Description:Performs hypothesis tests and confidence intervals for single sample mean, proportion, and standard deviation; two sample means (dependent or independent), variances, and proportions. Additional tests include one and two way analysis of variance (one or more factors), contingency tables, goodness of fit, and linear correlation test. Also included are critical values and p-values for the z, t, F, and Chi-square distributions. Runs on the 48G+ and GX.
Current version:2.1
Author:Scott Guth:
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File date:2001-01-11 22:38:11
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Version history:1999-08-28: Updated (no version number specified)
1999-06-10: Updated (no version number specified)
1999-06-08: Updated to version 2.0
1999-06-07: Updated to version 2.0
1999-06-06: Updated to version 2.0
1998-12-05: Updated to version 1.3
1997-12-05: Updated to version 1.2
1997-12-03: Updated to version 1.2
1997-10-27: Updated (no version number specified)
1997-10-26: Added to site
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