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Easy Sto   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/17KB
ScreenshotAdds key assignment to EEX to allow sto with 2 clicks. In other words, press EEX+EEX for EEX. Press Shift+EEX+EEX for ▶. Press EEX+a..z for ▶a..z (no ALPHA on needed). It also detects if a char exist before the expression/number to be wanted to store and uses Ans▶ or ▶ according to situation. When sto mode is on, ▶a..z symbol is displayed in the status bar. Additionally it works with uppercase in non-CAS mode.
By V Volkan. 2018/10/13

Easy Sto II   (details) Prime ENG   169KB/16KB
ScreenshotAn update to Easy Sto. This version has been changed up a bit to get it to feel closer to stock. It still has the "EEX<>P" collision issue, but it now has a few alternatives so users don't have to remember much to use it. Also, the icon has been updated the icon to match the built-in fonts, pass-through support and dynamic UI updates have been added, and the whole thing has been tuned for lower latency. It's consistently under 15 ms on G2 hardware now.
By V Volkan and I. Harwell. 2022/02/27

Multi Command App   (details) Prime ENG   45KB/45KB
ScreenshotDisplays all functions in the CAS/Rewrite menu with their results in a popup menu on the CAS main screen. Additionally, it displays expand, proot (in second menu only), collect, and lncollect functions and their results.
By V Volkan. 2018/10/13

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