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Commands List 13217 2.0   (details) Prime ENG   83KB
Contains the contents of Command Tree (2.1.14181 2018-10-16) exported into Excel and plain text for easier viewing of all the functions of the calculator.
By Frank P. 2019/03/25

Menu 0.1   (details) Prime ENG   5KB/11KB
ScreenshotDisplays the Program -> Edit -> Cmds tree without needing to edit a program.
By Frank P. 2019/02/23

MyTetrahedron   (details) Prime ENG   23KB/17KB
ScreenshotExpands the build-in Demo_Tetrahedron by named axis, surrounding box, angle value and rotation vector display. You can rotate the Z axis with left/right, rotate horizontal/vertically by screen swipe, and quit with ESC.
By Frank P. 2019/06/17

Spect 001   (details) Prime ENG   566KB/17KB
ScreenshotPerforms symbolic time to frequency and frequency to time calculations: calculates for a given symbolic f(t) Fourier, Laplace and Z-transformation in symbolic form, draws the complex Laplace function together with the Fourier transformation slice as a 3D plot, and calculates for a given frequency transfer function the unity pulse, dirac pulse response and bode magnitude and phase in symbolic form. Includes PDF documentation.
By Frank P. 2019/07/20

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