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Cluster Analysis   (details) Prime ENG   6 KB / 10 KB
Uses K-Means-method to generate clusters for cluster analysis. Uses Euclidian distances and centroid method. Input is a data matrix in matrix M3, whereas the rows are the elements and the columns are the variables. If you have the data matrix on your computer (e.g. in Excel) you can copy it to the spreadsheet application in the Prime and from there to the matrix using the connectivity software.
By Raimund Wildner. 2019-12-29

Factor Analysis   (details) Prime ENG   16 KB / 9 KB
Performs a factor analysis including estimation of commonalities according to the iterative principal factor analysis and a varimax factor rotation. Factor analysis is a multivariate statistical method to find hidden variables behind a set of variables.
By Raimund Wildner. 2019-12-31

Nelder Mead Optimization   (details) Prime ENG   5 KB / 8 KB
Uses the Nelder Mead method to optimize functions with the number of dimensions only limited by memory. Nelder Mead optimization is a type of simplex routine that uses only values of the function. It is very robust and no derivates are needed.
By Raimund Wildner. 2021-04-10

Solve Systems of Non-Linear Equations   (details) Prime ENG   5 KB / 7 KB
ScreenshotSolves systems of non-linear equations. Equations are used in a form where the result should be zero. Nelder Mead Optimization is used to find a minimum of the sum of squared results. If the minimum is zero, the solution is found.
By Raimund Wildner. 2024-06-08

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