Statistical Process Control

Description:This is a Manufacturing program on the subject of Statistical Process Control. This program assumes the user have a basic knowledge of SPC. Explaining how to interpret SPC outputs is far beyond the scope of my documentation.
Current version:2.5
Author:Othniel Rawlins
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Primary category:Math/Statistic
File date:1997-07-27 21:58:10
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Version history:1997-08-21: Added to site
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    16031  08-31-95 08:53   SPCV25.LIB
     1168  09-21-95 00:00   spcv25.inf
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Library contents:SPCV25.LIB: Library 812, *SPC* v2.5
User comments:Giancarlo Mattioni
2005-03-14 01:43:05
Good piece of software...
I plan to use it for my job (presently I'm Quality Manager in the R&D Department of an Household Appliances Company).
Quite straightforward and easy to use.
Thanks to the author!

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