Arnoldo José París Monagas

First Name:Arnoldo José
Last Name:París Monagas
Last Change:2017-12-28
Number of Files:2 (781st most prolific)
Number of Downloads:5,479 (1,847th most downloaded)

Cálculo de Área, Volumen, Inercia, Centroides 1.0   (details) Prime ESP   5 KB / 62 KB
ScreenshotCalculates the area, volume, moment of inertia, and centroid, with a list of figures to choose from.
By Arnoldo José París Monagas. 2017-12-28

Factores para Ingeniería Económica   (details) Prime ESP   2 KB / 14 KB
ScreenshotUseful program that contains all the factors for calculations involving Economic Engineering.
By Arnoldo José París Monagas. 2017-12-17

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