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CatvLib 1.3   (details) 49/50 ENG   903 KB / 38 KB
ScreenshotThis library contains engineering functions useful to those working in the CATV and/or broadband communications industries. The library consists of 56 functions in the following categories: Coaxial Cable, Distortions, Cascade Analysis, Level functions, Network functions, Fiber Optics, Conversions and Measurements. It is distributed as a directory so that the user can selectively delete those functions (or subdirectories) that they do not commonly use. Coded almost completely in System RPL for speed, the program has a comprehensive 79 page PDF manual that thoroughly explains each function's usage and includes all formulae.
By Simon C. Hughes. 2000-10-10

ROM Entry Points   (details) 48 ENG   318 KB
Excel 95 and 97 spreadsheets containing an excellent ROM entry point list. Has columns for function, address, operation, stack, category, and notes. Also allows you to sort the list by function, address, or category.
By Simon C. Hughes. 1997-10-23

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