Edwin Saul

First Name:Edwin
Last Name:Saul
Web Address:https://www.illarisoft.com/
Last Change:2019-10-16
Number of Files:2 (766th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:910 (2,277th most downloaded)

Modos de Vibración   (details) Prime ESP   311KB/53KB
ScreenshotCalculates and draws the vibration mode shapes for a lumped MDOF elastic system.
By Edwin Saul. 2019/10/16

VAN-TIR 1.0   (details) Prime ESP   396KB/32KB
ScreenshotCalculates the net present value NPV and the internal rate of return IRR knowing the cash flow and the investor interest, to quickly evaluate investment projects.
By Edwin Saul. 2019/08/29

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