Jorge Ortega López

First Name:Jorge
Last Name:Ortega López
Last Change:2012-12-25
Number of Files:3 (557th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:18,759 (618th most downloaded)

Bioritmo   (details) 48 ESP   15 KB / 3 KB
ScreenshotYet another biorhythm generator. Calculates the number of days you have been alive to determine your Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual cycles.
By Jorge Ortega López. 2012-12-25

Geometría Analítica   (details) 48 ESP   4 KB / 11 KB
ScreenshotAnalytic geometry program.
By Jorge Ortega López. 2012-12-25

PRGUTILS 1.0   (details) 48 ESP   10 KB / 2 KB
Contains some utility programs. An explanation for each is included (in Spanish only).
By Jorge Ortega López. 2012-12-25

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