8318 logarithmic detector.
By Pierre Berly. 2017/09/20

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