Danilo Ducci

First Name:Danilo
Last Name:Ducci
Last Change:2020-09-30
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Emissione Sonora Tubazioni   (details) Prime ITA   3KB/11KB
ScreenshotCalculates sound emissions from compressed air pipes.
By Danilo Ducci. 2020/05/03

Piping Loop   (details) Prime ITA   3KB/5KB
ScreenshotUseful short program to calculate piping loop dimension to reduce stress in the pipeline. Here you can find the base version; eventually there will be a more user-friendly version.
By Danilo Ducci. 2020/09/30

Piping Thermal Expansion   (details) Prime ITA   3KB/6KB
ScreenshotThermal expansion is a simple program to calculate the pipe expansion due thermal action. This program include also the force and pressure on the pipe supports. Very useful during the stress analysis calculation and during piping design.
By Danilo Ducci. 2020/09/30

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