Miguel Quintana Villalba

First Name:Miguel
Last Name:Quintana Villalba
Last Change:2001-01-16
Number of Files:2 (785th most prolific)
Number of Downloads:12,908 (855th most downloaded)

Evalu 3.0   (details) 48 ESP   29 KB / 3-14 KB
Different utilities to work with expressions, utilizing ALG48, SolveSys, QPI, and other programs, with examples in a beams problem and a voltage problem.
By Miguel Quintana Villalba. 1998-12-01

MIO 5.1   (details) 48 ESP   21 KB / 7-35 KB
Powerful utilities for ALG48 v4.2 (symbolic EVAL, poly ROOT, etc.) and extension for INTGR (Eigenvalues and Vectors, Gradient, Cross product,...). Gives some features of Erable to ALG48.
By Miguel Quintana Villalba. 2001-01-16

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